City of Sikeston, MO
Scott County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Article I Building Code

Section 500.010 Adoption of Building Code.

Section 500.020 Additions, Insertions and Changes.

Section 500.030 Violation and Penalty.

Section 500.040 through Section 500.070. (Reserved)

Article II Residential Code For One and Two-Family Dwellings

Section 500.080 Adoption of One- and Two-Family Dwelling Code.

Section 500.090 Additions, Insertions and Changes.

Section 500.100 Violation and Penalty.

Section 500.110 through Section 500.140. (Reserved)

Article III (Reserved)

Section 500.150 through Section 500.210. (Reserved)

Article IV Fire Code

Section 500.220 Adoption of Fire Prevention Code.

Section 500.230 Additions, Insertions and Changes.

Section 500.240 Violation and Penalty.

Section 500.250 through Section 500.280. (Reserved)

Article V National Electric Code

Section 500.290 Adoption of National Electrical Code (NEC).

Section 500.300 Additions, Insertions and Changes.

Section 500.310 Violation and Penalty.

Section 500.320 through Section 500.350. (Reserved)

Article VI Plumbing Code

Section 500.360 Adoption of Plumbing Code.

Section 500.370 Additions, Insertions and Changes.

Section 500.380 Violation and Penalty.

Section 500.390 through Section 500.420. (Reserved)

Article VII Mechanical Code

Section 500.430 Adoption of Mechanical Code.

Section 500.440 Additions, Insertions and Changes.

Section 500.450 Violation and Penalty.

Section 500.460 through Section 500.490. (Reserved)

Article VIII Fuel Gas Code

Section 500.500 Adoption of Fuel Gas Code.

Section 500.510 Additions, Insertions and Changes.

Section 500.520 Violation and Penalty.

Section 500.530 through Section 500.560. (Reserved)

Article IX Property Maintenance Code

Section 500.570 Adoption of Property Maintenance Code.

Section 500.580 Additions, Insertions and Changes.

Section 500.590 Violation and Penalty.

Section 500.600 through Section 500.650. (Reserved)

Article X Additional Property Maintenance Regulations

Section 500.660 Definitions.

Section 500.670 Prohibited Maintenance.

Section 500.680 Permitted Maintenance.

Section 500.690 Notice of Violation.

Section 500.700 Notice When Owner or Custodian Cannot Be Found.

Section 500.710 Procedure If Not Abated.

Section 500.720 Removal of Motor Vehicles By Department of Public Safety.

Section 500.730 Junk and Trash.

Section 500.740 Weeds — Declaration of Public Nuisance.

Section 500.750 Weeds — Vegetation, City May Cause Removal.

Section 500.760 Violations For Failure To Maintain Property.

Section 500.770 Tax Bill For Cost of Work By The City.

Section 500.780 Insurance Proceeds Withheld.

Section 500.790 through Section 500.850. (Reserved)

Article XI Permitted Construction Materials, Public Water System

Section 500.860 Definition.

Section 500.870 Prohibitions.

Section 500.880 Water Systems.

Section 500.890 Removal of Water Meter or Severance of Service.

Section 500.900 through Section 500.950. (Reserved)

Article XII Smoke Alarm/Fire Detection Equipment Requirements

Section 500.960 Definitions.

Section 500.970 Smoke Alarm/Fire Detection Equipment Required.

Section 500.980 Issuance of Permits.

Section 500.990 Location of Detectors.

Section 500.1000 Responsibilities of Owners and Tenants.

Section 500.1010 Notification of Deficiencies.

Section 500.1020 through Section 500.1060. (Reserved)

Article XIII Sprinkler System Installation and Maintenance Requirements

Section 500.1070 Adoption of National Fire Protection Code.

Section 500.1080 Affected Businesses.

Section 500.1090 Compliance.

Section 500.1100 Testing/Inspections.

Section 500.1110 Failure To Comply — Revocation of Business License.

Section 500.1120 Violation and Penalty.

Article XIV Swimming Pool and Spa Code

Section 500.1130 Adoption of Swimming Pool and Spa Code.

Section 500.1140 Additions, Insertions and Changes.

Article XV Existing Building Code

Section 500.1150 Adoption of Existing Building Code.

Section 500.1160 Additions, Insertions and Changes.