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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Ord. No. 228 §707.1, 5-10-1990]
The following regulations shall apply to every lot, tract, parcel or building site in the Planned Development Area.
[Ord. No. 228 §707.2, 5-10-1990]
To allow flexibility in land development, road structuring and building location in a unified manner while maintaining compatibility with the surrounding developments and consistency with good planning practices.
[Ord. No. 228 §707.3, 5-10-1990]
Combinations of developments permitted in the Commercial, Industrial and Residential Districts, provided the tract to be developed contains an area of five (5) acres minimum.
[Ord. No. 228 §707.4, 5-10-1990]
Listed herein are the density and appurtenant requirements within the "PDA" — Planned Development Area.
For Residential uses permitted, the requirements of "SR-3" District shall apply.
For professional office uses the requirements of "C-1" District shall apply.
For Commercial uses permitted, the requirements of "C-3" District shall apply.
For Industrial uses permitted, the requirements of "M-1" District shall apply.
[Ord. No. 228 §707.5, 5-10-1990]
The owner or owners of any tract comprising an area not less than five (5) acres may submit a plan for the use and development of all such tracts for Residential, Business or Industrial purposes. Such development plan shall be referred to the Planning Commission for study, public hearing and report to the respective Board of Aldermen and the Board of Aldermen may authorize rezoning and the issuance of permits and certificates of occupancy, even though the land use and the use and location of structures, including the yards and open spaces required by these regulations, do not conform in all respects to the requirements contained in other sections of these regulations.
Petitions to develop a Planned Development Area shall be addressed to the Board of Aldermen and shall be filed with the Planning Commission on forms prescribed by the Commission for this purpose and shall be accompanied by a preliminary development plan to include the following:
A location plan map identifying general land usage within one thousand (1,000) feet of boundaries of said proposed planned development area; and
A plot plan of the proposed development showing:
Types and locations of buildings and accessory structures.
Location of proposed uses.
Location and sizes of proposed and existing utilities (water, sewer, gas, electric). All sewage disposal systems must be approved by the City and State Department of Natural Resources before a Zoning Permit is issued.
Existing and proposed contours of the area to be developed at intervals of two (2) feet or less in U.S.G.S. datum.
Topographies showing existing and future stormwater drainage.
Street arrangements including proposed surfacing, right of way, ingress and egress, including the adjacent streets.
Location of adequate off-street parking in accordance with standards established by this Code.
Traffic routing system, designed to minimize nuisance effects of traffic generated to and from the uses, both average and peak.
Open space as determined by use.
Comprehensive landscaping plan, including location of all tree masses and of all isolated trees having a twelve (12) inch or more trunk diameter.
Any other information the Commission may need to adequately consider the effect the proposed uses may have upon the cost of providing municipal services to the area.
A public hearing shall be held by the Planning Commission upon petition in the same manner and with the same public notice procedure required for any zoning change provided a date for a public hearing shall be set within sixty (60) days of the petition's acceptance by the Planning Commission. No action shall be taken by the Board of Aldermen with respect to the petition until it has received the recommendation of the Planning Commission.
The Commission may recommend the development as submitted or may modify, alter, adjust or amend the plan before recommendation, or deny the plan and shall make a report setting forth its reasons for approval, or denial, of the application.
If the recommendation is one of approval, it shall contain:
Recommended conditions or restrictions to be included in an ordinance authorizing the development of the Planned Development Area. The conditions or restrictions shall include, but not be limited to:
Time limitations for submission of final development plans and commencement and completion of construction as required by this Section, provided the time limitation for substantial completion does not exceed two (2) years from the date of rezoning.
Uses permitted in the development.
Performance standards for operation of the permitted uses.
Requirement that any transfer of ownership or lease of property in the Planned Development Area include in the transfer or lease agreement a provision stating the purchaser or lessee agrees to be bound by the conditions of the ordinance authorizing this particular Planned Development Area.
Specific evidence and facts showing the proposed development plan meets the following conditions:
That the value of the buildings and the character of the property adjoining the area included in such plan will not be adversely affected.
That such plan is consistent with the intent and purpose of these regulations to promote public health, safety, morals and general welfare.
That the street and highway access has sufficient capacity for uses dependent on automobile transportation.
That the design and landscaping is in harmony with adjacent areas.
That the yard requirements and open spaces are adequate to serve the needs of the people as projected by the plan.
If the Planning Commission's recommendation is one of disapproval, such authorization for development may not be passed except by the affirmative vote of not less than two-thirds (2/3) of the full membership of the Board of Aldermen.
After passage by the Board of Aldermen of an ordinance authorizing the development of the "PDA", the developer (petitioner) shall submit the final development plans to the Planning Commission within the period of time specified in the ordinance. The final plans shall include, but not be limited to the following:
Scale. Standard architectural.
Proposed name of subdivision, which name shall not be duplicate or alike in pronunciation of the name of any plat recorded in Wright City.
Names and addresses of the owner, subdivider, surveyor and designer of the plat.
Graphic scale.
North point.
Date of preparation.
Existing conditions in tract and in surrounding areas:
Platted streets, railroad rights-of-way and utility easements.
Permanent buildings or other structures.
Subdivision design features.
Layout of proposed streets showing right of way, widths, names of streets.
Location and width of proposed pedestrian ways and utility easements.
Areas, other than streets, pedestrian ways and utility easements intended to be dedicated or reserved for public use, including the size of such area or areas in acres.
Minimum front and side street building setback lines indicating dimensions.
If applicable, supplementary engineering data may be required by the Planning Commission on the following.
Water supply.
Sewage disposal.
Flood control.
Soil borings.
Grading plan and street profiles.
An identification system for all lots and blocks.
The dimensions of all lots and building setback lines.
True angles and distances tied to the nearest established street lines or official monuments which shall be accurately described in the plat.
Municipal, township, county or section lines accurately tied to the subdivision lines by distances and angles.
Complete curve data, including radii, internal angles, tangent bearings and lengths of all arcs.
Accurate location of all monuments.
Certification by a registered land surveyor that the plant represents a survey made by him, that monuments and markers shown thereon exist as located and that all dimensions and goedetics are correct.
Form of approval. Approved by the City of Wright City, this _____ day of _____, 19_____.
After approval of the final development plan by the Planning Commission, the plan shall be recorded by the developer as a Planned Development Area together with the conditions and restrictions of its authorizing ordinance.
No buildings, facilities, establishments or service concerns may occupy or use any portion of the "PDA" until the required related off-site improvements including, but not limited to, streets, sidewalks, sanitary and storm sewers, street lights and street trees are constructed or a performance bond or escrow, as determined by the Planning Commission, are posted covering the construction cost. If the "PDA" is to be developed in sections, all improvements necessary to the proper operations and functioning of the section, even though the same may be located outside the section, must be constructed and installed or a performance bond or escrow posted, as determined by the Planning Commission covering the estimated improvements cost.
If substantial construction or development does not begin within the time period specified in the conditions of the authorizing ordinance the Board of Aldermen may, on its motion or on a recommendation of the Planning Commission, rescind authorization for development of the particular "PDA". A public hearing, other than the required three (3) readings of a bill, is not required to rescind authorization to develop a "PDA"; however, the owner shall be notified prior to the introduction of any bill to rescind the said authorization.
The time limitations specified in the ordinance authorizing development of the "PDA" for submission of final development plans and for completion of construction may be extended by the Board of Aldermen for cause.
After recording a final development plan for the "PDA", changes consistent with the purpose or intent of this Section may be approved by the Planning Commission. Changes affecting the purposes or intent of this Section shall require a new petition for development.