Town of Greenville, WI
Outagamie County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
The off-street parking provisions of this chapter shall apply to all buildings and structures erected after the effective date of this chapter. Accessory parking shall be according to the provisions of this article; where an intensity of the use of any building structure or premises shall be increased, additional parking to match the increased intensity of use shall be provided; or wherever an existing building or structure is converted to a new use, parking shall be provided according to the requirements of the new use. All new nonresidential parking lots and all alterations of existing lots shall be subject to the approval of the Town Administrator. Requests for said parking lots shall be accompanied with detailed plans on landscaping, parking layout, drainage provisions and driveway locations. In all districts, there shall be provided at the time any use or building is erected, enlarged, extended or increased, off-street parking stalls for all vehicles in accordance with the following sections.
Each off-street parking space shall open directly upon an aisle or driveway designed to provide safe and efficient means of vehicular access to such parking space. All off-street parking facilities shall be designed with appropriate means of vehicular access to a street or alley in a manner that will least interfere with traffic movement.
[Amended 9-15-2008]
Each parking space shall not be less than 180 square feet in area, 18 feet in length and 10 feet in width, nor less than nine feet wide, exclusive of aisles and access drives. No parking area shall be designed as to require any vehicle to back into a public street. Any parking area of more than five spaces shall be sufficiently screened in the form of a solid fence or shrubbery to protect adjacent residential uses. Large expanses of unchanneled parking areas shall be avoided by interior landscaping and safety islands.
All parking spaces required shall be located on the same lot with the building or use served, or may be located not to exceed 400 feet from the principal use. "Park and ride" lots or shuttle parking lots will be the exception to this rule.
Off-street parking is permitted in all yards of all districts, except in the non-driveway front yards of single-family and duplex residential districts, but shall not be closer than five feet to a nonresidential side lot line or rear lot line or closer than 15 feet to a right-of-way. No parking space or driveway, except in residential districts, shall be closer than 25 feet to a residential district lot line.
Off-street parking in the single-family and duplex districts is permitted in the front yard in the driveway, even though closer than five feet to a side lot line.
There shall be no customary storage of any sports vehicle, boat, trailer, utility trailer, camper or any like business or recreational vehicle in the required front yard of any residential district.
No person may offer more than three motor vehicles per year for sale on a recurrent basis in any residential district.
All off-street parking areas, except a single parking space accessory to a single-family dwelling, shall be surfaced with a dustless all-weather material capable of carrying a wheel load of 40,000 pounds (normally, a two-inch blacktop on a four-inch base). Compacted stone or gravel may be used only with the approval of the Planning Commission.
Minimum number of parking stalls required are shown in the following table:
Single-family dwelling and mobile homes
2 stalls for each dwelling unit
Multifamily dwellings
1.5 stalls for each dwelling unit
Hotels, motels
1 stall for each guest room plus 1 stall for each 3 employees
Hospitals, clubs, lodges, and boarding houses
1 stall for each 2 beds plus 1 stall for each 3 employees
Sanitariums, institutions, rest and nursing homes
1 stall for each 5 beds plus 1 stall for each 3 employees
Medical and dental clinics
3 stalls for each doctor
Churches, theaters, auditoriums, community centers, vocational and night schools and other places of public assembly
1 stall for each 3 seats
Colleges, secondary and elementary schools
1 stall for each employee
Restaurants, bars, places of entertainment, repair shops, retail and service stores
1 stall for each 150 square feet of area
Manufacturing and processing plants, laboratories and warehouses
1 stall for each employee per shift
Financial institutions; business, governmental and professional offices
1 stall for each 300 square feet of floor area
Funeral homes
1 stall for each 100 square feet of floor space
Bowling alleys
5 stalls for each alley
Bed-and-breakfast establishments
1 off-street stall for each guest room
Large merchandise retail (hardware, furniture, appliances)
[Added 10-13-2008]
1 stall for each 300 square feet of retail floor area
In the case of structures or uses not mentioned, the provision for a use, which is similar, shall apply, as determined by the Planning Commission.
In addition to any other requirements relating to parking spaces contained in this chapter, the provisions contained in §§ 101.13, 346.503 and 346.56, Wis. Stats., and any Wisconsin Administrative Code sections adopted pursuant thereto are hereby adopted by reference and made applicable to all parking facilities whenever constructed.
Whenever a building or use is changed, structurally altered or enlarged to create a need for an increase of 25% or more in the number of existing parking spaces, such spaces shall be provided on the basis of the enlargement or change. Whenever a building or use is enlarged to the extent of 50% or more in the floor area, said building or use shall then comply with the parking requirements set forth in the district in which it is located.
Signs located in parking areas necessary for orderly operation of traffic movement shall be permitted in addition to others permitted in this chapter.
Off-street parking spaces shall not be reduced in numbers unless said number exceeds the requirement set forth herein.