Borough of Lindenwold, NJ
Camden County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
No building shall hereafter be erected and no existing building shall be moved, structurally altered, rebuilt, added to or enlarged except in conformity with this chapter, and no land shall be used for any purpose other than those included among the uses listed as permitted uses in each zone by this chapter and meeting the requirements set forth by the schedule appended to this chapter in accordance with Article III. No space contiguous to any building shall be encroached upon or reduced in any manner except in conformity to the yard, lot area, building location, density, off-street parking and other regulations contained in the schedule in Article III and the text of this chapter as they apply to the zone in which the building or use is located. In the event of any such unlawful encroachment or reduction, such building shall be deemed to be in violation of the provisions of this chapter.
Every principal building shall be built upon a lot with frontage upon a public street improved to meet Borough standards or for which such improvements have been ensured by the posting of a performance guaranty pursuant to the subdivision regulations of the Borough.[1] In the case of lots not comprising portions of a plan of lots approved pursuant to the subdivision regulations of the Borough, the minimum Borough standard of street improvement shall be a thirty-foot roadway paved with a durable and permanent surface on a properly prepared subgrade, the construction of which shall be reviewed, inspected and approved by the appropriate Borough authorities. These street improvements shall be made from the nearest public street to the farthermost property line of the subject lot.
Editor's Note: See Ch. 190, Land Use and Development, Art. VIII, Performance Guaranties.
In the case of an irregular lot in which the side lot lines are not parallel, the average width of the lot may be substituted for the required minimum lot frontage, but the street lot frontage shall not be less than 80% of the minimum required width prescribed by Article III.
No yard or other open space provided about any building for the purpose of complying with the provisions of this chapter shall be considered as providing a yard or open space for any other building, and no yard or other space on one lot shall be considered as providing a yard or open space for a building on any other lot.
[Amended 11-5-2014 by Ord. No. 2014-01]
At the intersection or interception of two or more streets, no hedge, fence or wall higher than 30 inches above curb level or any obstruction to vision other than a post or tree not exceeding one square foot in cross section shall be permitted within the triangular area formed by the intersecting street lines and a straight line joining points located on said street lines 20 feet distant from their point of intersection.
When a lot has frontage on a street right-of-way which has been designated for widening by the Borough, Camden County or the State of New Jersey, the required front yard area shall be measured from the proposed right-of-way line, which shall in all cases be a minimum of 25 feet from the road center line.
Any parcel of land with an area or width less than that prescribed for a lot in the zone in which such lot is located may be used as a lot for any purpose permitted in the zone other than multiple dwellings, provided that the owner owns no adjoining land and all other regulations prescribed for the zone in this chapter are complied with.
The outdoor storage of goods, articles, appliances and vehicles shall be prohibited in business and industrial districts unless items being stored are to be sold on the premises, are located to the rear of the front setback line and are screened in a manner which prevents their being viewed from any residential property. Visible storage of any kind shall not be permitted on the premises in any residential district.[1]
Editor's Note: See also Ch. 238, Art. I, Storage of Junk.
[Amended 8-10-2005 by Ord. No. 1165]
Any use not specifically permitted in a zone established by this chapter is hereby specifically prohibited in that zone, and the following uses and activities are specifically prohibited in any zone of the Borough of Lindenwold:
Junkyards; automobile wrecking, storage or disassembly yards; the sorting or baling of scrap metal, paper, rags or other scrap or waste material.
Any use which emits excessive and objectionable amounts of dust, fumes, noise, odor, smoke, vibration, glare or waste products.
Adult businesses and related establishments.
[Amended 11-5-2014 by Ord. No. 2014-01]
The use of any portable building or structure, stationary vehicle or stand of any description for the purpose of displaying or selling food, merchandise or commodities of any kind.
The use of a barn, building or structure of a temporary nature, garage, house trailer, outbuilding, shack, shed or tent on any lot or parcel of land for living or sleeping purposes in any district on either a temporary or permanent basis.
In the R-3 Zone, no garages are allowed.
In the R-4 Zone, no garages, sheds or pools are allowed.
Businesses selling, distributing, cultivating, growing and/or facilitating the sale and/or use of either recreation or medicinal marijuana, including any ancillary or related paraphernalia in any zone.
[Amended 8-22-2018 by Ord. No. 2018-06]