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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Ord. No. 185 §1, 11-25-1984]
No person shall demolish or remove or cause the demolition or removal of a building of greater than five hundred (500) square feet of floor area, within the limits of the City without a permit from the Building Commissioner to do so.
[Ord. No. 185 §2, 11-25-1984; Ord. No. 482 §I, 7-22-2004]
Every person desiring to demolish or remove a building within the City shall first apply to the Building Official for and obtain the permit required by Section 530.010 and have paid permit fees as prescribed in Section 505.030.
[Ord. No. 185 §3, 11-25-1984]
The permit required by Section 530.010 shall be prepared by the Building Commissioner and shall set forth the address of the building to be demolished or removed and such other data and information as the Building Commissioner may deem necessary and pertinent.
[Ord. No. 185 §4, 11-25-1984; Ord. No. 481 §I, 7-22-2004]
Prior to receipt of the permit required in Section 530.010 from the Building Official, the applicant shall present to the Building Official a receipt showing the fact that the applicant has deposited with the City Clerk one hundred dollars ($100.00) in the form of a cashier's check of some banking institution payable to and for the use and benefit of the City as a forfeit or guarantee for the proper replacement and restoration of the lot upon which the building was demolished or removed.
[Ord. No. 185 §5, 11-25-1984]
Before a building can be demolished or removed, the owner or agent or contractor shall notify all utilities having service connections within the building, such as water, electric, gas, sewer, and other connections. A permit to demolish or remove a building shall not be issued until there is on file at City Hall a release from the utilities, having service connections within the building to be demolished and appurtenant equipment, such as meters and regulators, stating that they have been removed or sealed and plugged in a safe manner.
[Ord. No. 185 §6, 11-25-1984]
Whenever a building is demolished or removed the premises shall, within thirty (30) days after the completion of demolition or removal, be cleared of all rubble, debris and otherwise made free of all unsafe or hazardous conditions and established grades shall be restored as may be needed to insure public safety.
[Ord. No. 185 §7, 11-25-1984]
The applicant shall carry public liability insurance in the sum of one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000.00) for each person and two hundred thousand dollars ($200,000.00) for each occurrence, or in excess of such sums, to protect the applicant and the City from all tort liability and such applicant must furnish evidence of such insurance coverage before issuance of any permit to demolish or remove a building.