City of West Allis, WI
Milwaukee County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents

12.01 Authority.

12.02 Intent.

12.03 Effective Date.

12.04 Zoning Districts.

12.05 Zoning Map.

12.06 Definitions.

12.10 General Provisions.

12.11 Violations and Penalties.

12.12 Nonconforming Buildings, Structures, Lots and Uses.

12.13 Site, Landscaping and Architectural Review Procedures.

12.14 Amendment Proposals.

12.15 Board of Appeals.

12.16 Special Uses.

12.17 Home Occupations.

12.18 Rummage Sale.

12.19 Off-Street Parking, Loading and Other Site Improvement Regulations.

12.20 Off-Street Parking Regulations for Single- and Two-Family Dwellings.

12.21 Residential Radio and Television Antennas.

12.22 Satellite Dishes.

12.23 Commercial Radio and Television Antennas and Satellite Dish Receptors.

12.24 Wind Energy Systems.

12.30 RE Residential Estate District.

12.31 RA-1 Residence District.

12.32 RA-2 Residence District.

12.33 RA-3 Residence District.

12.34 RA-4 Residence District.

12.35 RB-1 Residence District.

12.36 RB-2 Residence District.

12.37 RC-1 Residence District.

12.38 RC-2 Residence District.

12.39 (Reserved)

12.40 C-1 Central Business District.

12.41 C-2 Neighborhood Commercial District.

12.42 C-3 Community Commercial District.

12.43 C-4 Regional Commercial District.

12.44 (Reserved)

12.45 M-1 - Manufacturing District.

12.46 (Reserved)

12.47 SF - State Fair Park District.

12.48 P-1 Park District.

12.49 Mixed Residential and Commercial Use Structures.

12.60 PDD-1 - Planned Development Districts - Residential.

12.61 PDD-2 - Planned Development Districts - Commercial and Industrial Districts.

12.62 SPBD - Special Public Building District.

SUBCHAPTER II Floodplain Regulations

12.70 FC — Rootriver Flood Control District.

12.75 Shoreland-Wetland Zoning Ordinance for the City of West Allis.

SUBCHAPTER III Subdivision Regulations.

12.80 Subdivision Regulations.

SUBCHAPTER IV Historic Preservation.

12.88 Historic Preservation.