Town of Medfield, MA
Norfolk County
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Administration of policies and duties of the Board of Selectmen as specified by this Charter, Town Bylaws, or the Massachusetts General Laws shall be carried out by the Town Administrator. The Town Administrator shall be a person selected for his or her executive and administrative qualifications, character, training, education, and experience to perform the duties specified in this Charter and he shall serve at the pleasure of the Selectmen. The Town Administrator shall:
Attend meetings of the Board of Selectmen and provide the Selectmen with information they require to form policies and make decisions relating to the operation of Town government functions for which they are responsible.
Assist the Selectmen with their budgetary responsibilities by assembling the budget requests of all departments into a unified document, by informing the Selectmen of unusual budgetary matters that require their attention, by preparing for the approval of the Selectmen a long-range Town fiscal plan that sets forth anticipated operating and capital expenditures, and by performing at the request of the Selectmen special studies and analyses of the costs and benefits of Town programs.
Keep the Selectmen informed on practices and trends in other municipalities, and of hearings and laws of the Commonwealth and federal government.
Provide the Selectmen with information on anticipated problems.
Exercise supervisory responsibilities of the Selectmen as delegated by them.
Maintain an inventory of all Town-owned property.
Establish and maintain a purchasing service for the Town.
Recommend to the Selectmen measures to improve Town government services.
Make studies and investigations for the Board of Selectmen at its request or at his or her own initiative concerning matters pertinent to the Town government.
Perform other duties at the Selectmen's request.
No person who has served as a Selectmen of the Town may become the Town Administrator on any basis, temporary, acting, or permanent, until two years after he has vacated his or her office as a Selectman.