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Town of Appomattox, VA
Appomattox County
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There shall be provided at the time of erection of any main building, or at the time any main building is enlarged, minimum off-street parking space with adequate provision for entrance and exit by standard-sized automobiles, as follows:
In all residential districts there shall be provided, either in a private garage or on the lot, space for the parking of two automobiles for a single-family dwelling and for each dwelling unit of a multifamily dwelling.
For church, high school, college and university auditoriums, and for theaters, general auditoriums, stadiums and other similar places of assembly, at least one parking space for every five fixed seats provided in such building.
For hospitals, at least one parking space for each two beds' capacity, including infants' cribs and children's beds.
For medical and dental clinics, at least 10 parking spaces. Three additional parking spaces shall be furnished for each doctor or dentist having offices in such clinic in excess of three doctors or dentists.
For tourist courts, tourist homes and rooming houses, at least one parking space for each individual sleeping or living unit. For hotels and motels, at least one parking space for each two sleeping rooms, up to and including the first 20 sleeping rooms, and one parking space for each three sleeping rooms over 20.
For mortuaries and liquor stores, at least 30 parking spaces.
For retail stores selling direct to the public, one parking space for each 200 square feet of retail floor space in the building.
Any other commercial building not listed above erected, converted or structurally altered after April 23, 1969, shall provide one parking space for each 200 square feet of building floor space used as sales area, display, or office space in the building.
Parking space as required in the foregoing shall be on the same lot with the main building; except that in the case of buildings other than dwellings, space may be located as far away as 600 feet. Every parcel of land used as a public parking area after April 23, 1969, shall be surfaced with gravel, stone, asphalt or concrete. It shall have appropriate safeguards where needed as determined by the Administrator. Any lights used to illuminate such parking areas shall be so arranged as to reflect the light away from adjoining premises in a residential district.
Driveway entrances must be at least 24 feet in width or as required by State Department of Transportation standards, whichever is greater.
Parking spaces shall be nine feet by 18 feet.
Travel trailers may be stored unoccupied to the rear of single-family dwellings. They shall not encroach upon side or rear setback lines. Travel trailers shall not be occupied more than 14 days over a twelve-month period.