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Town of Appomattox, VA
Appomattox County
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The R-1 Limited Residential District is composed of certain quiet, low-density residential areas plus certain open areas where similar residential development appears likely to occur. The regulations for this district are designed to stabilize and protect the essential characteristics of the district, to promote and encourage a suitable environment for family life where there are children, and to prohibit all activities of a commercial nature. To these ends, development is limited to relatively low concentration, and permitted uses are limited basically to single-unit dwellings providing homes for the residents plus certain additional uses such as schools, parks, churches and certain public facilities that serve the residents of the district.
In Residential District R-1, structures to be erected or land to be used shall be for one or more of the following uses:
Single-family dwellings (occupied by a single family).
Home occupations, as defined in this chapter.
Travel trailers, as defined in this chapter.
Parks and playgrounds.
Off-street parking as required by this chapter.
Accessory buildings as defined in this chapter; however, garages or other accessory buildings such as carports, porches and stoops attached to the main building shall be considered part of the main building. No accessory building may be closer than five feet to any property line.
Public utilities; poles, lines, distribution, transformers, pipes, meters and/or other facilities necessary for the provision and maintenance of public utilities, including water and sewerage facilities.
Doctor's offices with a conditional use permit.
Limited day care.
Churches with a conditional use permit.
No inoperable, junk or scrap motor vehicle may be kept stored or parked on lots in an R-1 District; provided, that nothing in this section shall be construed to apply to a collector of antique or vintage vehicles, who may keep such vehicles on his own lot within the R-1 District, provided the vehicles are stored in the rear of the property out of view in a fully enclosed building or surrounded by an approved blind or screen so as to be out of view by surrounding property owners. An antique vehicle that is inoperative, unless junk or scrap, shall have a Town license affixed, and the current personal property tax thereon shall have been paid.
Any owner of a vehicle that bears an expired state inspection sticker, local license tag or state license tag, has not been moved for a period of 180 days, and matches the definition in § 195-1 of "inoperable, junk or scrap motor vehicle" shall move such vehicle from his premises within 10 days of notification. If, after reasonable notice, the owner fails to comply, the Town may have the vehicle removed, and the cost of removal and disposal shall be charged to the owner of the property. When the owner of the property shall have been assessed such costs, the assessment shall constitute a lien against the property from which the vehicle was removed. The lien shall continue until actual payment of costs shall have been made to the Town.
The minimum lot area for permitted uses in the R-1 District shall be 15,000 square feet.
In the R-1 District, structures shall be located 35 feet or more from the street right-of-way line; except that signs advertising sale or rent of property may be erected up to the property line. This shall be known as the "setback line."
In the R-1 District, the minimum lot width at the building line shall be 100 feet.
In the R-1 District:
Side yards. The minimum side yard for each main structure shall be 10 feet and the total width of the two required side yards shall be 25 feet or more.
Rear yard. Each main structure shall have a rear yard of 35 feet or more.
Buildings in the R-1 District may be erected up to 35 feet in height, except that:
The height limit for dwellings may be increased 10 feet and up to three stories, provided there are two side yards for each permitted use, each of which is 15 feet or more plus one foot or more of side yard for each additional foot of building height over 35 feet;
A public or semipublic building such as a school, church, library or hospital may be erected to a height of 60 feet from grade, provided that required front, side and rear yards shall be increased one foot for each foot in height over 35 feet with a conditional use permit;
Church spires, belfries, cupolas, monuments, water towers, chimneys, flues, flagpoles, television antennas and radio aerials are exempt. Parapet walls may be up to four feet above the height of the building on which the walls rest.
No accessory building which is within 20 feet of any party lot line shall be more than one story high. All accessory buildings shall be less than the main building in height.
In the R-1 District:
The side yard on the side facing the side street shall be 35 feet or more from the street right-of-way line for both main and accessory buildings.
Landscaping of corner lots shall be limited to plantings, fences or other landscaping features of no more than three feet in height within the space between the setback line and the property line on the street side of the lot.