City of Holland, MI
Ottawa County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Code 1955, § 4-8.1]
The term "trailer coach," as used in this chapter, shall mean any vehicle used, or so constructed as to permit its being used, as a dwelling or sleeping place, which is or may be mounted on wheels, and is or may be propelled either by its own power or by another vehicle to which it may be attached.
[Code 1955, § 4-8.2]
No person shall park or cause to be parked any trailer coach overnight on any street, alley, highway or other public place.
[Code 1955, § 4-8.2]
No trailer coach shall at any time be parked between the established setback line and the curbline of any lot.
[Code 1955, § 4-8.2]
No person shall park or permit the parking of any occupied trailer coach or use or occupy or permit the use or occupancy of any trailer coach on any site, lot, field or tract of land not specifically licensed as a trailer coach park, except as provided in this code.
[Code 1955, § 4-8.2]
No person shall park or cause or permit to be parked any occupied trailer in any residence district, for more than three weeks in any twelve-month period unless the same be housed within a building.
[Code 1955, § 4-8.3]
Not more than one trailer coach may be parked, used or occupied on the premises of any dwelling or on any premises adjacent to a dwelling; provided, that no trailer coach shall be used or occupied on any such premises unless the occupants of the trailer coach have free access to and the unlimited use of the sanitary facilities of such dwelling and the operator of such trailer coach secures a permit as provided in this chapter.
[Code 1955, § 4-8.4; Ord. No. 1069, 10-7-1992]
Application for a permit to use or occupy a trailer coach on the premises of a dwelling or of any vacant lot adjacent thereto shall be made to the City Clerk and shall state the address of the dwelling, the name of the owner or occupant in control thereof, the name and address of the owner or operator and license number of such trailer coach. The consent in writing of the owner or occupant in control of the dwelling on or adjacent to the premises where such parking is to take place, to the use of the sanitary facilities of such dwelling as provided by this chapter shall accompany the application or be endorsed thereon.
Upon the filing of such application the City Clerk shall cause an inspection to be made of such dwelling premises and trailer coach and if he or she finds that adequate sanitary facilities are available and that the use or occupancy of such trailer coach complies with the statutes of the state and the provisions of this code, he or she shall approve such application and, upon payment of the fee as established by a resolution adopted by City Council, the City Clerk shall issue a permit, which permit shall limit the time of such use or occupancy to a period not longer than one week from the date of the application therefor, or, with the approval of the enforcing officer, to a period not exceeding three weeks.
No person shall be issued a permit under the provisions of this chapter for the use or occupancy of a trailer coach for more than three weeks in any twelve-month period. Every permit shall be displayed in or on the trailer coach for which it is issued on the side nearest to a public street in such manner as to be readily noticeable at all times.
[Code 1955, § 4-8.5]
No person shall remove or cause to be removed the wheels or tires from any occupied trailer coach except for the purpose of repair, nor shall any person elevate, block or stabilize any occupied trailer coach other than with jacks designed, provided and intended for that purpose. No parked trailer coach shall be occupied for sleeping purposes by a greater number of persons than such vehicle is designed and arranged to accommodate.
[Code 1955, § 4-8.6]
The occupants of all trailer coaches parked on private premises shall use the sanitary facilities of the adjacent premises, exclusively, and shall not use any other sanitary facilities.
[Code 1955, § 4-8.7]
The enforcing officer or any member of the Police Department of the City shall have the authority to enter and inspect at any reasonable time any premises upon which a trailer coach is parked, used or occupied for the purpose of ascertaining that the owner, operator or occupant thereof is complying with all statutes, ordinances and rules and regulations governing the same.