City of Blue Springs, MO
Jackson County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[R.O. 1996 § 510.010; CC 1968 § 5-36; Ord. No. 2326 § 1, 4-5-1993]
It shall be unlawful to construct, maintain, install or enlarge any swimming pool, spa or hot tub, in the City except in compliance with all the provisions of this Chapter.
[R.O. 1996 § 510.020; CC 1968 § 5-37; Ord. No. 2326 § 1, 4-5-1994]
For the purpose of this Chapter the following terms shall have these prescribed meanings:
One that is located in conjunction with a single-family residence.
One that is operated by any public agency or private agency or person offering access to the general public.
One that is located in conjunction with a multiple-family housing project, apartment complex, motel or hotel or is operated for or by a homeowners' association.
The term "swimming pool" is hereby defined as a receptacle for water, constructed or prefabricated, or an artificial pool of water, used for swimming or bathing, capable of having a depth at any point of more than two (2) feet of water, intended for the purpose of immersion or partial immersion therein of human beings, and including all appurtenant equipment. The term includes spas and hot tubs unless the same are excepted.
[R.O. 1996 § 510.030; CC 1968 § 5-38; Ord. No. 2326 § 1, 4-5-1993]
The Codes Administrator or their authorized representative shall be responsible for carrying out the provisions of this Chapter.
[R.O. 1996 § 510.040; CC 1968 § 5-39; Ord. No. 2326 § 1, 4-5-1993]
Violation of this Chapter shall be punished in accordance with Section 500.040 of this Code.
[R.O. 1996 § 510.050; CC 1968 § 5-40; Ord. No. 2326 § 1, 4-5-1993]
Swimming pools and associated appurtenances (decks, etc.) shall be located in the rear yard. (For corner lots, no part of the swimming pool or appurtenances shall project beyond the building setback line.) No portion of a swimming pool or associated appurtenance shall be located at a distance less than eight (8) feet from any side or rear property line. Pumps, filters and pool water disinfection equipment installations shall be located at a distance not less than eight (8) feet from any side or rear property line.
[R.O. 1996 § 510.060; CC 1968 § 5-41; Ord. No. 2326 § 1, 4-5-1993]
Permit Required. It shall be unlawful to proceed with the construction, installation, enlargement or alteration of any swimming pool as defined in this Chapter and appurtenances within the City unless permits therefor shall have first been applied for and issued by the Community Development Department.
Permit Fees. The fee for a permit for the erection or construction of a swimming pool shall be as set forth in Section 500.030 of this Code.
[R.O. 1996 § 510.070; CC 1968 § 5-42; Ord. No. 2326 § 1, 4-5-1993]
All drawings, plans and specifications for the construction, installation, enlargement or alteration of any swimming pool and appurtenances shall first be presented to the Community Development Department for examination and approval as to proper location and construction.
All plans and drawings shall be drawn to a scale of not less than one-eighth (1/8) of an inch to the foot. A plot (site) plan shall be submitted depicting all distances and dimensions accurately and completely. Indicated on the plan shall be all existing structures, (principal and accessory), above ground or below ground electrical power lines, information pertaining to the pool, walk and fence construction, water supply system, drainage and water disposal systems and all appurtenances (decks) pertaining to the swimming pool. Residents and/or contractors shall be required to identify all underground utilities by first contacting all necessary utility companies and requesting that each utility be properly marked.
All swimming pools, appurtenances, water supply and drainage systems shall be constructed in conformity with the building plans.
[R.O. 1996 § 510.080; CC 1968 § 5-43; Ord. No. 2326 § 1, 4-5-1993]
All swimming pools shall be of the recirculation type in which circulation of the water is maintained through the pool by pumps; the water drawn from the pool being clarified and disinfected.
A circulation system consisting of pumps, piping, return inlets and suction outlets, filters, and other necessary equipment shall be provided for complete circulation of water through all parts of the pool.
The equipment shall be of adequate size to turn over the entire pool water capacity at least once every twelve (12) hours. Water clarity shall be maintained. (Clarity is a function of proper filtration and maintenance of proper chemical operational parameters). When standing at the pool's edge at the deep end, the deepest portion of the pool floor shall be visible.
Listed surface skimmers, where used in lieu of a perimeter overflow system, shall be installed in strict accordance with the manufacturers installation instructions. In every swimming pool, at least one (1) skimming device shall be provided for each eight hundred (800) square feet of surface area or fraction thereof. Skimmers shall be located at least twenty (20) feet apart.
[R.O. 1996 § 510.090; CC 1968 § 5-44; Ord. No. 2326 § 1, 4-5-1993]
Unobstructed walk areas not less than thirty-six (36) inches wide shall be provided to extend not less than seventy-five (75) percent around all in-ground pools (except spas or hot tubs). The walk area shall be constructed of impervious material, and the surfaces shall be of such material as to be smooth and easily cleaned and of non-slip construction. The slope of the walks shall have a pitch of at least one-fourth (1/4) inch to the foot, designed so as to prevent back drainage from entering the pool.
[R.O. 1996 § 510.100; CC 1968 § 5-45; Ord. No. 2326 § 1, 4-5-1993]
All outdoor swimming pools shall be completely enclosed by a barrier. Barriers shall be a permanent fence, a wall, a building wall or a combination thereof which completely surrounds the swimming pool. The top of the barrier, including all gates and doors therein, shall not be less than six (6) feet in height above grade, measured on the exterior side of the barrier. Except that approved lock down covers may be permitted in lieu of a six-foot barrier for spas or hot tubs.
There shall be no openings, holes or gaps in a swimming pool barrier large enough for a sphere four (4) inches in diameter to pass through.
Support posts for the barrier shall be decay or corrosion resistant and shall be set in concrete bases.
Gates. All gates in a swimming pool barrier shall be equipped to accommodate a locking device. All self-latching gates must positively close from a still position of three (3) inches from the gate post. All pedestrian access gates shall be self-closing and self-latching. Gate latches shall be located not less than fifty-four (54) inches above grade measured from the exterior side of the enclosure, or shall otherwise be made inaccessible from the outside to small children.
[R.O. 1996 § 510.110; CC 1968 § 5-46; Ord. No. 2326 § 1, 4-5-1993]
Two (2) or more means of egress in the form of steps or ladders shall be provided for all swimming pools except spas or hot tubs. Aboveground pools less than twenty-five (25) feet in diameter may have one (1) exit. Swimouts may serve as a required exit. At least one such means of egress shall be located on a side of the pool at both the deep end and shallow end of the pool. Treads of steps and ladders shall be constructed of non-slip material and at least three (3) inches wide for their full length. Steps shall have at least one (1) handrail and ladders shall be equipped with at least two (2) handrails.
[R.O. 1996 § 510.120; CC 1968 § 5-47; Ord. No. 2326 § 1, 4-5-1993]
No source of water other than that secured from the City waterworks distribution systems shall be used in swimming pools.
[R.O. 1996 § 510.130; CC 1968 § 5-48; Ord. No. 2326 § 1, 4-5-1993]
Swimming pools shall be equipped with facilities for completely emptying the pool and the discharge of the pool water shall not be directly connected to any storm drain, sanitary sewer, drainage system, seepage pit or underground leaching pit. Swimming pools shall drain into the nearest adjacent street by means of a discharge line of sufficient size to permit not more than two hundred (200) gallons per minute. Drain lines shall terminate at the street and at no time be permitted to cross adjoining property lines or discharge onto adjoining property. Permanent discharge lines may be buried six (6) to ten (10) inches below grade using rigid plastic pipe terminating at the street. This Section does not apply to spas or hot tubs.
[R.O. 1996 § 510.140; CC 1968 § 5-49; Ord. No. 2326 § 1, 4-5-1993]
All electrical installations provided for, installed and used in conjunction with swimming pools shall be in conformance with of the latest adopted edition of the National Electric Code as authored by the National Fire Protection Association.
All barriers, metal fences, enclosures or railing near or adjacent to swimming pools, which might become electrically alive as a result of contact with broken overhead conductors or from any other cause, shall be effectively grounded.
[R.O. 1996 § 510.150; CC 1968 § 5-50; Ord. No. 2326 § 1, 4-5-1993]
Every swimming pool (except spas and hot tubs) shall be equipped with one (1) or more throwing ring buoys not less than fifteen (15) inches in diameter and having forty (40) feet of three sixteenths (3/16) inch rope attached, and one (1) or more light but strong poles with blunted ends and not less than twelve (12) feet in length, for making assists or rescues.