City of Lake Ozark, MO
Miller County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Ord. No. 14 §1, 8-26-1966]
The Mayor by and with the consent of the Board of Aldermen of the City of Lake Ozark, Missouri, shall at their regular meeting in the month of May of each year, appoint a committee of three (3) citizens, one (1) of whom shall be a practicing physician, which committee shall constitute the Board of Health of the City. The members thereof shall hold their offices for a term of one (1) year, and until their successors are appointed and qualified. Until the regular meeting in May of 1967, the Mayor by and with the consent of the Board of Aldermen shall make the interim appointment.
[Ord. No. 14 §§2 — 4, 8-26-1966]
The Board of Health is hereby authorized and empowered to declare and establish quarantine, when in its judgment, such action is necessary to prevent the introduction and spread of infectious and contagious diseases within the limits of this City and to enforce such quarantine to a distance of five (5) miles from the City limits.
The Board of Health is authorized and empowered to pass and enforce all needful rules and regulations to carry out a quarantine duly declared and to terminate such quarantine when in its opinion further enforcement is considered unnecessary.
When the Board of Health deems it necessary for the protection of the health of the people of the City to establish a quarantine it shall notify the Mayor in writing of its action. It shall be the duty of the Mayor to issue a proclamation notifying the public of the quarantine and in the discharge of which duty he/she shall procure all necessary assistance.
[Ord. No. 14 §5, 8-26-1966]
The Chief of Police, upon the information mentioned, shall post or cause to be posted on or near the building or place in which such disease exists, in a conspicuous place, a proper notice of the existence of such disease which said notice shall be kept posted until the danger of infection or contagion thereof ceases.
[Ord. No. 14 §6, 8-26-1966]
It shall be the duty of the Board of Aldermen to see that every person so quarantined is properly cared for and attended by nurses and physicians, while such person is forbidden to go abroad. Provided that the City shall not be held responsible for supplies furnished, or for pay of such nurses or physicians, unless the afflicted person or persons and their families are unable to provide such themselves.
[Ord. No. 14 §7, 8-26-1966]
Every such person who shall violate any of the provisions of this Chapter or shall fail to perform any of the requirements herein contained, shall be fined the sum of not less than ten dollars ($10.00) nor more than ninety dollars ($90.00).