City of Sikeston, MO
Scott County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Article I Purpose

Section 715.010 Purpose.

Section 715.020 Definitions.

Section 715.030 Abbreviations.

Article II Non-City Operated Disposal System

Section 715.040 Connection of Toilet Facilities Required.

Section 715.050 Privies and Cesspools — Restrictions.

Section 715.060 Abandonment of Private Facilities.

Article III Prohibited Discharges

Section 715.070 Insanitary Deposits — Prohibited.

Section 715.080 Waste Discharges.

Section 715.090 Restricted Discharges.

Section 715.100 Stormwater Discharge — Restricted To.

Section 715.110 Open Connections.

Article IV Prohibited Wastes

Section 715.120 Prohibited Substances.

Section 715.130 Restricted Substances.

Section 715.140 Alternatives For Prohibited or Restricted Discharges.

Section 715.150 Dilution Prohibited.

Section 715.160 Accidental Discharge.

Section 715.170 Private Domestic Waste Haulers.

Article V Pretreatment Facilities

Section 715.180 Drawings, Specifications and Compliance Schedules.

Section 715.190 Pretreatment Operations.

Section 715.200 Monitoring Requirements.

Section 715.210 Grease, Oil and Sand Traps.

Article VI Administrative Procedures

Section 715.220 Industrial User Questionnaire.

Section 715.230 Questionnaire Verification.

Section 715.240 Monitoring Facilities.

Section 715.250 Inspection and Sampling.

Section 715.260 Applicable Charges and Fees.

Section 715.270 Permit Requirements.

Section 715.280 Discharge Reports.

Section 715.290 Accidental Discharge Reports.

Section 715.300 Pretreatment Facilities Reports.

Section 715.310 Signatory and Record Retention Requirements.

Section 715.320 Information Confidentiality.

Section 715.330 Initial and Compliance Monitoring.

Article VII Enforcement

Section 715.340 Enforcement Procedures.

Section 715.350 Legal Actions — Penalties.

Section 715.360 Civil Liability.

Section 715.370 Charges Due To Violations.

Section 715.380 False Statements.

Section 715.390 Publication of Violations.

Article VIII General Provision

Section 715.400 Non-City Water Source Service Charge Determination.

Section 715.410 Application For Sewerage Services — Permit.

Section 715.420 Connection and Reconnection.

Section 715.430 Determination of Wastewater Characteristics.

Section 715.440 Federal or State Regulations.

Section 715.450 Damage To Property — Prohibited.

Section 715.460 Sanitary Sewer Specifications.

Section 715.470 Right To Amend Chapter.