City of Hazelwood, MO
St. Louis County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[CC 1997 §33.1; Ord. No. 978-73, 5-16-1973; Ord. No. 1043-74, 4-17-1974]
Building permits are required for above-ground or in-ground pools with the following exceptions, and must be approved by the Director of Public Works at a cost in conformance with current fee schedule.
Depth of pool twenty-four (24) inches or less, and
Surface area is one hundred fifty-four (154) square feet (fourteen (14) feet in diameter) or less.
[CC 1997 §33.2; Ord. No. 978-73, 5-16-1973]
Pools requiring a permit shall include a forty-two (42) inch high fence with gate which is self-closing and latching or a pool cover may be used as noted in Section 515.030 below. If above-ground type of pool is four (4) feet or more, then no fencing is required but the stairway must swing up or be removed when not in use. Swing-up gates must be locked in the up position.
[CC 1997 §33.3; Ord. No. 978-73, 5-16-1973]
A pool cover may be used in lieu of a fence as the protective device providing it is in accordance with following policy: the cover is strong enough to support an average adult person, and certified by owner as being so in a letter; and further that it is also certified in the same letter that the cover will be in place over the pool when the pool is not under adult supervision or in use by adults, or that the water level be lower than twenty-four (24) inches in the winter months, to insure that falling through the ice, which may form, will not be a safety hazard.
[CC 1997 §33.4; Ord. No. 978-73, 5-16-1973]
Pools having decks four (4) feet above-ground level need not have the fencing requirements provided the deck railing is such that the railing has no opening greater than six (6) inches in width and the locked, swing-up stairway has hardware cloth, or equal on underside of carriages or stringers to prevent small children getting through a space between treads. Any gate in the railing must be self-closing and self-latching.
[CC 1997 §33.5; Ord. No. 978-73, 5-16-1973]
All electrical and plumbing installations must be in compliance with the Electrical Code and the Plumbing Code as adopted by the City. All electrical work must be done by an electrician licensed by St. Louis County. All plumbing work must be inspected by the St. Louis County Office of Plumbing and Sewer Inspection.
[CC 1997 §33.6; Ord. No. 978-73, 5-16-1973]
All wiring in connection with or adjacent to swimming pools must conform to the requirements of Article 680.9 of the latest edition of the Electrical Code as adopted by the City. This Article does not permit any wiring to pass over the pool in any instance, and all wiring must be a minimum of ten (10) feet from the pool's edge, horizontally. Filters and other equipment cannot be placed closer than five (5) feet from pool edge unless adequate provisions are made so that such filters and equipment cannot be used as a source of entry to the pool.
[CC 1997 §33.7; Ord. No. 978-73, 5-16-1973; Ord. No. 1142-75, 10-15-1975]
A building permit is required for all pools except those above-ground types twenty-four (24) inches or less in depth and having a surface area of one hundred fifty-four (154) square feet (fourteen (14) feet in diameter) or less.
Three (3) sets of the plat plans and pool plans are required for a building permit. An engineer's seal is required for in-ground pools.
Inspections are required at the time of installation; regular sanitary inspections shall be conducted by the St. Louis County Health Department.
[CC 1997 §33.8; Ord. No. 978-73, 5-16-1973]
Pools built before the adoption of this set of standards and which prior to said adoption were satisfactory to the community are exempt from these requirements. If any existing pool undergoes major alterations, then it must comply with current requirements.
[CC 1997 §33.9; Ord. No. 978-73, 5-16-1973; Ord. No. 3173-00 §10, 5-17-2000]
The Building Enforcement Officer is hereby authorized to issue a summons to any person violating any of the terms of this Chapter and, thereafter, such summons shall be prosecuted as all other violations of the Hazelwood City Code.
Any person violating the terms of the provisions herein shall be punished, upon conviction, as set forth in the Hazelwood City Code, Section 100.130.