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Town of Foxborough, MA
Norfolk County
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In order to assist Code users in the transition to the new Code's organization, the Derivation Table indicates where chapters and articles of the former General Bylaws have been included in the 2014 Code, or the reason for exclusion.
Repealed at time of adoption of Code
Chapter/Title From General Bylaws
Location in 2014 Code
Art. I, Town Meetings
Ch. 30
Art. II, Town Officials
Ch. 35
Art. III, The Advisory Committee
Ch. 5
Art. IV, Town Finances
Ch. 20
Art. V, Town Regulations
Sec. 1, Police Regulations
Para. 1 through 13 and 16 through 23
Ch. 180
Para. 14 and 15
Ch. 65, Art. I
Para. 24
Sub. A, B and C
Ch. 167
Sub. D
Ch. 256, Art. I
Para. 25
Ch. 167
Para. 26 through 40
Ch. 184
Para. 41 through 44
Ch. 175, Art. I
Para. 45
Ch. 99
Para. 47
Ch. 189, Art. I
Para. 48
Ch. 189, Art. II
Para. 49
Ch. 126
Sec. 2, Fire Department Regulations
Paras. 1 through 6
Ch. 131, Art. I
Sec. 3, Animal Control Regulations
Replaced by 3-7-2011 STM by Art. 7
Sec. 4, Licenses of Junk Dealers
Ch. 151
Sec. 5, Hazardous Materials By-Law
Ch. 140
Sec. 6, Stadium Regulations
Ch. 229
Sec. 7, Restriction of Public Smoking
Sec. 8, Alarm Regulations
Ch. 59
Sec. 9, Discarded Motor Vehicle Regulation
Ch. 256
Sec. 10, Demolition By-Law
Ch. 88
Sec. 11, Scenic Road By-Law
Ch. 202
Sec. 12, Recycling
Ch. 224, Art. I
Sec. 13, Earth Removal By-Law
Ch. 115
Sec. 14, Mechanical Games Regulation
Ch. 71, Art. I
Sec. 15A, Street Opening and Public Works Construction License By-Law
I, Street Opening
Ch. 235, Art. I
II, Public Works Construction License
Ch. 104
Sec. 15B, Signs
Ch. 213
Sec. 15C, Excavation and Trench Safety
Ch. 235, Art. II
Sec. 16, Temporary Repairs - Private Ways
Ch. 235, Art. III
Sec. 17, Special Property Tax Assessment
Ch. 241, Art. I
Sec. 18, Right-of-Way By-Law
Ch. 235, Art. IV
Sec. 19, Senior Tax Program By-Law
Ch. 241, Art. II
Sec. 20, Vendor Provided Free Transportation, Lodging, Meals and Admissions for Qualified Council on Ageing and Human Services Staff Members or Representatives Required to Accompany Seniors on Trips, Outings and Events as Part of Their Official Duties
Ch. 207
Sec. 21, Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination By-Law
Ch. 210, Art. I
Art. VI, Town Property
Ch. 247
Art. VII, Town Records and Reports
Ch. 45
Art. VIII, General Provisions
Ch. 1, Art. I
Art. IX, Wetlands and Groundwater Protection By-Laws
Sec. 1, Wetland and Groundwater Protection By-Laws
Ch. 267, Art. I
Sec. 2, Regulation for the Protection of Ponds, Streams, Rivers, Surface and Subsurface Waters of Foxborough
Ch. 267, Art. II
Art. X, Local Historic District By-Law
Ch. 145
Special Acts Relating to the Town of Foxborough
Ch. A290
Statutes Accepted by the Town of Foxborough
Ch. A291