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City of Norwalk, CT
Fairfield County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the City of Norwalk Common Council: Art. I, 7-27-1993. Amendments noted where applicable.]
Alcoholic beverages — See Ch. 12.
Amusements — See Ch. 14.
Billboards and signs — See Ch. 21.
Food and food establishments — See Ch. 45.
Noise — See Ch. 68.
Public nudity — See Ch. 70A.
Nuisances — See Ch. 71.
Parks and recreation — See Ch. 74.
Peddlers, street vendors and solicitors — See Ch. 77.
Public lighting — See Ch. 86.
Streets and sidewalks — See Ch. 95.
Editor's Note: Former Ch. 88. Public Works Department, adopted 10-24-1978, as amended, was repealed 5-10-1988. For current provisions, see Ch. 90, Department of Public Works.
[Adopted 7-27-1993]
No public gathering shall be held unless a license has first been obtained from the City Clerk of the City of Norwalk.
As used in this Article, the following terms shall have the meanings indicated:
Any assembly, music festival, carnival, show, circus, dance, exhibition, lecture, concert, party, celebration or similar event or activity which can reasonably be anticipated to include or attract 100 or more persons and is:
Open to the public or to which members of the public are invited or admitted either for a charge or free of cost.
Held out-of-doors or other than in a permanent structure that was constructed so that it could be used for conducting such an event or activity; provided, however, that the incidental use of any patio, courtyard, deck or other area adjacent to and outside of permanent structure by participants at the event or activity shall be exempt.
Religious services and school functions, including but not limited to Board of Education, PTO and student events, shall not be considered "public gatherings" for the purpose of this Article.
The City Clerk shall, with the concurrence of the Common Council, make and alter, from time to time, rates, fines and fees with respect to licenses for public gatherings and special events. The City Clerk shall establish rates, fines and fees to be charged for the various licenses and shall submit the same, herein referred to as the "License Fee Schedule," to the Recreation and Parks Committee of the Common Council, which shall hold a public hearing thereon within 30 days. Said public hearing shall be held upon no less than seven and no more that 14 days from notice of the time and place of such hearing, published in the form of a legal advertisement appearing in a newspaper having substantial circulation in the city. Within 30 days of receipt by the City Clerk of notice of the action taken by the Recreation and Parks Committee of the Common Council subsequent to such public hearing, the Common Council shall act upon the License Fee Schedule. If the Council takes no action within such 30 days, the License Fee Schedule shall be deemed approved, and the City Clerk shall issue a notice so stating, which shall be maintained with the records of the Common Council. If the Council votes to disapprove all or a portion of the License Fee Schedule, it may itself establish any of such rates, fees or charges or may ask the City Clerk to submit revised proposals to the Common Council.
The approved License Fee Schedule, as it may be modified from time to time, in accordance with the procedures set forth in this section, shall be posted in the offices of the City Clerk and the Department of Recreation and Parks at all times and shall be made available for distribution to persons requesting the same.
An application for a license to hold a public gathering shall be obtained by the person or persons in charge of or responsible for said public gathering from the City Clerk's office on a form provided for such purpose.
The City Clerk shall issue a license for said public gathering if the applicant shows that all city codes and regulations and state laws and regulations will be met as evidenced by the signature of the following departmental approvals: Building Inspector, Zoning Inspector, Department of Public Works, Health Department, Recreation and Parks Department, Fire Marshal and Police Department.
The applicant shall assume the risk for all activities authorized pursuant to this license. The applicant shall indemnify, defend and hold the City of Norwalk, its officers, agents and employees harmless from and against any liability for damages or injuries to persons or property, any claims, suits or financial losses or expenses that may arise out of or be related to its actions or omission or the actions or omissions of its agents, employees or representatives.
The City Clerk shall, in addition, require a performance bond or cash deposit from each licensee. The minimum amount of said bond or deposit shall be $250. The amount of the bond or deposit shall be determined by the City Clerk in consultation with the Building Inspector, Zoning Inspector, Department of Public Works, Health Department, Recreation and Parks Department, Fire Marshal and Police Department, taking into consideration all relevant circumstances, including the potential for deleterious impact on residential properties if license conditions are violated. The purpose of the bond shall be to ensure that the licensee shall well and faithfully perform its obligations and conform to its responsibilities under this license and that it complies with all rules and regulations required by the license. If, upon the conclusion of the event, it comes to the attention of the City Clerk that signs have been posted for such event but not removed, the cost of such removal shall be deducted by the City Clerk from said bond.
All permits shall be issued subject to the condition that no assembly or disassembly of equipment associated with the event shall occur after one hour following the closing of the event or before 7:00 a.m. For events held in nonresidential areas or for other good cause shown, this requirement may be waived pursuant to § 88-8 herein.
No license shall be issued for a public gathering unless the application has been made at least 30 days in advance of the date on which said public gathering is sought to be held.
Any license issued in accordance with this Article shall be revoked by the City Clerk if any statements included in the application are found to be false or if the applicant has previously violated any state or local law, regulation or any condition of a previous permit.
The City Clerk, for reasonable cause shown, may waive any of these requirements which are not required by state or federal law.
Any person not granted a permit pursuant to this Article may have the right to an appeal to the City Clerk and the Common Council, which shall consider said matter at its next regularly scheduled meeting for review and action thereon.