City of Republic, MO
Greene County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[CC 1999 §4-9]
Whenever the Animal Control Officer shall deem it necessary because of the prevalence of rabies among the animal population of the City, County or State, strict quarantine may be placed on all domestic animals in any designated area of the City. This proclamation shall be construed to mean that all domestic animals shall be confined in the owner's home, or in a secure, indoor facility, under the direct physical control of a person at least seventeen (17) years of age. Any domestic animal found otherwise during such a quarantine shall be impounded or disposed of in a humane manner.
[CC 1999 §4-11]
Any domestic animal which exhibits clinical symptoms suggestive of rabies may be impounded at a veterinary clinic, licensed by the State, and located within Greene County, for clinical observation for ten (10) days. If after the observation period, the animal is alive it may be picked up by the owner.
If such animal shall die during the observation period, regardless of the location, the head shall be removed and submitted to a qualified official laboratory for examination.
[CC 1999 §4-12]
Any dog, cat or domestic animal which has been exposed to rabies should be immediately destroyed, unless otherwise provided. If the owner is unwilling to do this, one (1) of the following alternatives shall be followed:
Strict isolation in a kennel or animal hospital for six (6) months and vaccinate with Animal Rabies Vaccine licensed by the United States Department of Agriculture and administered by a licensed veterinarian if no previous vaccination has been given in the past three (3) years.
If the animal exposed to rabies has been vaccinated against the virus within the last three (3) years, the animal must be re-vaccinated at once with Animal Rabies Vaccine licensed by the United States Department of Agriculture and administered by a licensed veterinarian, and be isolated and observed for ninety (90) days.
[CC 1999 §4-13]
All veterinarians in the City shall report at once all cases of clinical rabies to the Animal Control Officer.
[CC 1999 §4-14]
Disposition Generally. The owner of any dog or cat which bites any person, regardless of the circumstances or whether the animal is vaccinated and registered or not, shall be required to place the animal in a veterinary hospital maintained by a licensed veterinarian for a period ten (10) days following the evening of the day of the bite for clinical observation. All expenses shall be borne by the owner of such animal. If such animal develops symptoms suggestive of rabies, it shall be allowed to die a natural death or if the animal should die while in confinement for any reason, the head of such animal shall be removed by the veterinarian and submitted to any qualified official laboratory. If at the end of the ten (10) day period the animal is alive and healthy, it may be released to its owner. Only under special circumstances to be specified by the Animal Control Officer shall an animal be confined on the owner's or other premises for the ten (10) day period.
[CC 1999 §4-16]
No person shall refuse to deliver his/her dog or cat to the Animal Control Officer when requested to do so under the provisions of this Chapter.
[CC 1999 §4-17]
The Animal Control Officer or his/her duly appointed representative shall have the right of entry to any property or premises for the purpose of examining and impounding any dog or cat exposed to or exhibiting clinical symptoms of rabies.