Town of Orange, CT
New Haven County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
A maximum of one written warning shall be allowed to the homeowner, resident or responsible person(s) for the violation of this chapter.
After the first written warning in a calendar year, the homeowner, resident or responsible person shall be fined $100 for each additional written warning. This process shall continue up to the third written warning.
If the violations continue after the third written warning, the Fire Marshal shall seek an order from a court of competent jurisdiction for a cease and desist order of the open burning that violates this chapter.
The office of the Fire Marshal is charged with the enforcement of this chapter. That office can request assistance from the Police Department, Fire Department or Connecticut DEEP, as necessary.
The Office of the Fire Marshal shall provide the homeowner, resident or person responsible for the open burning a notice of written warning violation when the open burning is in violation of this chapter and any part of it. The written warning violation notice shall be left with the proper person or affixed to the residence in a conspicuous location. When necessary, a copy of the written violation shall be sent to the responsible person(s) by certified mail and return receipt requested. In the event that the responsible person does not claim such form at the Post Office, the Fire Marshal shall have such notice served by a Judicial Marshal.
In the event that the Fire Marshal, Police Department or Fire Department determines that, in the best interest of public safety and/or the intent of this chapter, the open burning must immediately cease, they have the authority to have the open burning extinguished, as soon as possible.
Nothing in this chapter shall limit the power and authority of the Fire Marshal to enforce their respective regulations or other related Connecticut regulations regarding open burning.
Open brush burning is not allowed without a permit. Brush burning without a permit is illegal and the individual(s) responsible for the burning may be subject to arrest by the Police Department or any other authorized person(s).
The Fire Marshal may revoke or cancel a burn permit if it is deemed that the open burning is creating a nuisance, fire hazard, unsafe condition, environmental hazard or for any other reasonable condition.
The notice of written violation form, as a minimum, shall contain the following information:
The property of origin.
The exact nature and chapter section(s) of the violation(s).
A copy of this chapter.
The penalty or fine for the violation of this chapter.
The penalty(s) or fine(s) for continued violation of this chapter.
The procedure to appeal this violation(s).
The name and business telephone number(s) of the Fire Marshal, Police or Fire Department representative finding such violation(s).