City of Hazelwood, MO
St. Louis County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Article I In General

Section 410.010 Intent and Purpose.

Section 410.020 Applicability.

Article II Definitions

Section 410.030 Definitions.

Section 410.040 Abbreviations.

Article III General Provisions

Section 410.050 Compliance With Municipal Code.

Section 410.060 Terminology.

Section 410.070 Computation of Time.

Article IV Subdivision Review and Approval Process

Section 410.080 General Procedures.

Section 410.090 Preliminary Record Plat and Preliminary Development Plan.

Section 410.100 Petition Procedures.

Section 410.110 Improvement Plans

Section 410.120 Recording of Plat.

Section 410.130 Plat Approval Not Acceptance For Maintenance of Dedications.

Section 410.140 Withdrawal of Petition.

Section 410.150 Period of Validity of Approved Improvement Plans.

Section 410.160 Completion of Improvements and Maintenance Guaranteed.

Section 410.170 Maintenance of Common Areas and Facilities.

Section 410.180 Condominiums.

Article V Land Development Standards

Section 410.190 General Standards.

Section 410.200 Design Standards.

Section 410.210 Streets — General.

Section 410.215 Change of Street Name.

Section 410.220 Street Design Standards.

Section 410.230 Sidewalks and Pedestrian Ways.

Section 410.240 Lots.

Section 410.250 Easements.

Section 410.260 Utilities.

Section 410.270 Street Lighting Requirements.

Section 410.280 Landscaping.

Section 410.290 Site Grading and Erosion Control.

Section 410.300 Access For Common Land Maintenance.

Section 410.310 Development Constraints and Testing.

Section 410.320 Noise Attenuation.

Section 410.330 Permanent Markers.

Section 410.340 Acceptance of Streets.

Section 410.350 Excavations.

Article VI Vacation of Plats

Section 410.360 Plat Vacation.

Article VII Administration and Enforcement

Section 410.370 Permits Required.

Section 410.380 Fees.

Section 410.390 Administration and Enforcement.

Article VIII Variations, Exceptions and Amendments

Section 410.400 Variations and Exceptions.

Section 410.410 Amendments.

Section 410.420 Validity and Severability.