City of Ellisville, MO
St. Louis County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Article I Boards and Commissions

Section 400.010 Planning and Zoning Commission.

Section 400.020 Board of Adjustment Established — Purpose — Composition — Appointment — Removal — Alternate Members — Officers — Rules and Regulations — Powers and Duties.

Section 400.030 Tree Board.

Section 400.040 Architectural Review Board.

Article II Public Hearings — Reviews — Procedures

Section 400.050 Public Hearings — When Required — Notice.

Section 400.060 Fees — Clerk To Collect.

Section 400.070 Fees — Amounts Specified.

Article III General Provisions

Section 400.080 Purpose of Chapter.

Section 400.090 Definitions.

Section 400.100 Zoning Districts Established.

Section 400.110 Compliance With The Regulations.

Section 400.120 Non-Conformities.

Section 400.130 Administration.

Section 400.140 Board of Adjustment — Appeals, Procedure.

Section 400.150 Conditional Use Permit Procedure.

Section 400.160 Environmental Impact Statements.

Section 400.170 Performance Standards.

Section 400.180 Zone Changes.

Section 400.185 Text Amendments.

Section 400.190 Conflicts, Violations and Penalties.

Article IV Residential Zoning Districts

Section 400.200 "OS" Open Space Single-Family Residential Zoning District.

Section 400.210 "R-1" Single-Family Residential Zoning District.

Section 400.211 Clarkson Meadows and Marsh Field Acres Preservation Overlay Districts.

Section 400.220 "R-2" Planned Residential Zoning District.

Section 400.230 "R-3" Residence District Regulations.

Section 400.240 "R-4A" Residence District Regulations.

Section 400.250 "R-4B" Residence District Regulations.

Section 400.260 "WNU" Wildwood Non-Urban District Regulations.

Article V Commercial Zoning Districts

Section 400.270 "C-1" Open Space Commercial Zoning District.

Section 400.280 "C-2" General Office Zoning District.

Section 400.290 "C-3" Commercial Zoning District.

Section 400.300 "C-4" Ellisville Business Park Zoning District.

Section 400.310 "C-5" Planned Commercial District.

Article VI Light Industrial Zoning District

Section 400.320 "M-1" Light Industrial Zoning District.

Section 400.325 (Reserved)

Section 400.327 Dog Day-Care Facilities And Boarding Kennels.

Article VII Supplemental Regulations

Section 400.330 Restrictions On Adult Uses.

Section 400.331 Restrictions on Retail Tobacco Stores.

Section 400.332 Restrictions on Cigar Bars, Hookah Lounges, and Vapor Lounges.

Section 400.333 Gasoline Filling Stations.

Section 400.334 Short Term Residential Rentals.

Section 400.335 Massage Therapy Services.

Section 400.340 Storm and Waste Water Facilities.

Section 400.350 Area Lighting.

Section 400.360 Fences and Walls.

Section 400.370 Sidewalks.

Section 400.380 Home Occupation Regulations.

Section 400.390 (Reserved)

Section 400.400 Site Improvement Maintenance.

Section 400.405 through Section 400.407. (Reserved)

Section 400.410 Miscellaneous Provisions.

Section 400.420 Motor Vehicle Sales With or Without Ancillary Rental or Leasing.

Section 400.425 Used Motor Vehicle Sales.

Section 400.430 Traffic Impact Considerations.

Section 400.440 Outdoor Dining Regulations.

Section 400.445 Temporary Food Vendor Regulations.

Section 400.450 Day Care Homes.

Section 400.460 Tree Regulations.

Section 400.465 Restrictions On Financial Institutions and Check-Cashing/Payday Loan Establishments.

Section 400.466 Alternative Energy Systems.

Article VIII Site Design and Parking Requirements

Section 400.470 Application of Article.

Section 400.480 Landscaping and Landscape Buffers.

Section 400.490 Parking and Loading Requirements.

Article IX Antennas and Antenna Support Structures

Section 400.500 Purposes.

Section 400.510 Legislative Findings.

Section 400.520 Applicability.

Section 400.530 General Requirement.

Section 400.540 (Reserved)

Section 400.550 Modifications to Equipment.

Section 400.560 Exterior Finish Requirements.

Section 400.570 Permit Compliance.

Section 400.580 Revocation of Permit.

Section 400.590 Transfer of Permit.

Section 400.600 Abandonment of Tower.

Section 400.610 Location of Towers On City-Owned Property.

Section 400.620 Miscellaneous.

Section 400.630 through Section 400.690. (Reserved)

Article X Utility Facilities Permits and Regulations

Section 400.700 Definitions.

Section 400.710 Facilities Permits.

Section 400.720 Facilities Regulations.