Village of Richfield, WI
Washington County
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The following words, terms, and phrases, when used in this article, shall have the meanings ascribed to them in this section, except where the context clearly indicates a different meaning:
A room heater, stove, or freestanding fireplace not intended for duct connections used to heat rooms using the combustion of such solid fuels as wood or coal as a source of heat.
Required. It shall be unlawful for any person to install or cause to be installed any radiant heating unit in the Village without first having obtained a permit from the Building Inspector.
Application. Application for a permit shall be made on a form provided by the Building Inspector. The following data shall be submitted with the application:
The manufacturer's installation, maintenance, and operations manual.
Type and size of chimney.
The proposed chimney flue or new chimney flue size.
The number and size of existing vent connections to the chimney flue.
The clearance distance from any wall or ceiling; if less than 36 inches from wall or ceiling, the description of fire-resistant material to cover such wall or ceiling.
The type of floor on which the unit will be mounted; if the floor is combustible, the type and size of fire-resistant covering to be used.
Any other information required by the Building Inspector relating to the safety and operation of the unit.
Issuance. Upon examination of the application and accompanying data by the Building Inspector, the inspector shall determine whether or not the installation of the radiant heating unit complies with the requirements of this article and, if so, issue the permit; if not, the Building Inspector shall state, in writing, his reasons for not issuing the permit.
No person may operate or permit the operation of a radiant heating unit until the Building Inspector has inspected and approved its installation.