City of Town And Country, MO
St. Louis County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Cross References — Alcoholic beverages, ch. 600; animals and fowl, ch. 205; emergency management, ch. 230; stormwater and erosion control, ch. 415; smoking, §210.2210 et seq.; solid waste management, ch. 235.
[Code 1975 §13.07; CC 1989 §11-1]
The Board of Aldermen hereby shall be and is authorized and empowered to provide by contract, and to pay compensation for public health services to be provided by any person or political subdivision of the State for the City or its appropriate departments.
[Code 1975 §4.09; CC 1989 §11-2]
There shall be a Director of Public Health and Sanitation who shall be the Chief Officer of the Department of Public Health and Sanitation. By contract under ordinance, the Health Commissioner of the County may be appointed as the City Director of Public Health and Sanitation.
[Code 1975 §12.03; CC 1989 §11-3]
The Director of Public Health and Sanitation shall, within budgetary allocations, establish and maintain such facilities as are needed to promote public health and the prevention of disease and to regulate, inspect and provide for public and private sanitation, water and sewer facilities and to provide for publication and circulation of communications to the general public in aid of public health and sanitation.
[Code 1975 §12.04; CC 1989 §11-4]
The Director of Public Health and Sanitation and his/her lawfully appointed deputies are hereby authorized and empowered without the consent of the owner or occupant, to enter and to go on, through, or about any land or building where he/she has reason to believe that a health or sanitation problem exists that could be harmful to the public, including, but not in limitation, any owners or occupants of the premises to be inspected.[1]
Editor’s Note: Former Article II, Green Team Commission, containing Sections 225.050 through 225.100, which immediately followed, derived from Ord. No. 3417 §2, 3-24-2009 was repealed 1-11-2016 by §10 of Ord. No. 3962.