Borough of Hamburg, PA
Berks County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Res. 201
Accepting the offer of the United States to the Borough to aid by way of grant in financing the construction of a Town Hall and Firehouse
Extending the benefits of the Social Security System to the employees and officers of the Borough
Res. 9/3/1963
Concurring in the designation of Berks County Pennsylvania Dutch Travel Association as the tourist promotion agency for the County of Berks
Res. 9/26/1963
Authorizing the execution of a grant of an easement with the Commonwealth concerning property of the Department of Public Welfare
Res. 3/4/1968
Recognizing the Berks County Planning Commission as the agency responsible for preparing an overall plan of development for the many phases of community activity in the County
Res. 9/4/1968
Petitioning the Court of Quarter Sessions to abolish the wards in the Borough and to redesignate the North Ward as the First Precinct and the South Ward as the Second Precinct
Res. 8/15/1974
Advising all proper officials of the interest in participating in traffic line painting and other painting plans to reduce the number of accidents on municipal streets
Res. 1/13/1975
Designating National Central Bank as designated depository of the Borough
Res. 2/3/1975A
Designating the Hamburg Public Library to be the agent of the Borough of Hamburg for certain purposes
Res. 5/5/1975
Advising all proper officials of the interest in participating in the skid resistant deficient pavements program
Appointing Warrick and Company, Inc., as auditor for the Borough for the year 1975
Res. 1/3/1977
Authorizing the Board of Assessment Appeals of Berks County to fix assessments in the Borough on an interim basis during the months of January and July of each and every year
Res. 11/6/1978
Requesting that the Act 170 of 1978 be amended to exclude Borough officials and that a separate Code of Ethics be inserted in the Borough Code eliminating the requirements for annual filing of financial statements by Borough officials
Res. 10/8/1982
Authorizing the Police Department to exercise its powers in accordance with Act 141 of 1982 during fresh pursuit and for the purpose or transporting arrested individuals form the Borough of Hamburg to legal proceedings in other municipalities within the Commonwealth
Res. 11/1/1982
Recognizing the Hamburg Citizens Crime Watch
Res. 12/6/1982
Authorizing the police officers of the Borough to leave the Borough limits in the exercise of their police powers brought upon by Act 141 of 1982 while on duty
Res. 4/2/1984
Supporting Senate Bill 1137 and House Bill 1709 which will give municipalities their fair 20% share of the State gasoline tax
Authorizing the Borough of Hamburg to join with other local government units as a settlor of the Pennsylvania Local Government Investment Trust for the purpose of purchasing shares of the trust
Agr. 9/27/1988
Entering into an agreement with Metropolitan Edison Company to provide streetlighting service to the Borough
Res. 2-89
Placing a referendum on the 1989 primary ballot for the voters to consider the issuance of licenses to conduct small games of chance in the Borough
Res. 7/10/1989
Approving and adopting the Emergency Operations Plan of the Borough
Res. 3-90
Requesting that the Berks County Emergency Dispatch Center adopt a policy established by the Berks County Radio Advisory Committee
Res. 8/6/1990
Naming Hamilton Bank as investment manager of the Police Pension Plan
Res. 5-90
Disapproving the Berks County Municipal Waste Management Plan, dated September 12, 1990, as prepared by the Berks County Commissioners
Authorizing the Borough to enter into agreements with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Office of Attorney General and other governmental units, political subdivisions and/or agencies for the purpose of participating in the Municipal Drug Task Force being established by the Attorney General
Res. 6/1/1992
Resolving that the Mayor of the Borough be authorized and directed to sign a grant on behalf of the Borough and that the Borough Secretary be authorized and directed to attest the same
Res. 6/1/1992A
Confirming that the police officers for the Hamburg police force are not obligated to pay for contributions into the Police Pension Plan for the years 1990, 1991 and 1992
Res. 6/15/1992
Authorizing the Mayor of the Borough to sign the documentation required to terminate the Solomon K. Hoffman Trust Account with the Pennsylvania National Bank
Res. 9/8/1992
Requesting permission to participate in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Cooperative Purchasing Program
Authorizing the Borough to join with other local government units as a member of the Pennsylvania Intergovernmental Risk Management Association Worker's Compensation Fund for the purpose of entering into a trust agreement to form a local government risk pool
Res. 2-96
Promulgating guidelines to be followed by officers of the Borough of Hamburg Police Department when making a warrantless arrests pursuant to the authority granted by Act 1995-25 of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
Authorizing the Borough to join with other political subdivisions as a member of the Berks County Municipal Insurance Purchasing Group
Authorizing the Borough Council to enter into a county-wide mutual aid agreement pursuant to the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Services Code
Authorizing the Borough to join with other political subdivisions as a member of the Pennsylvania Municipal Health Insurance Cooperative (PMHIC)
Authorizing the Borough to enter into an intergovernmental agreement for the purpose of implementation of the Joint Comprehensive Plan for Northern Berks County
Authorizing the Borough to enter into an intergovernmental agreement to participate in the Berks County MS4 Steering Committee