City of Harrisonville, MO
Cass County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Cross References — Building codes, ch. 500; building regulations, ch. 505; dangerous structures, ch. 510; Construction trade licenses, permits and inspections, ch. 525; national electrical code, §§500.120500.140; fire protection and prevention, ch. 205; nuisances — generally, §§220.010220.050; planning and zoning, ch. 400; uniform plumbing code, §§500.150500.180; utilities, ch. 700; subdivisions, ch. 410.
[CC 1977 §19-1; Ord. No. 909 §1, 2-17-1971]
For the purposes of this Chapter, the following words and phrases shall have the meanings ascribed to them in this Section:
A mobile home which does not have a flush toilet and a bath or shower.
A mobile home which has a flush toilet and a bath or shower.
Any vehicle or similar portable structure designed for use as a conveyance upon highways, having no foundation other than wheels or removable jacks and so designed or constructed as to permit occupancy for dwelling or sleeping purposes.
Any plot of ground upon which two (2) or more trailers or mobile homes, occupied for dwelling or sleeping purposes, are located.
A plot of ground within a mobile home park designated for the accommodation of one (1) mobile home.
A written permit issued by the City Administrator permitting the mobile home court to operate under the regulations promulgated thereunder.
The City Planning and Zoning Commission.
A building housing toilet and bathing facilities for men and women with or without laundry facilities and such other facilities as may be required by this Chapter.
[CC 1977 §19-16; Ord. No. 909 §17, 2-17-1971]
The person to whom a license for a mobile home park is issued shall at all times operate the park in compliance with this Chapter and regulations issued hereunder and shall provide adequate supervision to maintain the park, its facilities and equipment in good repair and in a clean and sanitary condition at all times.
[CC 1977 §19-17; Ord. No. 909 §16.1, 2-17-1971]
Every mobile home park owner or operator shall maintain a register containing a record of all mobile homes and occupants using the mobile home park. Such register shall be available to any authorized person inspecting the park and shall be preserved for the period required by the City Administrator. Such register shall contain:
The names and addresses of all mobile home occupants stopping in the park;
The make, model and license number, if any, of the motor vehicle and mobile home;
The State, territory or County issuing the mobile home license, if any;
The dates of arrival and departure of each mobile home; and
Whether or not each mobile home is a dependent or independent mobile home.
[CC 1977 §19-19; Ord. No. 909 §2.6, 2-17-1971]
No mobile home shall be occupied as a dwelling within a mobile home park within the City until the City has inspected the same. An inspection fee shall be charged, which shall be established from time to time by the City Administrator.
[CC 1977 §19-25; Ord. No. 909 §11.1, 2-17-1971]
An electrical outlet supplying at least two hundred (200) amp service shall be provided for each mobile home space. The installation shall comply with all applicable State and local electrical codes and ordinances. Such electrical outlets shall be grounded and weatherproof. The main power supply line shall be underground cable construction. The cost of the entire electrical line shall be paid by the developer or contractor.
[CC 1977 §19-26; Ord. No. 909 §11.2, 2-17-1971]
Public streets, driveways and walkways shall be lighted at night with a minimum illumination of at least six-tenths (0.6) foot-candles. Street lights are to be provided and maintained at the developer's expense.
[CC 1977 §19-28; Ord. No. 909 §14.2, 2-17-1971]
A uniform skirting of mobile homes is required. Areas enclosed by such skirting shall be maintained so as not to provide a harborage for rodents or create a fire hazard.
[CC 1977 §19-29; Ord. No. 909 §14.3, 2-17-1971]
No permanent additions shall be built onto or become a part of any mobile home unless they are in accordance with requirements established by the Zoning and Building Codes of the City.
[CC 1977 §19-33; Ord. No. 909 §15.1, 2-17-1971]
There shall be provided a storm cellar facility in each mobile home park for the occupants thereof. The storm facility shall be provided with eighteen (18) square feet of room for each pad or space in the park. The storm cellar shall be built to provide safe quarters against tornadoes or other storms.