City of Holland, MI
Ottawa County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Code 1955, § 3-5.1.]
For the purposes of this chapter, the term "solicit" shall have its commonly accepted meaning and shall include oral and written requests and shall apply to direct and indirect solicitation.
[Code 1955, § 3-5.2.]
No person shall solicit any funds or assistance for any purposes other than those prohibited by Section 31-6, unless such person shall have first obtained a license to do so; provided, that the prohibition herein contained shall not apply to the solicitation of funds or contributions by representatives of an organization from its own members.
[Code 1955, § 3-5.2.]
To whom application made; form. Each application for a license to solicit within the City shall be made to the City Clerk, on forms provided by him or her.
Applications from national, state, City, etc., organizations. In the case of national, state, regional and City organizations which propose to solicit on an organized basis, the application for a license to solicit shall be made by the promoter or other person or agent designated by such organization, who shall file with the City Clerk proof of his or her appointment or designation as the promoter or agent of such organization for the purpose of soliciting in the City.
Submission of applications to Council; standards for granting license. Applications for licenses to solicit upon the streets or other public places of the City shall be submitted by the City Clerk to the Council not later than its next regular meeting. The Council shall grant any such license upon a showing in the application filed that the proposed solicitation is for a religious, charitable, philanthropic, health, benevolent, educational or cultural purpose, that not more than 15% of the gross amount to be collected under the provisions of the license applied for will be paid to or retained by the collector thereof or will be paid to defray the cost of collection, and that the object of, or the conduct of, the solicitation will not be a fraud upon the public.
Soliciting on private premises. In each case of an application for a license to solicit upon private premises within the City, the City Clerk shall grant a license to solicit upon the same showing as is set forth for the granting of a license by the Council.
Applicability of Chapter 17. The application for, granting of, expiration of and the suspension and revocation of licenses to solicit shall be subject to the provisions of Chapter 17.
[Code 1955, § 3-5.3.]
The application forms provided by the City Clerk under the provisions of this chapter shall be designed to show, among other things, the identity of the person or organization making application for a license to solicit, the purpose or object to which funds collected by the solicitation will be devoted, the name of the local person in charge of or responsible for the solicitation on behalf of an organization, the amount which will be retained by or paid to such person and his or her subordinate collectors out of any funds collected by the solicitation, and the percentage of all funds collected which will be used or are estimated to be used to defray the cost of solicitation and collection. The City Clerk may also require of any applicant such other information as he or she deems pertinent for the purpose of determining the bona fide nature of the application and the object or purpose for which the proposed solicitation is intended. Such additional information may include financial statements.
[Code 1955, § 3-5.4.]
Each individual licensee under the provisions of this chapter and each person charge of or responsible for solicitation on behalf of an organization, under the requirements of Section 31-2, shall be identified by the license issued to him or her. Each such person shall furnish to his or her subordinate solicitors adequate identification to be approved by the City Clerk. No person shall solicit without such identification, nor shall any solicitor fail to show his or her identification upon request by any police officer or any person from whom solicitation is made.
[Code 1955, § 3-5.1; Ord. No. 799.]
No person shall solicit funds, alms, aid, assistance or support for himself nor shall a license be issued to solicit funds during the week of the annual Tulip Time Festival held each year during the month of May.