City of O'Fallon, MO
St. Charles County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Article I Purpose

Section 700.010 Purpose.

Article II Definitions

Section 700.020 Definitions.

Article III General Rules

Section 700.030 Rules and Regulations Shall Govern.

Section 700.040 Application For Services.

Section 700.050 Connections — Cost — To Be Metered.

Section 700.060 City Has Right To Inspect Meters, Etc.

Section 700.070 City Has Right To Shut Off Water — When.

Section 700.080 Water Main Break or Leak — Responsibility For Repair.

Section 700.090 Water, Sewer Line Installation Prohibited Without City Approval.

Section 700.100 Water Service Not To Be Transferred.

Section 700.110 Separate Connections For Each User.

Section 700.120 Connection Construction Costs — Line Extensions.

Section 700.130 Requirements For Use of Public Sewers.

Section 700.140 Regulations For Wastewater System Use.

Section 700.150 City's Right To Interrupt Service — When.

Section 700.160 City Not To Be Responsible For Damages — When.

Section 700.170 Sewer Pipe (Lateral) — Responsibilities of User.

Section 700.175 Sewer Lateral Repair Program — Annual Fee.

Section 700.180 Systems To Be Operated Separately.

Article IV Connection Fees

Section 700.190 Water and Sewer Connection Fees.

Article V Deposits

Section 700.200 Water and Sewer Security Deposits.

Article VI Rates

Section 700.210 Self-Supporting Systems.

Section 700.220 Water Service Charges.

Section 700.230 Sewer Service Charges.

Section 700.240 Prorating Charges.

Section 700.250 Tampering With Water and Sewer Equipment Prohibited.

Section 700.260 Liability For Payment Generally— Collection.

Section 700.270 (Reserved)

Article VII Conservation

Section 700.280 Water Conservation Plan.

Section 700.290 Mandatory Curtailment or Restrictions.

Section 700.300 Notification.

Section 700.310 Enforcement.

Article VIII Backflow Prevention

Section 700.320 Requirements For Backflow Prevention.

Section 700.330 Protection of Water System.

Section 700.340 Cross-Connections Prohibited.

Section 700.350 Survey and Investigations.

Section 700.360 Type of Protection Required.

Section 700.370 Where Protection Is Required.

Section 700.380 Backflow Prevention Devices.

Section 700.390 Installation.

Section 700.400 Inspection and Maintenance.

Section 700.410 Violations.

Article IX Fire Hydrants

Section 700.420 Fire Hydrants, Regulations For Use.

Article X Sprinkler Systems

Section 700.430 Sprinkler System Uses.

Article XI Industrial Wastes and Pretreatment

Section 700.440 Prohibited Discharges.

Section 700.450 Conditional Discharges.

Section 700.460 Acceptance of Conditional Discharges.

Section 700.470 Specific Pollution Limitations (Local Limits) and Dilution Prohibition.

Section 700.480 Reporting Requirements and Permits.

Section 700.490 Notification.

Section 700.500 Accessibility.

Section 700.510 Confidential Information.

Section 700.520 Cease and Desist Orders.

Section 700.530 Penalties For Violation.

Section 700.540 Rules and Regulations For Wastewater System — Use — Enforcement Response Guide.

Article XII Private Sources and Systems

Section 700.550 Private Sources of Water, Private Water Systems, Private Sewer Systems.

Article XIII Extensions

Section 700.560 New or Extended Water and Sewer Mains.

Section 700.570 Connections To Improved Streets Along Unimproved Property.

Section 700.580 Specifications For Installation of Water Mains, Services, Hydrants and Testing.

Section 700.590 Specifications For Installation of Sewer Mains, Service and Testing.

Article XIV Enforcement

Section 700.600 Penalties For Violation.