Borough of Doylestown, PA
Bucks County
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[Ord. 2011-11, 6/20/2011]
For purposes of this Part 5, the following terms, phrases, words and their derivatives shall have the meanings given herein. When not inconsistent with the context, words used in the present tense include the future, words in the plural include the singular, and words in the singular include the plural. The word "shall" and phrase "shall not" are always mandatory and not merely directory.
All personnel employed by the Borough of Doylestown and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania as law enforcement officers and those personnel employed by the Borough of Doylestown as parking officers.
All areas of real property which are not owned or operated by any municipal entity, including, but not limited to, the Borough of Doylestown and the County of Bucks, and on which members of the public are permitted to park their vehicles for any reason.
Any vehicle as defined by 75 Pa.C.S.A. §§ 101 et seq., (the Vehicle Code).
Any device, including but not limited to boots, wheel locks, ignition locks, steering wheel locks and engine incapacitators, which has the effect of rendering the vehicle inoperable.
[Ord. 2011-11, 6/20/2011]
It shall be unlawful for any person or entity to attach a vehicle immobilization device to any vehicle parked in a public right-of-way or private parking lot.
[Ord. 2011-11, 6/20/2011]
This Part 5 shall not apply to any law enforcement officer in the performance of his or her duty. This Part 5 shall also not apply to any public parking lot owned or operated by a municipal entity, including, but not limited to, the County of Bucks.
[Ord. 2011-11, 6/20/2011]
Any person or entity who shall violate any provision of this Part 5 shall, upon conviction thereof, be sentenced to pay a fine of $300 and/or to imprisonment for a term not to exceed 90 days.