City of Troy, MO
Lincoln County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[R.O. 2006 §510.010; CC 1980 §610.010; Ord. No. 646 §3, 6-16-1980]
It shall be the duty of the Public Works Department when so directed by the City Administrator or the Board of Aldermen, to establish the grades for the improvements of all streets, avenues and alleys and of all sidewalks, and the grading and to make an estimate of the cost of constructing sidewalks, including grading therefore, along any street, avenue or other public highway or any part thereof, and to file estimate of said cost together with plans and specifications with the City Engineer provided however, Public Works Department may when they deem it necessary call a civil engineer, surveyor or other proper persons to assist them in establishing the grades provided for in this Chapter.
[R.O. 2006 §510.020; Ord. No. 696 §§1 — 4, 4-20-1987]
After the completion of any house or structure or building as defined in this Code the owner or developer of a tract shall construct sidewalks according to the specifications of the City of Troy and the City Engineer for the City of Troy.
The grade of such sidewalks shall be compatible with and identical to the grade of the sidewalks adjacent to the boundaries of such tract.
The sidewalks referred to in this Section shall be required for every lot which meets the specifications of Section 410.060(C).
No occupancy permit shall be issued until the provision of this Section and all other applicable provisions of the Troy Municipal Code have been complied with.
[R.O. 2006 §510.030; Ord. No. 846 §1, 6-15-1998]
No person shall make any opening or excavation, driveway or curb cut in any streets, sidewalks, parkways, tree lawns or other public place in the City without a permit and without providing the progress of the work. Until said excavation has been backfilled and the surface restored, such person shall erect barricades, lights, barrels, fence or tape around the work, as well as signs to warn the public. Any time construction equipment or vehicles are parked on the streets, there shall be warning signs posted if it is in a dangerous location to public traffic.
Any person in violation of this Section shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and be punished by a fine of not more than five hundred dollars ($500.00).