Town of Addison, WI
Washington County
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[Adopted 10-22-2001 by Ord. No. 01-08]
All claims for money against the Town of Addison or against its officers, officials, agents or employees arising out of acts done in their official capacity shall be filed with the Town Clerk as provided under § 893.80(1b), Wis. Stats.
The Town Board of the Town of Addison shall allow or disallow any claim. Notice of disallowance shall be made under § 893.80(1g), Wis. Stats.
The Town Clerk is authorized to review and approve payment, in writing, such bills or vouchers after having determined that the claim is a proper charge against the treasury for:
Bills that are monthly or reoccurring which must be paid prior to a regular Town Board meeting to utilize a discount or will eliminate a penalty charge.
Charges requiring immediate payment to any other governmental body.
Payment may only be approved when:
Funds are available under the Town budget of the Town of Addison to pay the bill or voucher.
The item or service covered by the bill or voucher has been duly authorized.
The item or service covered by the bill or voucher has been supplied or rendered in conformity with the authorization.
The claim appears to be a valid claim against the Town.
The Town Clerk may require a submission of proof to determine compliance with the conditions under Subsection B(1) to (4).
The Clerk shall file with the Town Board, at least monthly, a list of the claims approved, showing the date paid, name of claimant, purpose and amount.