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Township of Bear Creek, PA
Luzerne County
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Employees shall earn vacation according to the following schedule:
Zero to six months: zero days' vacation.
Six months to one year: five days' vacation.
Two years to five years: 10 days' vacation.
Sixth and following years: 1/2 day for each year of service up to a maximum of 15 days.
Except for the year in which the year employed, employees must be in a paid status for at least 90 workdays in a calendar year to earn the vacation for that year. Use of vacation time is subject to approval by the employee's supervisor and shall be granted subject to management's responsibility to maintain efficient operations. Vacation requests shall be submitted in writing at least one week (five working days) in advance. In the event of any conflict in selection, the employee with the greater seniority shall be given priority. A supervisor has the right not to grant vacation time if a request is made within five working days of the requested day.
Employees may carry five days' vacation time earned into the following calendar year. Any earned vacation that is not scheduled in the following year shall be considered forfeited.
Employees who retire or who resign with two weeks' notice prior to taking earned vacation time will be paid a prorated amount of that year's vacation based on the portion of the year worked.