City of Richmond Heights, MO
St. Louis County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[CC 1984 § 24-362; Rev. M.C. 1963 § 51.34, Sch. B; Ord. No. 2985 § 1, 11-2-1970; Ord. No. 3140 § 24-178, Sch. XIII; Ord. No. 3194 § 1, 9-3-1974; Ord. No. 3228 § 13, 4-7-1975; Ord. No. 5129 § 2, 2-1-2010]
In accordance with the provisions of Section 310.040, traffic at the following intersections shall be controlled by traffic control signals when such signals are in operation:
Bellevue Avenue at Interstate 64.
Big Bend Boulevard and Bruno Avenue—Folk Avenue.
Big Bend Boulevard and Dale Avenue.
Big Bend Boulevard and Interstate 64.
Big Bend Boulevard and Wise Avenue.
Big Bend Boulevard between Arlington Drive and Hiawatha Avenue.
Big Bend Boulevard, for a pedestrian crosswalk light between Williams and Rupert Avenue.
Big Bend Boulevard and Ethel Avenue.
Brentwood Boulevard and Antler Drive.
Brentwood Boulevard and CMH2Hill Tower 1034 South Brentwood.
Brentwood Boulevard and Darst Drive.
Brentwood Boulevard and Galleria Parkway.
Brentwood Boulevard and Interstate 64.
Clayton Road and Bellevue Avenue.
Clayton Road and Big Bend Boulevard.
Clayton Road and Boland Drive—Crestwood Drive.
Clayton Road and Brentwood Boulevard.
Clayton Road and DeMun Avenue.
Clayton Road and East Linden Avenue.
Clayton Road and Glen Ridge.
Clayton Road and Hanley Road.
Clayton Road and Highland Terrace.
Clayton Road and Immacolata Church east entrance.
Clayton Road and Lay Road.
Clayton Road and McKnight Road.
Clayton Road and Galleria entrance—Clayshire.
Clayton Road at Tropicana entrance 7960 Clayton Road.
Clayton Road eastbound at McCutcheon.
Clayton Road, in front of Esquire Theatre (6706 Clayton).
Eager Road and Brentwood Promenade east entrance.
Eager Road and Brentwood Promenade west entrance.
Eager Road and Musick Drive.
Hanley Road and Dale Avenue.
Hanley Road and Elinar.
Hanley Road and Interstate 64.
Hanley Road and Lake Forest Drive.
McKnight Road and Interstate 64.
West Bruno at Hanley Road.