City of Hazelwood, MO
St. Louis County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
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In accordance with Section 365.030 and when signs are erected giving notice thereof, no person shall park a vehicle within the district or upon any of the streets or parts of streets as follows:
Anglum Road—both sides from Campus Parkway Drive west to end
Anglum Road—both sides from Fee Fee Road to end
Auriesville Lane—both sides from Pontmain Drive to Ville Rosa Lane
Avant Drive—entire outer side; inner side of easternmost leg
Avant Drive—inner side, western leg—thirty (30) feet north from Chez Paree Drive
Barnwood Drive—north side, even numbered addresses from 6718 Barnwood Drive to English Oak Court
[Ord. No. 4713-19, 9-18-2019]
Berkridge Court—west side, from the edge of driveway at 6937 Berkridge Court, forty (40) feet south
Boellner Drive—west side from Tally Ho Drive to Bridlespur Drive
Brittany Town Place—north side
Brookes Drive—both sides
Brown Road—both sides from Dunn Road to Howdershell Road
Burcke Drive—northeast side only
Campus Parkway Drive—both sides between McDonnell Blvd. and Missouri Bottom Road
Carriage Lane—west side, thirty-six (36) feet north of Coachlight Lane
Chalmette Drive—entire inner side
Chalmette Drive—outer side, eastern leg—thirty (30) feet south from Chez Paree Chapel Ridge Drive—south side, from Fee Fee Road to Lindbergh Blvd.
Charbonier Road—both sides from Howdershell Road to Teson Road
Cherry Blossom Lane—east side, from 4809 Cherry Blossom Lane to 1715 Rose Crest Drive
Chez Paree Drive—south side—seventy-five (75) feet east of the western intersection of Chalmette and Chez Paree Drive
Chez Paree Drive—north side, from Chez Vant Drive to first (1st) fire hydrant west of 301 Chez Paree Drive
Coachlight Lane—both sides from Town & Country Drive to Elm Grove Lane
Coachman Lane—east side, forty (40) feet north from Haventree Lane
Coachway Lane—both sides from Lindbergh Blvd. to most eastern curb line of White Birch Way
Cortena Drive—north bound for sixty-two (62) feet south of Utz Lane
Dunn Road—both sides
Edwards Avenue—both sides
Elm Grove Avenue—north side from Foxmont Drive, eighty (80) feet west
Elm Grove Lane—north side, from Olian Drive to Lindbergh Blvd.
Elwyn Drive—both sides—one hundred (100) feet east from North Hanley Road
English Oak Drive—north side, even numbered addresses from Cortena Drive to Barnwood Drive
[Ord. No. 4713-19, 9-18-2019]
English Oak Drive—south side, odd numbered addresses from 6719 English Oak Drive to English Oak Court
[Ord. No. 4713-19, 9-18-2019]
Fairview Avenue—both sides
Fairview Avenue—north side, from Lindbergh Blvd. to Fee Fee Road
Fairview Avenue—south side, from Bellair Drive to Lindbergh Blvd.
Fee Fee Hills Drive four hundred ninety-five (495) feet west of Lindbergh Blvd.—both sides
Fee Fee Road—both sides
Ford Lane—both sides
Foxmont Drive—west side, from Elm Grove Avenue, fifty (50) feet north
Frostview Lane—both sides—one hundred (100) feet north of Steve Avenue
Frostview Lane—east side—one hundred (100) feet south of Steve Avenue
Gwin Drive—both sides—one hundred (100) feet east from North Hanley Road
Hall Avenue—north side, from Richard Kent Drive to Fee Fee Road
Hall Avenue—south side, from Fee Fee Road to Lindbergh Blvd.
Hanley Road—both sides
Haventree Lane—eighty (80) feet west of Town & Country Drive—both sides
Haventree Lane—north side, forty (40) feet east from Coachman Lane
Hazelcrest Drive—east side, from Dunn Road north to 7640 Hazelcrest Drive—(formerly Calbreath) north side from 7620 to City limits—(formerly Trinity) south side from 7640 to City Limits
Hazelwood Avenue—both sides
Hazelwood Logistics Center Drive
Howdershell Road—both sides
Imperial Drive—both sides from Dunn Road to north side of St. Martin de Porres' driveway
Latty Avenue—both sides from Union Electric right-of-way west to North Hanley Road; both sides from North Hanley west to the Norfolk and Western Railroad tracks
Lightwood Drive—east side between Undercliff Drive and Bellflower Drive
Lindbergh Blvd.—both sides
Lynn Haven Lane—from Lindbergh Blvd. to Holiday Avenue
Mary Rose Court—on circle at north end
McDonnell Blvd.—both sides
Missouri Bottom Road—south side, from 125 Missouri Bottom Road to Leaf Crest Drive
Moran Drive—east side, from Williams Blvd. to Reasor Drive
Moran Drive—west side
Morningaire Circle—east side from North Hanley Road to North Hanley Road
Nathaniel Court—north side only, from east property line of 1130 Nathaniel Court to pedestrian stairs into Truman Park, adjacent to 1144 Nathaniel Court
Normandie Court—east side, three hundred ninety (390) feet north from Dunn Road
Olian Drive—west side, from Elm Grove Lane to Foxcrest Drive
Pershall Road—both sides
Phantom Drive—from McDonnell Blvd. to Missouri Bottom Road
Reasor Drive—north side, from Moran Drive to Elbring Drive
Reasor Drive—south side, from 290 Reasor Drive to Elbring Drive
Riderwood Drive—both sides, fifty (50) feet east of Howdershell Road
Riderwood Drive—just east of Howdershell Road—south side, from Teson Road, fifty (50) feet west
Riverwood Trails Drive—east and south side of street, from 2287, around curve, to include 2267 Riverwood Trails Drive
Sadonia Avenue—south and west sides, from 220 Sadonia Avenue to Williams Blvd.
Santa Bella Drive—both sides, one hundred fifty (150) feet west of North Hanley Road
Service Road between Utz Lane and Fee Fee Hills Drive—both sides
Sieloff Drive—east side— west side, entire length from Hazelcrest Drive to Dunn Road, except during emergency conditions, as determined by the City, such as snow, ice or paving of off-street parking areas
St. Cin Lane—south side, from Sunset Drive to 169 St. Cin
St. Louis Mills Boulevard—both sides from east City limits to St. Louis Mills Circle
St. Louis Mills Circle—both sides
Steve Avenue—south side from Frostview east to property line of St. Bartholomew Church
Summit Avenue—both sides, east of Lindbergh Blvd.
Summit Avenue—south side, from Fee Fee Road seven hundred fifteen (715) feet east
Sunset Drive—east side, St. Cin Lane to Alma Drive
Tally Ho Drive—north side from Boellner Drive, seventy (70) feet west
Taylor Road—both sides
Teson Road—just east of Howdershell Road—west side, from Riderwood Drive, fifty (50) feet south
Teson Road—one hundred thirty-two (132) feet on the northeast side, from a fire hydrant located just west of 843 Teson Road to a point eighteen (18) feet south of the driveway of 851 Teson Road
Town and Country Drive—both sides, between Candlelight Lane and Lynn Haven Lane
Undercliff Drive—north side from Bellflower Drive west to Howdershell Road
Undercliff Drive—south side from Howdershell Road east to 816 Undercliff Drive
Utz Lane—both sides
Utz Lane—north side, from 6554 to end
Village Square Drive—both sides, Lynn Haven Lane west to Impala Lane
Woodcrest Lane—north side from Howdershell west to 925
Woodcrest Lane—south side from 926 Woodcrest east to Howdershell Road
Woodlawn Avenue—both sides, west of Lindbergh Blvd.
Woodlawn Avenue—both sides
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In accordance with Section 365.040, and when signs are erected giving notice thereof, no person shall park a vehicle between the hours specified herein upon any of the streets or parts of streets as follows, except said prohibition shall not pertain to any City designated handicapped parking space on said streets:
Parking Prohibited
8:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M.
Cortena Drive—from Serenity Circle to 6647 Cortena Drive
Cortena Drive—from Dunn Road to Utz Lane
Woodcrest Lane—north side from 925 Woodcrest Lane to City limits
Parking Prohibited
2:00 A.M. to 6:00 A.M.
Dawnridge Drive—in front of #1 through #116, both sides, south of Utz Lane
Parking Prohibited, On School Days
8:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M.
Utz Lane—south side, from Cortena Drive to end
Ville Rosa Lane—north side, from 5209 to 1517 Ville Rosa Lane
Parking Prohibited and No Stopping or Standing, On School Days
8:15 A.M. to 8:45 A.M. and 3:45 P.M. to 4:15 P.M.
Conza Drive—east side from Gerard Park Lane to seventy-five (75) feet south
Conza Drive—west side from Gerard Park Lane to seventy-five (75) feet south
Parking Prohibited, On School Days
8:15 A.M. to 8:45 A.M. and 3:45 P.M. to 4:15 P.M.
Coachlight Lane—north side from 567 Coachlight to eastern intersection of Carriage Lane/Coachlight Lane
Coachman Lane—east side from Coachlight Lane to Sir Lords Lane
Coachway Lane—south side between Sir Lords Lane and Foxfield Drive
Coachway Lane—north side between Foxfield Drive and Naples Lane
English Coach Lane—entire east side
Georgetown Drive—entire east side
Gerard Park Lane—both sides from Howdershell Road to 2000 Gerard Park Lane
Gerard Park Lane—north side from Tannoia Drive to Conza Drive
Sir Lords Lane—entire east side
Tannoia Drive—east side from Gerard Park Lane to Gerard Park Lane
Ville Rosa Lane—south side from Ville Donna Lane to three hundred seventy-five (375) feet east
Wagon Wheel Lane—entire east side
Parking Prohibited, On School Days
11:00 A.M. to 1:00 P.M.
Altavia Drive—north side from Howdershell Road to 955 Altavia Drive
Altavia Drive—south side from Howdershell Road to 944 Altavia Drive
Bellflower Drive—north side only, between Undercliff Drive and Lightwood Drive
Bellflower Drive—north side between Undercliff Drive and Flowervale Drive
Bellflower Drive—south side, one hundred twenty (120) feet east from Undercliff Drive
Chula Drive—both sides, Howdershell Road to Monte Drive
Flowervale Drive—west side only, Undercliff Drive to Bellflower Drive
Hazelwest Court—east side of the street from Hazelwest Drive two hundred (200) feet to the beginning of the circle
Ken Lane—both sides
Lightwood Drive—both sides, Howdershell Road to Bellflower Drive
Mary Jo Lane—north side from Howdershell Road to, and including 743 Mary Jo Lane
Mary Jo Lane—south side from Howdershell Road, east around the cul-de-sac to, and including 719 Mary Jo Lane
Monte Drive—both sides, Teson Road and Chula Drive
Undercliff Drive—south side, eighty (80) feet west of Bellflower Drive
Undercliff Drive—both sides from Bellflower Drive to Lightwood Drive
Vineland Drive—both sides, Lightwood Drive to Bellflower Drive
Woodcrest Lane—both sides, from Howdershell Road to 1299 Woodcrest Lane
Parking Prohibited One Hour Parking
Cortena Drive—from Utz Lane to Serenity Circle