City of Chillicothe, MO
Livingston County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Cross References — As to city council and mayor, ch. 110; as to economic development, ch. 150.
Article I In General

Section 140.010 Committee and Board Meetings.

Section 140.020 Compensation For Boards.

Article II Municipal Airport Board

Section 140.030 Established.

Section 140.040 Composition.

Section 140.050 Appointment.

Section 140.060 Terms.

Section 140.070 Vacancies.

Section 140.080 Organization Meeting.

Section 140.090 General Supervision.

Section 140.100 Bylaws, Rules, Regulations.

Section 140.110 Meetings.

Section 140.120 Employees Generally.

Section 140.130 Review of Income and Expenses.

Section 140.140 Budget Recommendations.

Section 140.150 Recommendation of Contracts.

Section 140.160 Setting of Use Fees and Sale Prices.

Section 140.170 Assistance To Board.

Section 140.180 through Section 140.240. (Reserved)

Article III Railroad Advisory Board

Section 140.250 Established.

Section 140.260 Composition.

Section 140.270 Appointment.

Section 140.280 Terms.

Section 140.290 Vacancies.

Section 140.300 Organizational Meeting.

Section 140.310 Purpose.

Section 140.320 Bylaws, Rules, Regulations.

Section 140.330 Meetings.

Section 140.340 Review of Income and Expenses.

Section 140.350 Budget Recommendation.

Section 140.360 Assistance To The Board.

Section 140.370 Compensation.

Article IV Park Board

Section 140.380 Established.

Section 140.390 Composition.

Section 140.400 Appointment.

Section 140.410 Terms.

Section 140.420 Vacancies.

Section 140.430 Organizational Meeting.

Section 140.440 General Supervision.

Section 140.450 Bylaws, Rules, Regulations.

Section 140.460 Meetings.

Section 140.470 Employees Generally.

Section 140.480 Review of Income and Expenses.

Section 140.490 Budget Recommendations.

Section 140.500 Assistance To Board.

Section 140.510 Compensation.

Section 140.520 through Section 140.620. (Reserved)

Article V Tree Advisory Board

Section 140.630 Established.

Section 140.640 Composition.

Section 140.650 Terms.

Section 140.660 Vacancies.

Section 140.670 Organizational Meeting.

Section 140.680 General Duties and Responsibilities.

Section 140.690 Meeting.

Section 140.700 Assistance To Board.

Section 140.710 through Section 140.820. (Reserved)

Article VI Reserved

Section 140.830 through Section 140.980. (Reserved)