Township of Manheim, PA
York County
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[Ord. 2012-1, 10/15/2012]
It is the intent, purpose and scope of this Part to ensure the preservation of the outdoor public parkland, outdoor recreation facilities, and outdoor playground areas within the property established for Manheim Township parks for the perpetual enjoyment of the residents of the Township of Manheim; to regulate the activities within these areas consistent with the enjoyment of the natural settings and facilities; and to prevent any nuisances to the residents of Manheim Township in the use of such public parklands, recreation facilities, and playground areas or in the enjoyment of private property adjacent to such areas.
[Ord. 2012-1, 10/15/2012]
The Manheim Township Board of Supervisors shall classify all public recreation park areas and facilities of the Township into categories generally conforming to the following:
Active/Group Facilities. Those areas and facilities within Township parks designed or appropriate for interactive recreational use, including, but not limited to, athletic fields, basketball courts, community buildings, pavilions and amphitheaters.
Passive/Individual Use Facilities. Those areas and facilities within Township parks designed or appropriate for passive or individual recreational use, including, but not limited to, picnic areas, playground areas, walking or jogging paths, lawn and other nonspecific use areas.
Support Facilities. Those areas and facilities within Township parks designed or appropriate for support of the recreational use of all other facilities, including, but not limited to, restrooms, concessions stands, and parking areas.
Nonpublic Facilities. Those areas within Township parks dedicated to stormwater management or maintenance storage and not designed or intended for recreational use by the public.
[Ord. 2012-1, 10/15/2012]
All Township park visitors will conduct themselves and their activities in such a way as will not obstruct or interfere with the use and enjoyment of the facilities by others. Respect for, courtesy to, and cooperation with other visitors is expected, and any failure to demonstrate these qualities may result in denial of use of the facilities.
Township Parks shall be open from sunrise to sunset, unless the Board of Supervisors grants approval for evening events or programs.
Township Park visitors shall be responsible for placing their trash in proper receptacles, leaving the premises in good order and the facilities in a neat and sanitary condition. Each and every failure to conform to the provisions of this subsection shall be considered a separate violation of the provisions of this Part.
Parents and group leaders are responsible for the safety and conduct of their child or groups of children within the park.
[Ord. 2012-1, 10/15/2012]
Active/Group Use Facilities. Reservation permits for group activities, including group meetings or rallies, or organized use of active/group use facilities must be obtained in advance from Manheim Township. Any person, firm, group, league or other organization desiring to use any active/group use facilities shall first make a written application to Manheim Township on a form provided by Manheim Township for that purpose. Manheim Township will issue reservation permits on a first-come-first-served basis, subject to Subsection 4 below. Those groups or individuals that receive a reservation permit from Manheim Township for active/group facility use will have exclusive use of the specified facility during the authorized dates and times.
Passive/Individual Use Facilities. No reservation is required, and use will be on a "first come, first use" basis within standard park operating hours.
Support Facilities Use. No reservation is required, and use will be on a "first come, first use" basis within standard park operating hours.
The Manheim Township Board of Supervisors may establish a first-priority allocation process for Township residents or organizations for any program or activity.
The Manheim Township Board of Supervisors, or its designee, may close the park if hazardous conditions exist that endanger the life or property. There shall be no trespassing on park property during such times.
[Ord. 2012-1, 10/15/2012]
All Manheim Township park areas, including, but not limited to, fields, basketball courts, trails, playgrounds and pavilions, shall be used only for their intended purpose and no other unless authorized by Manheim Township. Acts which are prohibited or unlawful in Manheim Township Park areas include, but are not limited to:
Possession and/or use of alcoholic beverages or illegal substances;
Use of indecent language;
Disorderly or immoral conduct;
Operation of any motorized or self-propelled vehicle, except passenger vehicles in those areas designated for parking. Overnight camping or parking in Township parks shall be prohibited;
Washing or repair of motor vehicles;
Hunting, trapping, feeding or harming wildlife and/or waterfowl, or annoying, striking, injuring, maiming, or killing any bird or animal;
Release or abandonment of a wild and/or domestic animal on park property;
Solicitation or sale of any goods or food or the conduct of any commercial activity, except for concessions or events authorized by the Board of Supervisors;
Playing golf, hitting golf balls or other careless and/or unsafe activities that endanger the welfare and safety of other visitors on park property;
Unreasonable noise that adversely impacts other visitors. Use of sound amplification equipment must be approved in writing in advance by Manheim Township;
Discharge of firearms, fireworks, paintball guns or other projectile weapons;
Building, lighting or maintaining fires, except in propane grills used for cooking purposes. Charcoal cooking and charcoal grilling are prohibited;
Cutting, mutilating, or removing trees, shrubs, flowers, or wood;
Defacing or removing any sign, poster, structure, or any other property;
Littering. Refuse and rubbish generated while using the park must be placed in containers provided for that purpose. No dumping of any kind, including yard waste (leaves, grass, etc.), household, construction, commercial, or landscape debris, shall be permitted on Manheim Township park property or in dumpsters and/or trash receptacles located within a park;
Trespassing onto adjoining properties without permission of those property owners;
Commission of any assault or battery or engaging in fighting;
Posting, pasting, fastening, painting, writing, drawing, carving, tacking, or affixing any placard, bill, notice, sign, advertisement, or any inscription whatever upon any structure, tree, stone, fence, thing or enclosure within any recreation, park, or playground area or on any public lands or highways or roads adjacent to any recreation, park, or conservation area, unless authorized by Manheim Township.
Operation of a private or commercial airplane or helicopter, or scaled remote control aircraft, in the recreation park;
Skateboarding, biking, or use of roller blades anywhere other than trail areas;
Use of explosives or explosive devices;
Possession of glass bottles or containers;
Pumping water out of fountains or retention ponds on Manheim recreation park property;
Utilizing or damaging nonpublic use areas under § 102.
These rules and regulations shall be posted prominently on park property.
[Ord. 2012-1, 10/15/2012]
Pets are permitted in Manheim Township parks. All pets must be currently licensed and vaccinated. Pets must be leashed and under the control of the owner or handler at all times. Pet waste must be collected immediately and disposed of properly. Pet owners and handlers are responsible for any injuries inflicted by their pet(s) to others. Aggressive pets are not permitted. For purposes of this Section, the term "pets" shall not include farm animals, including but not limited to horses, cows, goats, and chickens.
[Ord. 2012-1, 10/15/2012]
The Manheim Township Board of Supervisors may establish a schedule of reasonable reservation fees and charges for the use of park facilities. Such fees and charges shall be reasonably related to the cost to the Township in maintaining the facilities in good order and repair and may be amended from time to time by resolution.
[Ord. 2012-1, 10/15/2012]
Any person, firm, group, league or other organization violating any provision of this Part shall, upon conviction thereof in an action brought before a District Justice in the manner provided for the enforcement of summary offenses under the Pennsylvania Rules of Criminal Procedure, be sentenced to pay a fine of not more than $1,000 plus costs and, in default of payment of said fine and costs, to a term of imprisonment not to exceed 90 days. Each time that a violation occurs or each day that a violation continues shall be deemed a separate offense.
Where such violator has removed, destroyed, damaged, defaced, or befouled the recreation, playground, or park area or contents thereof, the cost of maintenance, repair, or replacement shall be added to the summary offense as restitution in addition to the fine. Further use of the recreation and park facilities may be denied to violators of this chapter in addition to the imposition of fines or costs. The term "person violating" as set forth in this Section shall mean, in the case of action or activity by any minor (herein defined as an unmarried person under the age of 18 years), in addition to such person, the parents or guardian, or any other person having legal custody and control who knowingly permits the violation of this Chapter. Such parent, guardian or person having lawful custody and control of such minor shall be considered separately and individually in violation of this Chapter.