City of O'Fallon, MO
St. Charles County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Article I Purpose and Intent

Section 402.010 Purpose and Intent.

Article II Definitions

Section 402.020 Definitions.

Article III Preservation of Trees

Section 402.030 Application and Exemption.

Section 402.040 Tree Protection.

Section 402.050 Existing Trees Saved.

Section 402.060 Submission of Site Plans.

Section 402.070 Emergencies.

Article IV Minimum Tree Quantities and Location Requirements

Section 402.080 Residential Zoning Districts ("R-1" Through "R-5") and Residential Uses Within The Mixed-Use Traditional Development District.

Section 402.090 Commercial Zoning Districts ("C-O" Through "C-3").

Section 402.100 Industrial Zoning Districts ("I-1" and "I-2").

Section 402.110 Tree Standards Along A Roadway.

Section 402.120 County or State Right-Of-Way.

Section 402.130 Tree Location Standards.

Section 402.140 Recommended Planting Standards.

Article V Landscaping and Screening Requirements

Section 402.150 Authority.

Section 402.160 Application.

Section 402.170 Landscape Plan Requirements.

Section 402.180 Standards For Bufferyard Areas Between Non-Residential and Residential Land Uses and Zoning Districts.

Section 402.190 (Reserved)

Article VI Installation, Maintenance and Enforcement

Section 402.200 Landscaping Material in Place Prior To Occupancy Permit.

Section 402.210 Maintenance.

Section 402.220 Emergency Maintenance By Public Utilities.

Section 402.230 Insurance Required of Permit Holder.

Section 402.240 Recommended Early Tree Care Procedures.

Article VII Tree Lists, Selection, and Standards

Section 402.250 Selection of Species and Varieties.

Article VIII Tree Advisory Committee

Section 402.260 Establishment and Membership of Tree Advisory Committee.

Section 402.270 Responsibility and Duties.

Article IX Violation and Penalty Provisions

Section 402.280 Notice of Violation.