City of Republic, MO
Greene County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[CC 1999 §4-30]
Any animal found running at large may be impounded.
[CC 1999 §4-31; Ord. No. 03-24 §1, 3-24-2003; Ord. No. 08-24 §1, 3-10-2008; Ord. No. 10-21 §1, 5-24-2010]
All dogs and cats impounded shall be kept in the custody of the Animal Control Officer for a period of not less than one (1) week except that if the owner can be discovered from the tags on the animal, he/she will be notified prior to disposing of the animal. Those dogs and cats impounded, not within the exception aforesaid, shall be fed, watered and shielded from the elements in a manner acceptable to good veterinary practice. During the one (1) week period, a dog or cat may be released by the Animal Control Officer to any person who shall sign an affidavit swearing such dog or cat is his/her personal property. The Animal Control Officer shall, in addition, issue a summons to the owner for a violation of Sections 210.020 or 210.180 and shall impose a claiming fee of ten dollars ($10.00) and five dollars ($5.00) per day boarding fee and shall require that the owner of the dog or cat fulfill the registration-vaccination procedure before release, or that he/she carry out the registration-vaccination procedure as set forth herein. At the end of the one (1) week period, if the dog or cat has not been claimed as provided in this Section, the Animal Control Officer is at liberty to dispose of the dog or cat in any one (1) of the following ways:
Humane destruction by injection of any barbiturate drug.
Humane destruction by subjection to a carbon monoxide environment.
Releasing the dog or cat to any person expressing a desire for any given dog or cat after the animal has been kept in the custody of the Animal Control Officer for the required period of time and after the execution of a sterilization agreement regarding any such animal and after the payment of a seventy dollar ($70.00) fee plus an additional five dollars ($5.00) for micro-chip identification.
The adoption of any dog or cat by any person pursuant to the provisions of this Subsection shall not be final until such time as the animal is sterilized pursuant to the provisions of the aforementioned sterilization agreement and the requirements of Section 273.403, RSMo. The failure of any person to comply with the provisions and requirements of said agreement and/or said Statute shall result in custody and possession of such animal reverting to the City of Republic.
Humane destruction in any other manner provided by State law.
Transfer to another animal shelter.
Any animal impounded pursuant to Section 210.180 or otherwise coming into the custody of the City may be disposed of as provided for in Subsection (A) if the animal is injured or ill and treatment of the animal would be costly or require substantial efforts to achieve a degree of successful treatment. If it is determined that the animal is suffering to such a degree that a waiting period would be inhumane, the animal may be disposed of immediately. If the suffering can be minimized and responsibly controlled for a period of forty-eight (48) hours, then the animal shall not be disposed of until forty-eight (48) hours has passed unless the animal's owner waives the forty-eight (48) hour waiting period.
[CC 1999 §4-32; Ord. No. 07-46 §1, 7-9-2007]
When any dog or cat shall be released to the original or a new owner which has not completed a valid vaccination procedure at the time or prior to release, he/she shall within seven (7) days after release complete the vaccination procedure and submit proof of vaccinations to the Animal Control Officer of the City.
[CC 1999 §4-45]
In addition to all other fees, fines and costs imposed hereunder, the City is hereby empowered to charge and collect all veterinary, boarding and other expenses incurred by the impoundment of a dog or cat and to condition the release of said animal on payment of said amount, which shall be determined by the Animal Control Officer and/or Municipal Court. Failure of the owner of said animal to pay said fees and costs within the one (1) week period shall authorize the City to proceed with humane destruction of said animal.
[CC 1999 §4-43]
It shall be unlawful for any person to release or attempt to release any animal which is impounded in the City pound or which is in the custody of Police or Animal Control Officer.
It shall be unlawful for any person to tamper with, alter or otherwise damage any trap, cage, animal carrier or other animal control equipment, or fail to return such equipment after use in undamaged condition, or to interfere with the Animal Control Officer in the performance of their duties.