Town of Andover, MA
Essex County
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Contracts; town property, real and personal — See Art. V.
Lawsuits and claims by and against the town — See Art. VI.
The fiscal year of the town shall be such as is required by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and in the absence of such requirements it shall be from July 1 to June 30.
The Town Manager shall be the chief fiscal officer of the Town of Andover and as such shall have all the powers and duties conferred upon him by the Town Charter and the statutes of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
Editor's Note: For other powers and duties of the Town Manager, see Charter, § 10. For provisions regarding the Town Manager as chief fiscal officer, see Charter, § 12.
All Articles in any warrant involving the expenditure, appropriation, raising or borrowing of money, including all current expenses and all special appropriations of any sort whatever, shall be referred to and considered by the Finance Committee.
Editor's Note: For provisions regarding the approval of warrants, see Charter, § 12.
No town department shall perform services for another town department unless a regular charge is made for the same, and all questions relating to the adjustment of any differences between different departments, in which the expenditure of money is involved, shall be referred to the Town Manager, whose decision shall be final.
The Treasurer may accept from time to time such moneys or property as may be received by the town for the perpetual care of lots, and for flowers for such lots, in Spring Grove Cemetery.
[Amended 4-16-1997 ATM, Art. 53]
The Town Manager, in accordance with Section 15 of the Town Charter (Chapter 571 of the Acts of 1956), as amended by the votes of Town Meeting acting on Article 1 of the Special Town Meeting of March 26, 1973, and Article 1, Question 1, of the Annual Town Meeting of March 1, 1974, shall submit his annual budget on or before the first Friday of February of each year.
At the Annual Town Meeting, a sum of money not to exceed 1% of the total annual budget for the Town of Andover may be appropriated for undetermined salary adjustments in the ensuing fiscal year and shall be known as the "Compensation Fund" and shall be governed by the following rules of use and administration:
The Compensation Fund may only be used to supplement those personal service line items as appropriated by Town Meeting as follows:
Comply with the provisions of labor contracts for the ensuing fiscal year which have not been signed by the first business session of the Annual Town Meeting.
Provide funds for salary adjustments which would be required by the Town Manager and which result from the regrading or reclassification of positions in the ensuing fiscal year and which could not reasonably be known at the time of the Annual Town Meeting, provided that no regrading or reclassification would be accomplished without the written approval of the Select Board.
Appropriations from the Compensation Fund may be made to supplement those personal service line items as appropriated by Town Meeting to adjust the compensation of nonunion personnel in relation to negotiated labor contracts as recommended by the Town Manager and approved by the Select Board.
Transfers from the Compensation Fund to personal service line items may only be accomplished with the approval of a majority of the Select Board upon the written request of the Town Manager.
As a minimum, the amount of information to be included by the Town Manager in his request for a transfer from the Compensation Fund will be:
The specific basis for the request for a transfer of funds; and
The total amount to be transferred to each personal service line item.
Under no circumstances will any of the funds appropriated for the Compensation Fund be used to supplement the salary of the Town Manager.
A report of transfers made from the Compensation Fund to the various personal service line items shall be included as a part of the Finance Committee's annual report.
There shall be an independent annual audit of all books and accounts of the Town of Andover. The Town Manager's appointment of the auditors shall be subject to confirmation by the Select Board. Funds for said audit shall be a line item of the Town Accountant's appropriation.