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Village of Hobart, WI
Brown County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Sewer service charges that are to be assessed to users shall be computed by the Village according to the rates and methodology presented §§ 237-36 through 237-41 of this chapter.
Sewer service charges shall be billed to each user on a calendar-quarter basis (or more frequently if so determined by the Village Board). Such charges shall be payable to the Village not later than 20 days after the date of the bill, unless the Village has extended the time for payment.
A penalty equal to 1 1/2% per month of the delinquent amount shown on any bill for services shall be added to all bills not paid by the date fixed therein for final payment.
Suit. Sewer service charges, connection fees or other charges due from any person or user shall be deemed to be a debt due to the Village from that person or user. If sewer service charges, connection fees, or other charges are not paid when due, the Village may commence an action in a court of competent jurisdiction; and recover from such persons or user the amount of charges or fees, and damages, if any, sustained by the Village as a result of such failure to pay, together with attorney's fees incurred in collecting said sums, court costs and such other costs and expenses as may be allowed by law.
Lien on property. As an alternative to Subsection A hereof, the Village Board may direct that unpaid sewer service charges, connection fees, or other charges due from any person or user, shall be collected and taxed and shall be a lien upon the property served in the manner provided for in § 66.0821, Wis. Stats., as amended from time to time.
The obligation for payment of sewer service charges, connection fees or other charges due the Village shall be a joint and several obligation of the user and property owner, where the user and property owner are not the same person. To the end that there may be attempts at avoidance of payment of such charges and fees by non-property owner users, and to overcome the same, the Village may send the bill for such a user in care of the property owner.
All remedies provided for in this chapter are distinct and cumulative to any other right or remedy under this chapter or any other ordinance of the Village or afforded by laws or equity; and may be exercised by the Village Board concurrently or independently.
The amounts received from the collection of sewer service charges authorized by this chapter shall be credited to the sanitary sewerage account, which shall show all receipts and expenditures of the sewerage system. Charges collected for replacement expenses shall be credited to segregated, non-lapsing replacement account. These funds are to be used exclusively for replacement. When appropriated by the Village Board, the credits to the sanitary sewerage account shall be available for the payment of the requirements for operation, maintenance, repairs, and depreciation of the sewerage system consistent with 40 CFR 35.929. Any surplus outside the purview of 40 CFR 35.929, in said account, shall be available for the payment of principal and interest of obligations issued and outstanding, or which may be issued to provide funds for said sewerage system, or part thereof, and all or part of the expenses for additions and improvements and other necessary disbursements or indebtedness, and the Village Board may resolve to pledge such surplus or any part thereof for any such purpose. All present outstanding sewer system obligations, including refunding obligations, shall be paid from this fund as to both principal and interest, unless otherwise required by law.
Excess revenues collected from a user class will be applied to operation and maintenance costs attributable to that class for the next year.