University City, MO
St. Louis County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[R.O. 2011 §12.04.010; Prior Code §28-1; Ord. No. 4246 §1]
The roads, streets and thoroughfares heretofore established by order of the County Court of the County, or otherwise according to law, and in use as public highways within the boundaries of the City at the time of the incorporation thereof or within the boundaries of the City as thereafter extended, are confirmed and established as public streets of the City, and subject to the jurisdiction and regulation thereof.
[R.O. 2011 §12.04.020; Prior Code §28-17; Ord. No. 4246 §1]
It is unlawful to delay or in any manner interfere with the Director of Public Works and Parks or the Director's authorized representative in the discharge of the director's official duties in any manner whatsoever.
[R.O. 2011 §12.04.030; Prior Code §28-2.1; Ord. No. 4246 §1; Ord. No. 4875 §1; Ord. No. 5619 §1, 10-5-1987; Ord. No. 5742 §1, 3-12-1990; Ord. No. 6964 §1, 8-11-2014]
No person shall play upon or use the public streets, boulevards, alleys or other public thoroughfares of the City for any purposes except as herein provided. Any person violating this Section shall be subject to the punishment provided in Section 100.190 of the University City Municipal Code.
Any person, organization, or private entity must apply for a special use permit to use the public streets, boulevards, alleys, public parking lots, or other public thoroughfares of the City for event purposes.
Such permit may be issued:
On approval of the City Manager for a period of time not to exceed twelve (12) hours;
On approval by the City Council for a period of time in excess of twelve (12) hours but not to exceed seventy-two (72) hours, provided the public thoroughfares are barricaded with well-lighted and signed barricades; and provided, however, that in every case the proposed use is found to be commensurate with the public safety and with the public peace and complies with all applicable guidelines set forth in the special use permit.
Editor’s Note: Former §505.040, Street Fairs, Shows, Etc. – Permit Required, derived from R.O. 2011 §12.04.050, Prior Code §28-3, and Ord. No. 4246 §1, was repealed by Ord. No. 6964 §2, 8-11-2014. See now §505.030.
[R.O. 2011 §12.04.100; Prior Code §28-8; Ord. No. 4246 §1]
It is unlawful for any person to willfully throw down, remove or otherwise disturb any street barrier or placard placed on closed streets by the Director of Public Works and Parks pursuant to Section 505.090.
[R.O. 2011 §12.04.110; Prior Code §28-8.1; Ord. No. 4969 §§2 — 3; Ord. No. 4973 §§2 — 3]
Designation Of Market Loading Zones. The Director of Public Works and Parks with the approval of the City Manager is authorized to designate sections of the City streets as market loading zones and provide that such sections may be occupied during the year from March fifteenth (15th) through November at all times of the week. Such market loading zones are designated for the use of vendors of market produce for the purpose of parking vehicles which shall be used by them only as places in which to store produce to be sold from stalls within the market in the loop.
Market In The Loop. There shall be an open air market on the west side of Heman Avenue, between Delmar Boulevard and Old Enright Avenue, during the time from March fifteenth (15th) through November, inclusive, being more fully described as follows:
Beginning at a point in the north line of Delmar Boulevard (80' wide) 3.5 feet east of the west line of Heman Avenue (60' wide); thence northerly and parallel to the aforementioned west line of Heman Avenue (60' wide) a distance of one hundred eighty-three (183) feet; thence westerly a distance of sixty-six (66) feet; thence southerly a distance of one hundred eighty-three (183) feet being the north property line of Delmar Boulevard; thence easterly along the north property line of Delmar Boulevard sixty-six (66) feet to the point of beginning.
[R.O. 2011 §12.04.120; Prior Code §28-9; Ord. No. 4246 §1]
The Council may, when requested in writing by property owners, grant permits to construct vaults under sidewalks, subject to the following regulations: First, the area which may be occupied under a sidewalk by a property owner in front of the property owner's building shall be limited to the space between the front lot line and a line five (5) feet back of and parallel to the face of the curbing. In no instance shall the ground under an entrance to any alley between the property line and the curb line of the street be excavated. Second, the other area wall shall be constructed with Portland cement mortar, and shall be pointed outside at least four (4) feet down from the top of the wall. The wall shall not be less than two (2) feet thick at the bottom for a height of twelve (12) feet battered to eighteen (18) inches at the top in all cases. A wall of reinforced concrete may be constructed, the design of which shall be approved by the Director of Public Works and Parks and Building Commissioner. Third, the detail drawings showing the plan of construction of the vault and written specifications for the same shall be submitted with application and, when approved by the Council and permit issued thereon, shall be kept on file in the office of the Director of Public Works and Parks, and a duplicate in the office of the Building Commissioner of the City.
[R.O. 2011 §12.04.130; Prior Code §28-9.1; Ord. No. 4872 §1]
A curb hereafter constructed or reconstructed on public or private property for public use within the City shall be constructed in a manner that will facilitate use by physically disabled persons and meet current Americans with Disabilities Act requirements. At points of intersection between pedestrian and motorized lines of travel, and at other points where necessary to avoid abrupt changes in grade, a curb shall slope gradually to street level so as to provide an uninterrupted line of travel.
No person shall at any time obstruct or occupy with building materials, soil, debris or other object, which may prevent the free passage of the public, in violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act, as amended, 42 U.S.C. §12101 et seq., 47 U.S.C. §§225.611 and including all standards set forth in the regulations promulgated by the United States Department of Justice (2010 ADA Standards and the 2009 Draft Final Accessibility Guidelines for Outdoor Developed Areas) and Missouri's accessibility standards set out in the Missouri Revised Statutes at Section 8.610 et seq., as well as any modifications, amendments or updates to any of these standards in effect at the time of reading.
[R.O. 2011 §12.04.160; Prior Code §28-12; Ord. No. 4246 §1]
No person shall permit or suffer any building materials, soil, debris or other object, which may obstruct free passage of the public, to stand on any street, alley or sidewalk after sundown, without placing or causing to be placed on or about such obstruction red warning lanterns or devices in such manner as to warn anyone coming toward the same from any direction of such obstruction, which lanterns or torches shall be maintained lighted from sundown of each day until sunrise of the following day, until such obstruction is removed.
[R.O. 2011 §12.04.220; Ord. No. 6756 §1, 2008]
Definitions. For the purposes of this Chapter, the following words or phrases shall have the meanings ascribed to them in this Section:
The director of the City's Public Works and Parks Department or such other official chosen by the director to administer and enforce this Section.
Any person, association of persons, firm, or corporation responsible, in whole or part, jointly or severally, for locating, placing, installing, stocking, or maintaining one (1) or more news boxes in or on any sidewalk, public right-of-way, or other public place in the City.
Any self-service box, container, storage unit, newspaper vending box, or other printed material distribution device, whether coin-operated or operated free of charge, that is located, placed, used, or maintained for the display, distribution, or sale of printed material.
Any printed material offered for distribution through a news box, including, but not limited to, newspapers, periodicals, magazines, and advertisements.
The area of any street, tree lawn, and sidewalk dedicated for public use.
Any surface provided for the use of pedestrians.
Any lawn area located between the curb or street pavement and the sidewalk, or the lawn area between the street pavement and the limit of the public right-of-way.
Permits Required — Fee — Existing Boxes.
It is unlawful for any distributor to locate, place, install, stock, or maintain a news box in or on any sidewalk or public right-of-way without obtaining right-of-way and news box inspection permits, and paying accompanying fees as provided by this Section.
Distributors shall obtain a right-of-way permit and pay the accompanying right-of-way permit fee as provided in Section 505.220(G)(1) of this Code, except that a distributor
Shall make one (1) bulk application for all existing news boxes, and pay a single right-of-way permit fee; and
May make one (1) bulk application, and pay a single right-of-way permit fee, for multiple news boxes to be installed contemporaneously. A right-of-way permit shall expire for an approved location if the annual inspection fee for the news box at that location has not been paid.
Distributors shall also obtain a news box permit, and pay an annual non-refundable permit fee for each box. Initial fees shall be paid at the time of applying for a right-of-way permit, and thereafter shall be due every twelve (12) months from the date of the right-of-way permit. The director may adjust the fee from time to time consistent with Subsection (B)(4) of this Section.
The fees assessed in this Subsection shall not exceed the actual costs incurred by the City in processing permit applications, inspecting news box installation sites, inspecting installed news boxes (whether annually or on a complaint basis), preparing inspection reports, and enforcing and administering this Section.
If a permitted news box is removed by the distributor, the distributor shall notify the Department of Public Works and Parks and the distributor's right-of-way permit and annual inspection fee schedule shall be revised accordingly.
News Box Permit Applications, Issuance, And Denial — Right-Of-Way Permit Revocations.
Every application for a news box permit shall be made to the director on forms provided by the director and shall be accompanied by the required fee. The application form shall include the distributor's contact information, which shall be kept current by the distributor, and such other information as may be determined by the director to ensure compliance with this Section. The director may adopt forms and procedures for bulk permit applications.
After receiving an application for a right-of-way permit, the Department of Public Works and Parks shall determine whether the proposed location of the news box complies with Subsection (D) of this Section. If the proposed location complies with Subsection (D) of this Section, the director shall issue a right-of-way permit. If the proposed location does not comply, the director shall deny the application and state the reasons for denial in writing. The director shall issue or deny the permit within thirty-one (31) days of receipt of the application.
Each news box shall bear a separate number for the administration of this Section. The director may impose provisions and conditions consistent with this Section on each news box permit.
After receipt of the required permits, a distributor may install a news box at an approved location in compliance with the permit so issued and this Section.
The director may revoke a news box right-of-way permit as provided in Section 505.220(M).
Location And Placement. No news box shall be placed, installed, located, used, or maintained:
Within one and one-half (1½) feet of the face of any curb;
Within five (5) feet of any fire hydrant;
Within five (5) feet of any marked crosswalk;
Within twelve (12) feet of the intersection of the property lines at any street corner;
At any location where the width of the paved clear space in any direction for the passage of pedestrians is reduced to less than five (5) feet;
On any tree lawn, except where a building permit is issued for construction of a concrete walk in the tree lawn area for the placement of a news box, so that the news box is placed and is accessed by the public on the concrete walk, provided written approval is obtained from the owner of the property immediately adjacent to the tree lawn;
That is secured to any tree, utility pole, light standard, traffic control device, street signpost, or other property other than in a manner approved by the news box permit (chains are prohibited);
Within any City park or the surrounding right-of-way; or
Within five hundred (500) feet of another news box or group of news boxes located in the same street block and on the same side of the street, and in those situations where a street block is less than five hundred (500) feet in length, within five hundred (500) feet of another news box or group of news boxes on the same side of the street, unless in each case such news box is to be placed, installed, located, used, and maintained immediately adjacent to such other news box or group of news boxes.
News Box Regulations.
It is unlawful for any distributor to locate, place, install, stock, or maintain a news box in or on any property owned by the City except for duly permitted sidewalk and public right-of-way locations.
All news boxes located within the public right-of-way prior to October 1, 2008 shall be brought into compliance with all provisions of this Section or be removed by the distributor within ninety (90) days of the effective date of this Section.
It is unlawful for any distributor to locate, place, install, stock, or maintain a news box in or on duly permitted sidewalk and public right-of-way locations except in compliance with the following conditions:
The news box must be installed in compliance with the permit issued, Subsection (D) of this Section, and all other provisions of this Section.
The news box shall not exceed fifty (50) inches in height and shall be of sufficient weight as to prevent the box from being moved or blown down by windstorms.
News boxes shall be a neutral color and shall not be bright, reflective, or metallic. Black, white, and tan shall be considered neutral colors. The City Manager may approve non-neutral colors on the distributor's written request, considering the exact color(s) requested, the location of the news box, aesthetic and safety compatibility with existing right-of-way and adjacent land uses, branding or trademark factors, and other relevant criteria.
The distributor shall maintain the news box in good working order and reasonably free of (i) dirt, grease, or graffiti, (ii) chipped, cracked, peeling or faded paint, and (iii) rust or corrosion. The clear plastic or glass parts of the box, if any, shall be clear, unbroken and reasonably free of cracks, dents, blemishes, and discoloration. The door through which the newspapers or printed materials are obtained shall be constructed and maintained so that it automatically closes securely after opening to prevent printed materials from falling from or blowing out of the box, and the structural parts thereof shall not be broken or damaged.
The distributor shall post the distributor's name, address, and business telephone number in a conspicuous place approved by the director on the news box so that the public may report a malfunction or secure a refund in the event of a malfunction of the coin return mechanism or to report damage or destruction of the news box. The distributor shall also post in a conspicuous place on the news box the number issued by the director for the box.
The distributor shall not place or allow to be placed any advertising or publicity on the news box except the name of the printed material distributed therein.
If a news box remains empty or the printed material is not changed in accordance with its regular publishing schedule for a period of thirty (30) consecutive days, the news box shall be deemed abandoned.
Seizure Of News Boxes.
The director is authorized to seize any non-permitted or abandoned news box or any news box in substantial non-compliance with its permit or this Section. Any news box that is the subject of more than three (3) violation notices within its license year shall be presumed in substantial non-compliance.
If the distributor is known, the director shall provide the distributor (i) with ten (10) days' written notice and opportunity to cure before the seizure, and (ii) written notice after the seizure. If the distributor is unknown, the director shall have posted, within ten (10) feet of where the news box is seized, a notice that the machine or device has been seized, signed by the person seizing the machine or device, along with the address and telephone number of the office of the Director of Finance.
The director shall hold any seized news box for thirty (30) days, after which the director shall remove any funds from the news box. If not claimed by the distributor within that time, the news box may be sold at public auction and the proceeds, including any retrieved coinage, used as provided in Section 605.220. If the news box is not purchased at auction, the director may dispose of the news box at the distributor's cost. News box seizures shall not relieve the distributor from any penalty for violation of this Section.
Any person aggrieved by a final determination of the director may appeal in writing to the City Manager within five (5) business days thereof. The appeal shall assert specific grounds for review, and the City Manager shall render a decision on the appeal within fifteen (15) business days of its receipt affirming, reversing or modifying the determination of the director. The City Manager may extend this time period for the purpose of any investigation or hearing deemed necessary. A decision affirming the director's determination shall be in writing and supported by findings establishing the basis of the decision.
Any person aggrieved by a final determination of the City Manager may file a petition for review pursuant to Chapter 536, RSMo., as amended, in the Circuit Court of the County of St. Louis. Such petition shall be filed within thirty (30) days after the City Manager's final determination.