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Wright City, MO
Warren County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[CC §550.010; Ord. No. 28]
The City is authorized and empowered to construct or purchase, keep, conduct and maintain waterworks and all necessary plants and facilities of a character and capacity sufficient to furnish the City and inhabitants thereof, as well as the places and people along or in the vicinity of the lines of pipes, conduits or aqueducts constructed or used for such purpose with an abundance of good, pure, wholesome water for all uses and purposes necessary for the comfort, convenience and well-being of the same, and to that end may acquire, by purchase or otherwise, and own and possess such real and personal property within and without the limits of the City as in the judgment of the Board of Aldermen may be deemed necessary and convenient.
[CC §550.020; Ord. No. 28]
The Board of Aldermen shall have power and authority to enter into the necessary contracts to purchase all necessary materials and supplies and to employ and discharge agents, workmen, laborers, and servants as it may deem necessary or convenient to the conduct, extension, operation and management of the waterworks, and to do any other act in the construction, operation and maintenance of the waterworks of the City that may be deemed necessary or advantageous to the City.
[CC §550.030; Ord. No. 28; Ord. No. 264 §I, 7-8-1993; Ord. No. 773 §I, 9-13-2012]
The Board of Aldermen shall not cause to be laid any water mains unless, in its judgment, the revenue that will be derived from water rates, within a reasonable period after the laying of such water mains, in the district in which the same shall be laid, shall produce a revenue equal to ten percent (10%) per annum upon the cost of laying such water mains, provided however, that when the owner of property to be served by a water main, the income from which will not equal ten percent (10%) of the cost of construction thereof, desires to construct such main, such owner may, when first authorized by the Superintendent of Waterworks, construct said main, at his own cost and expense; provided, the same is constructed in accordance with plans and specifications approved by the Superintendent of the Waterworks; and under the supervision of an inspector to be appointed by the Superintendent of Waterworks, the cost of such inspection to be paid by the said owner; and at any time thereafter, when the annual income from such main shall equal ten percent (10%) of the original cost thereof, the City may take over such main at a price not exceeding the original cost, less five percent (5%) per annum for depreciation.
[CC §550.040; Ord. No. 28]
The Board of Aldermen shall manage, conduct and maintain the City Waterworks, and in so doing it may improve and extend such works from time to time, and may, pursuant to ordinance purchase and acquire on behalf of the City other waterworks and property, when the receipts from the waterworks are sufficient to defray the cost thereof and as the growth of the City and the wants and convenience of the inhabitants thereof may require.
[CC §550.050; Ord. No. 28]
The Mayor and Waterworks Superintendent shall execute all written contracts, and the Mayor and Treasurer shall sign all orders for the payment of money authorized thereby.
[CC §550.060; Ord. No. 28]
The Treasurer shall pay out money from the Water Fund and Water Construction Fund on the order of the Mayor, countersigned by the City Clerk, and not otherwise.
[CC §550.070; Ord. No. 28]
All monies collected or received by the City Waterworks for the use and consumption of water or otherwise shall be deposited with the Treasurer, who shall give such bond, in addition to the bonds hereinbefore provided, as the Board of Aldermen may require. The Treasurer shall keep the same separate and apart from the other funds of the City, in funds to be known as the Water Fund and the Water Construction Fund, and pay it out only on the order of the Mayor, countersigned by the City Clerk, and to the holder of any overdue interest coupon of the bonds payable out of the Water Fund and Water Construction Fund, and not otherwise.
[CC §550.080; Ord. No. 28]
The Board of Aldermen has the power and authority:
To authorize the employment, hire and discharge from time to time, all such agents, workmen, laborers and servants as it may deem necessary or convenient in the conduct, operation and management of said waterworks and property;
Subject to ordinances, to make all needful rules and regulations for the conduct and management of the same by the City and the inhabitants thereof;
To establish rates, for the use and consumption of the water by the City and inhabitants thereof, including the people living along the line or in the vicinity of the works outside the City;
To provide for the payment of water rates and to shut off the water from any house, tenant or place for which the water rate is not duly paid or when any rule or regulation is disregarded or disobeyed;
To do any other act or make any other regulation necessary and convenient for the conduct of its business and the due execution of the power and authority given it by the State Statutes.
[CC §550.090; Ord. No. 28]
A fund to be known as the Waterworks Operation Fund is hereby created, into which shall be paid daily, all monies received in connection with the operation and maintenance of said City Waterworks, and out of which all expenses and cost of operation and maintenance shall be paid, unless otherwise authorized by the Board of Aldermen, may from time to time, by resolution, transfer from said Waterworks Operating Fund to the Water Bond Fund and Water Bond Sinking Fund of the City, or either of them such amounts as it may deem necessary and proper.
[CC §550.100; Ord. No. 28]
It shall be unlawful for horses, asses, mules, cattle, sheep, goats or swine to run at large on any lands owned by the City situated in Warren County, used exclusively for the City Waterworks.
[CC §550.110; Ord. No. 28]
The owner or authorized agent shall make written application for permits to connect premises with the City Water System or request water turned on or off at any premise, on the forms provided by the Water Office, or City Hall, in which the applicant shall specify the location and the use for which the service is required and shall agree to abide by the rules and regulations of the City Waterworks.
[CC §550.120; Ord. No. 119, 1-13-1977; Ord. No. 471 §I, 6-10-2004]
When additional premises are connected without the application prescribed in Section 700.110, such premises may be charged at double the rate for the time they are in use and the service may be shut off by the Superintendent and a charge of five hundred dollars ($500.00) made for the shutting off and turning on of such service. In case water shall be turned off as provided in this Section, the same shall not be turned on again until all rates and charges against said premises have been paid in full.
[CC §550.130; Ord. No. 28]
When new buildings are to be erected on the site of the old ones and it is desired to increase the size or change the location of the old service connection, or where a service connection to any premises is abandoned or no longer used, the Superintendent may cut out or remove such service connection, after which, should a service connection be required to said premises, a new service connection shall be placed only upon the owner making an application and paying for a new tap in the regular manner. When service connection of any premises on an unpaved street does not exceed one (1) inch in size and the same does not come from the main in front of said premises the Superintendent shall, when a main is laid in front of said premises, after notifying the owner or tenant thereof, transfer the service connection to the new main without charge, and at the same time cut out the old service connection. When a new main is laid in any street, owners of premises on said street, or within one-half (½) block on side streets, who are being supplied with City water from a private main or a connection to a private service shall make application for tap and shall connect up with a separate service connection to the main in front of the premises.
[CC §550.140; Ord. No. 28; Ord. No. 819 §I, 1-23-2014]
All charges for furnishing water or other City utilities within the City and also to users outside the City served directly by the City Waterworks or other City utility shall be chargeable to the user to whom the service is supplied.
Water and/or sewerage services ("utility services") shall be deemed to be furnished to both the occupant and owner of the premises receiving utility services, and the City shall have the power to sue the occupant or owner, or both, of such real estate in a civil action to recover any sums due for such services plus a reasonable attorneys' fee to be fixed by the court; provided, however, that for any services provided to a residential premises, when an occupant is delinquent more than ninety (90) days, the owner who is not the occupant shall not be liable for sums due for more than ninety (90) days of service.
If the occupant of the premises receives the billing, any notice of termination of utility service shall be sent to both the occupant and owner of the premises receiving such service, if such owner has requested, in writing, to receive any notice of termination and has provided the City with the owner's business address. In accordance with Section 250.140, Subsection 4, RSMo., the City shall not be liable for any civil or criminal damages for terminating water service due to delinquency of payment by a consumer.
[CC §550.150; Ord. No. 86, 5-10-1973; Ord. No. 319 §I, 5-9-1996; Ord. No. 348 §I, 7-9-1998; Ord. No. 437 §§1 — 2, 9-11-2003; Ord. No. 508 §I, 1-13-2005; Ord. No. 578 §I, 4-13-2006; Ord. No. 583 §I, 4-27-2006]
An applicant for a permit to connect a premises to the City Waterworks System shall, at the time of making written application, pay the City the sum of five hundred dollars ($500.00), which sum shall be credited to the Waterworks Operating Fund to defray the cost to the City of such connection, which shall be in addition to all other deposits and charges for water service, and which shall not be returned to the applicant. These fees do not include material. The applicant/developer/builder must purchase their own meters and materials per City specifications which are on file at City Hall. Upon issuance of the final occupancy certificate, the water meter becomes the property of the City.
An application for a permit to connect premises to the City Waterworks System for a fire protection connection shall, at the time of making written application as provided, pay to the City in accordance with the following schedule:
Inside City limits. One thousand dollars ($1,000.00).
Outside City limits. Twenty-one thousand five hundred dollars ($21,500.00)
When application for the above-mentioned permits are made, said application must specify that all waterlines will loop. If the waterlines will not loop, the following fees will apply:
Inside City limits.
6 inch
8 inch
10 inch
12 inch
Outside City limits.
6 inch
8 inch
10 inch
[CC §550.160; Ord. No. 86, 5-10-1973]
An applicant for water or sewer service shall provide and pay for all boring, digging and backfilling for the service line from the main to the premises to be served and installation of the water meter and meter box, all permits to bore, cross or cut streets, all required easements over private or public property and all service line pipes and fittings from the main to the premises served except as herein specifically provided. The applicant shall pay for repairing or replacing any mains damaged as a result of connecting thereto.
[Ord. No. 335 §I, 8-14-1997; Ord. No. 831 §I, 8-14-2014]
The property owner shall be responsible for proper and timely maintenance of the service line from the main to the building/dwelling and shall be responsible for all costs related to such maintenance.
[CC §550.170; Ord. No. 86, 5-10-1973]
The City shall specify the quality and size of meter, service line, pipe and fittings to be used and the depth at which the service line shall be laid. No excavations for service line installation from the main to the premises to be served shall be filled until the City has inspected the tap and line and approved same. All excavations in public streets shall be filled by the applicant with sand or material approved by the City, and the applicant shall move off excess dirt.
[CC §550.180; Ord. No. 86, 5-10-1973]
The City shall furnish and pay for a three-fourth (3/4) inch water meter and meter box. In the event a larger meter is required, the City shall pay on the cost thereof the cost of a three-fourth (3/4) inch meter. The City shall select the location of the water meter for the premises to be served, and it shall be unlawful for any person not authorized by the City to tap or cut a water or sewer main, attach any service line thereto, or install a meter.
[Ord. No. 831 §II, 8-14-2014]
Only City Waterworks personnel shall turn water service on or off. Plumbers are not allowed to turn water on or off at the angle stop cock for any water service line except to make repairs and test their work, after which they will leave the water service off or on as they found it, unless otherwise directed by the Water Department.
The City Waterworks can refuse to provide water service through facilities that do not comply with the City's standards and policies pertaining to the nature and location of the water service lines or any other water facilities owned by the customer.
[Ord. No. 831 §III, 8-14-2014]
All water valves shall conform to the City's current specifications and shall close with clockwise rotation. Each valve shall be accessible for operation only with a standard valve key through a valve box, extending to the ground surface. Valves shall be one that is specified by the Water Department.
Customers shall keep the water valve accessible to City Waterworks personnel at all times and shall not maliciously, willfully or negligently obstruct City access to the water valve for any purpose, including avoiding discontinuance of service for delinquency or non-payment of service fees. Any damage caused to the valve, main, lateral or other part of the water system by such obstruction shall be the financial responsibility of the owner and/or occupant, and the City shall be entitled to reimbursement for the costs related to any repairs necessitated by such damage.
[CC §550.190; Ord. No. 101, 5-9-1974]
Each individual permanent living unit or business unit receiving water service shall have a separate water service line and meter except a single owner of premises upon which is located more than one (1) permanent living unit or business unit or combination thereof may serve more than one (1) such unit from a single line and meter upon payment of a minimum monthly charge as set out in Section 700.320(A) for each such unit served. Additional charges for water used in excess of one thousand (1,000) gallons multiplied by the number of individual permanent living and/or business units served through a single line and meter shall be made at the rates set out in Section 700.320(B).
[CC §550.200; Ord. No. 28; Ord. No. 241 §§1-2, 4-11-1991; Ord. No. 289 §I, 12-8-1994; Ord. No. 819 §II, 1-23-2014; Ord. No. 825 §II, 5-8-2014]
Every occupant and owner of the premises receiving utility services from the Waterworks of the City (hereinafter, the "consumer") shall and is hereby required to have installed by the City a water meter in the consumer's line.
Before water service shall be commenced at any premises, the owner, and occupant if different from the owner, shall be jointly responsible to pay to the City, in addition to all other fees and outstanding charges for water service, a meter deposit of one hundred dollars ($100.00) ("meter deposit"), which sum, less the total of all unpaid water service bills and service charges, shall be returned to the person who made the meter deposit, without interest, when water service is properly discontinued to the premises. The meter deposit provisions of this Subsection shall not apply to applicants for service who own the premises at which they apply for service and who will pay, directly, the bills for such service.
All meter deposits shall be paid to the City and shall be deposited in a special account designated as the meter deposit account. The Board of Aldermen may invest the money in accordance with the City's investment policy and in such a way as to assure the funds' availability at any time. These funds shall only be used for the purposes set forth herein by the City and its officers. The City shall be entitled to all interest earned thereon, and refunds of meter deposits shall be without interest.
Failure of any consumer to pay any delinquent water account shall give the City the right to credit the meter deposit on the delinquent account, discontinue the service and refund the balance, if any, to the person entitled to the same, or take such legal action as is necessary to collect any unpaid balance after crediting said meter deposit.
It shall be unlawful for any person, either as owner, occupant, or agent for an owner or occupant, to occupy or reoccupy, or suffer or permit the occupancy or reoccupancy of, any premises or structure in the City without first applying for water service, making any required meter deposit, or otherwise complying with this Section.
[Ord. No. 641 §I, 3-13-2008]
Any person purchasing water from the City by means of a water meter may request the City to have the accuracy of said water meter tested at a certified laboratory.
If the City consents to such testing, subject to Subsection (C) below, all costs shall be borne by the property owner or the person requesting that the meter be tested with the minimum fee of seventy-five dollars ($75.00) to be deposited with the City, prior to the City pulling the meter. If the laboratory tests show the meter to be in proper working order, the property owner shall reimburse the City for the remainder of the City's actual costs associated with the testing of the meter, including, but not limited to, the cost of any excavation, labor, removal, shipping, replacement and/or reinstallation, within thirty (30) days of notification of the test results. Failure to pay such costs is a violation of this Section and may result in discontinuation of water service.
[Ord. No. 774 §I, 10-11-2012]
If it is determined by the laboratory that the meter is defective, the City will refund the fee to the person that paid the same and the Board of Aldermen will determine what adjustments, if any, should be made to the existing water bills.
[CC §550.210; Ord. No. 28; Ord. No. 336 §1, 8-14-1997]
Pipes of all sizes, for all purposes, laid from the main to the stop and wastecock in the building, shall not be less than three-fourths (3/4) inch in diameter of galvanized steel, iron, plastic or type K copper water tubing. Cast iron or steel pipes, when properly dipped, may, with the approval of the Waterworks Superintendent, be used for fire protection purposes. Services from the main to the wall of the building shall be laid with not less than twenty-four (24) inches of cover below the surface of the graded ground. Pipes laid for lawn sprinkling systems must be installed so that the system may be properly drained in freezing weather. Connections for sprinkling systems or other supply shall be made from the water service pipe on the owner's private property. No pipes shall be laid in sewer ditches.
[CC §550.220; Ord. No. 28]
The Waterworks Superintendent reserves the right at any time without notice, to shut off the water supply for repairs, extensions, non-payment of rates, or any other reason. The City Waterworks shall not be responsible for any damage, such as the bursting of boilers, the breaking of any pipes or fixtures, stoppage or interruption of water supply or any damage resulting from the shutting off of the water.
[CC §550.230; Ord. No. 28]
Owners of buildings desiring to use both a City water supply and a supply of water other than that furnished by the City may obtain City water at meter rates upon the following conditions and not otherwise. Under no circumstances shall a physical connection, direct or indirect, exist or be made in any manner, even temporarily, between the City water supply and that of a private water supply. Where such a connection is found to exist, or where provision is made to connect the two (2) systems by means of a spacer or otherwise, the City water supply shall be shut off from the premises without notice. In case of such discontinuance, service shall not be re-established until satisfactory proof is furnished that the cross-connection has been completely and permanently severed.
[CC §550.240; Ord. No. 28; Ord. No. 831 §IV, 8-14-2014]
As a condition of providing water service, employees of the City Waterworks shall have free access, at proper hours of the day, to the necessary parts of the buildings and premises for the purpose of inspecting the condition of the pipes and fixtures and the manner in which the water is being used as well as for the purpose of inspection and location of service lines, meter reading, maintenance, or replacement, or connection, restoration or discontinuance of utility service.
[CC §550.250; Ord. No. 28; Ord. No. 472 §I, 6-10-2004; Ord. No. 642 §I, 3-27-2008]
It shall be unlawful for any person to operate, alter, change, remove, disconnect, connect with or interfere in any manner with any fire hydrant owned or used by the City without first obtaining written permission from the Waterworks Superintendent. The provisions of this Section shall not apply to the Fire Department serving the City. Any person desiring to connect to a fire hydrant shall submit a permit request, pay a permit fee of fifty dollars ($50.00) and pay a deposit equal to the estimated amount of water to be used prior to making any connections to any fire hydrant. If at any time the actual water usage exceeds the estimated amount, the connection shall be disconnected until such time as a new estimated amount is deposited with the City and approved by the Waterworks Superintendent. All connections shall be made with the proper metering and backflow equipment furnished by the requester and approved by the Waterworks Superintendent. No equipment, other than approved, may be connected. The connection can be disconnected or suspended at any time at the discretion of the Waterworks Superintendent. All water usage rates will be as provided for in Section 700.320.
[CC §550.260; Ord. No. 28]
It shall be unlawful for any plumber or other person to make connections, installations, replacements, extensions or repairs to any City water service pipe, or to connect one service pipe to another service pipe, or extend a pipe from one (1) building to another building, or to turn water on or off at any premises without having first obtained permission in writing from the Waterworks Superintendent. After the issuance of a permit to a plumber or other person doing plumbing work the permittee shall make a report in writing to the Superintendent of all connections, attachments and extensions made by him in accordance with said permit within three (3) days after completion of the work.
[CC §550.270; Ord. No. 28]
Within the City limits, three-fourth (3/4) inch meters will be furnished and installed by the City Waterworks. City-owned meters with a capacity smaller than the service pipe will not be installed. Meters larger than three-fourths (3/4) inch in size must be paid for by the owner or agent of the premises supplied and installed or installation supervised by the Waterworks Superintendent. The cost of installation and repairs shall be charged against the property. When a meter fails to register accurately the charge shall be based on the average quantity of water used, as shown by the meter when in order. The purchasing agent shall purchase water meters and furnish them to customers of the City Waterworks at cost price, plus handling and other incidental expense. Such purchases shall be made from time to time as requisitioned by said Waterworks and sales shall be made of the meters so purchased as directed by the Superintendent. This authority shall apply to all customers whether within or without the City.
[CC §550.280; Ord. No. 28; Ord. No. 831 §V, 8-14-2014]
The City Waterworks may furnish water to places, individuals, companies, towns and water districts outside the City boundaries and may charge therefor rates fixed by the Board of Aldermen. Such consumers must purchase a water meter of approved size and pattern. In case such service is to companies, towns or water districts, the company, town or water district shall furnish the City a map of its system, the number of customers and other information, when called upon so to do, and the City Waterworks may refuse to sell water to consumers who do not comply with the requirements of this Section. Each applicant, whether an individual, company, town or water district, outside of the City shall make application to the Waterworks upon a form containing the following agreement:
Application is hereby made for water service at premises known as __________, outside the City of Wright City, Missouri.
It is understood and agreed that if this service be allowed, the undersigned owner and/or occupant of the premises referred to herein shall pay the rate prescribed by City ordinance from time to time for service at that location, that this service shall be a special contract service and not provided by the City as a common utility service, may be reduced or the service entirely discontinued at any time when the Board of the City finds such action necessary in order to provide sufficient service to the inhabitants within the limits of the City, inasmuch as water service beyond the City limits is a service of surplus water not needed within the City; that at least sixty (60) days' notice in writing shall be given by the City before such discontinuance may be put into effect; that notice delivered at the premises or at the last known address of the owner or applicant shall be sufficient; that the undersigned owner may discontinue service without advance notice of more than one (1) day, but shall be responsible for all water served to the premises by the City until notice in writing is given of such discontinuance.
It is further understood and agreed that the undersigned owner and/or occupant of the premises referred to herein shall be bound by all terms of Title VII of the Wright City Municipal Code pertaining to City utilities, including the duty to maintain the service line accessible and in good repair (the "regulations"), and that failure to abide by the regulations can result in discontinuance of water service to the premises, and does hereby grant City personnel a license to enter the premises for access to the service line, meter, valves, and other parts of the Waterworks.
[CC §550.290; Ord. No. 28]
All water districts, Cities, towns, water companies and other agencies, supplying water furnished by the City from the Waterworks of the City to customers outside the limits of the City, not later than June thirtieth (30th) of each year must furnish to the Superintendent of the Waterworks, a written description of the area supplied by such distributing agency, together with a report and map showing all mains which now exist or which are planned to be laid. Such description, report and map shall be filed with the Superintendent. No water shall be sold by any such district, City, town, water company or other distributing agency outside of the distributing area shown by such description and map filed with the Superintendent without first obtaining permission to do so from the Superintendent.
[CC §550.300]
Privately owned meters on service outside of the City limits must be delivered for test, approval and installation to the meter division or Superintendent of the City Waterworks prior to the installation of the service. Charges for repairing such meters will be based on the actual cost of labor and materials furnished.
[CC §550.310]
Whenever a City-owned meter is damaged by hot water or by the carelessness or negligence of the owner or occupant of the premises, the Superintendent of the Waterworks will repair the meter and charge the bill against the user. The cost of such repairs shall include the actual cost of labor and material.
[Ord. No. 831 §VI, 8-14-2014]
No unauthorized person shall maliciously, willfully or negligently break, damage, destroy, uncover, bury, obstruct, deface or tamper with any structure, appurtenance or equipment which is part of the City Waterworks. Any person violating this provision shall be subject to immediate arrest under a charge of property damage.
Any person violating any of the provisions of this Section shall also become liable to the City for any expense, loss or damage, including prejudgment interest, attorneys' fees and costs of collection, incurred by the City because of such violation.
[CC §550.320; Ord. No. 28; Ord. No. 112, 5-13-1976; Ord. No. 199 §II, 6-12-1986; Ord. No. 366 §I, 8-12-1999; Ord. No. 375 §1, 5-25-2000; Ord. No. 509 §I, 1-13-2005; Ord. No. 679 §I, 1-22-2009; Ord. No. 682 §§I — II, 3-12-2009; Ord. No. 769 §I, 8-9-2012; Ord. No. 819 §III, 1-23-2014]
Minimum Monthly Bill.
[Ord. No. 842 §1, 1-22-2015]
Resident. Each monthly bill for a resident of the City shall be rendered for an amount not less than eight dollars ($8.00), which will allow for the use or consumption of one thousand (1,000) gallons of water.
Non-resident. Each monthly bill for a non-resident of the City shall be rendered for an amount of not less than sixteen dollars ($16.00), which will allow for the use or consumption of one thousand (1,000) gallons of water.
Senior citizen resident. Each monthly bill for a senior citizen resident shall be rendered for an amount of not less than seven dollars ($7.00), which will allow for the use or consumption of one thousand (1,000) gallons of water.
Meter Rate.
[Ord. No. 842 §1, 1-22-2015]
The following meter rates shall be applicable to all quantities of water used or consumed in the corporate limits of Wright City in excess of one thousand (1,000) gallons:
Monthly Usage
Rate Per 1,000 Gallons
All gallons
The following meter rates shall be applicable to all quantities of water used or consumed outside the corporate limits of Wright City:
Monthly Usage
Rate Per 1,000 Gallons
All gallons
Meter Readings. All meter readings shall be read on or before the last day of the month, and each customer shall pay the amount billed on or before the due date.
Payment Of Water Bills. All water bills or accounts shall be paid at the office of the City Clerk or wherever designated by the Board of Aldermen, during the normal business hours of the City Hall.
Delinquent Accounts; Interest. All unpaid consumer accounts for utility services shall be delinquent at the close of business on the due date, and any consumer of utility services furnished by the City who shall fail to pay for such utility services when due shall be assessed penalties and interest in accordance with Section 715.050(B) of this Municipal Code.
[Ord. No. 840 §I, 1-8-2015]
Discontinuance Of Service.
In the event bills for water service shall not be paid when the same become due, the City shall have the right to disconnect and/or discontinue water service furnished by the City to the consumer so in arrears. The City may discontinue service to a customer for one (1) or more of the following reasons:
[Ord. No. 831 §VII, 8-14-2014]
Non-payment of delinquent accounts;
Unauthorized interference, obstruction, tampering, diversion or use of the water service situated or delivered on or about the customer's premises;
Refusal to grant access at reasonable times to equipment installed upon the premises of the customer for the purpose of inspection, meter reading, maintenance, replacement, or connection, restoration or discontinuance of utility service;
Misrepresentation of identity for the purpose of obtaining utility service;
Violation of any provisions of City ordinances applicable to the Water Department; and
Improper installation or maintenance of a service line as required by Sections 700.160 and 700.165 of this Chapter.
Immediately preceding the discontinuance of service, the employee of the City designated to perform such function shall, except in individual situations where the safety of the employee is a consideration, make a reasonable effort to contact and identify himself to the consumer or responsible person then upon the premises and shall announce the purpose of his presence. When service is discontinued, the employee shall attempt to leave a notice upon the premises in a manner conspicuous to the consumer that service has been discontinued and the address and telephone number of the City where the consumer may arrange to have service restored.
Reconnection. In the event utility service is disconnected by the City for any reason, the consumer thereof shall have the right to have the same reconnected only upon the payment of all bills, including penalties and reconnection fees due thereon. Water service shall not be restored until all sums due the City have been paid in full plus the additional charge or fee of twenty-five dollars ($25.00) for restoring or turning on the consumer service. If the delinquent bill has been deducted from the water meter deposit as provided in Section 700.200, all delinquent sums, plus the required meter deposit plus said twenty-five-dollar charge or fee for restoring or turning on the service must be paid before restoring the water service to the delinquent consumer.
Temporary Interruption In Service. Notwithstanding any other provision of this Subsection, the City may discontinue service temporarily for reasons of maintenance, health, safety, or a state of emergency.
Payment Of Utility User Fees Under Protest. Any utility consumer desiring to pay any current user fee under protest shall, at the time of paying such fees, make full payment of the current utility bill before the delinquency date and file with the City Clerk a written statement setting forth the grounds on which the protest is based. The statement shall include the true value in money claimed by the utility consumer to be in dispute. Upon receiving payment of current user fees under protest, the City shall disburse to the proper utility fund all portions of user fees not protested or not disputed by the utility consumer and shall set aside all portions of such user's fees which are protested or in dispute until the matter can be reviewed and decided by the Board of Aldermen. No utility consumer shall receive any interest on any money paid to the City by the utility consumer erroneously.
Editor's Note: Former §700.325, Water Service Billing, adopted 12-11-2008 by Ord. No. 674 §I, was repealed 1-23-2014 by Ord. No. 819 §IV.
[CC §550.340]
Any person convicted of violating any provision of this Chapter shall be punished in accordance with Section 100.050.
[Ord. No. 261 §I, 6-10-1993]
Purpose. The purpose of this Article is:
To ban the use of lead materials in the public drinking water system and private plumbing connected to the public drinking water system; and
To protect City residents from lead contamination in the City's public drinking water system and their own private plumbing systems.
Application. This Article shall apply to all premises served by the public drinking water system of the City of Wright City.
Policy. This Article will be reasonably interpreted by the Water Purveyor. It is the Purveyor's intent to ban the use of lead based material in the construction or modification of the City's drinking water system or private plumbing connected to the City system. The cooperation of all consumers is required to implement the lead ban.
If, in the judgment of the Water Purveyor or his authorized representative, lead base materials have been used in new construction or modifications after January 1, 1989, due notice shall immediately comply by having the lead base materials removed from the plumbing system and replaced with lead free materials. If the lead base materials are not removed from the plumbing system, the Water Purveyor shall have the right to discontinue water service to the premises.
[Ord. No. 261 §II, 6-10-1993]
The following definitions shall apply in the interpretation and enforcement of this Article:
The owner or person in control of any premises supplied by or in any manner connected to a public water system.
Any material containing lead in excess of the quantities specified in the definition of "Lead Free" herein.
Shall mean:
When used with respect to solder and flux, refers to solders and flux containing not more than 0.2 percent (0.2%) lead; and
When used with respect to pipes and pipe fittings, refers to pipes and pipe fittings containing not more than eight percent (8%) lead.
Any publicly or privately owned water system supplying water to the general public which is satisfactory for drinking, culinary and domestic purposes and meets the requirements of the Missouri Department of Natural Resources.
The owner, operator, or individual in responsible charge of a public water system.
[Ord. No. 261 §III, 6-10-1993]
No water service connection shall be installed or maintained to any premises where lead base materials were used in new construction or modifications of the drinking water plumbing after January 1, 1989.
If a premises is found to be in violation of Subsection (A), water service shall be discontinued until such time that the drinking water plumbing is lead free.