City of Sikeston, MO
Scott County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[R.O. 2009 § 6.12.010; Ord. No. 4126 § 3(6), 1980]
No person shall use for any dog or cat a license or certificate of immunization or certificate of exception for immunization not issued for that dog or cat.
[R.O. 2009 § 6.12.020; Ord. No. 4126 § 3(B), 1980]
In the event a dog or cat required to be immunized pursuant to this Chapter is being treated by a licensed veterinarian and cannot be immunized against rabies, the owner of such animal may present a statement from such licensed veterinarian that the animal is then under treatment and cannot be immunized without jeopardizing the animal's health and that such animal will be immunized by the veterinarian prior to being released from the treatment.
[R.O. 2009 § 6.12.030; Ord. No. 4126 § 3(F), 1980; Ord. No. 5527 §II, 1-6-2003]
The owner shall affix to his/her dog or cat at all times a collar or harness with the rabies immunization tag attached thereto in such a manner as to be easily seen.
[R.O. 2009 § 6.12.031; Ord. No. 5527 §II, 1-6-2003]
No person shall own, keep, harbor or permit to be or remain on or about his/her premises any dog or cat which, if over four (4) months of age, that has not been vaccinated against rabies by a licensed veterinarian with a vaccine approved and listed in the current year's Rabies Compendium. Rabies tags supplied will be consistent with compendium recommendations.
[R.O. 2009 § 6.12.040; Ord. No. 4126 § 4, 1980; Ord. No. 5096 §II, 5-1996]
A dog owner or keeper shall keep his/her dog under adequate control at all times with the use of a properly designed leash. The owner shall insure that the animal is controlled by an individual with the physical and mental capability to control the animal.
[R.O. 2009 § 6.12.045; Ord. No. 5527 §II, 1-6-2003]
No person shall permit any dog to run at large upon the streets, alleys or thoroughfares of the City or upon property owned or occupied by another person without the consent of the owner of or person occupying such property.
[R.O. 2009 § 6.12.050; Ord. No. 4126 § 7, 1980; Ord. No. 5527 §II, 1-6-2003]
The owner of any female dog or cat in heat shall confine such dog or cat within a building in such manner that the dog or cat will not be accessible to or attract other dogs or cats except for planned breeding. Conviction of the offense shall be a fine of no less than seventy-five dollars ($75.00).
[R.O. 2009 § 6.12.060; Ord. No. 4126 § 6, 1980; Ord. No. 5527 §II, 1-6-2003]
The owner of any animal shall give adequate care to each and every animal including wholesome food, clean water, shelter and health care necessary to maintain good health in a specific species of animal.
[R.O. 2009 § 6.12.060; Ord. No. 4126 § 6, 1980; Ord. No. 5527 §II, 1-6-2003]
No owner shall permit a dog to habitually bark, howl or in other ways be a public nuisance.
No person shall have or maintain a kennel in any residentially zoned area.