Township of Aleppo, PA
Allegheny County
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The Board of Commissioners shall establish, by resolution, a collection procedure and schedule of fees to be paid hereunder by the developer at the time of filing a preliminary plan. Said resolution shall also establish a fee for public hearings.
Review fees shall be assessed for each subdivision and land development preliminary and final application, based on a specific fee schedule adopted by resolution reflecting the actual costs incurred by the Township in reviewing the plan.
In the event a developer initiates revisions to a plan, the revised application and plan shall be accompanied by a fee, in an amount determined by the Township, to cover the costs incurred to process and review the plan. Revisions required by the Planning Commission or Board of Commissioners are not required to pay the additional fee.
In order to defray a portion of the cost incurred by the Township in inspecting the installation of the improvements required by this chapter, and to ensure compliance with this chapter, the developer shall present a check or money order, made payable to the Township, in an amount equal to 2% of the estimated cost of the improvement(s) used in the determination of the construction guarantee, as determined by the Township Engineer. This fee shall be paid at the time of submission of the development agreement.
Said schedule of fees shall be posted in the municipal offices and shall be available for inspection upon request.
No final plan shall be approved unless and until all fees and charges are paid in full.
Before acting on an application for approval, the Board of Commissioners, or the Planning Commission, may hold a public hearing thereon, pursuant to public notice, as defined by this chapter.
The format and wording of certificates and approvals to appear on the final tracing proposed for recording shall conform to the requirements of the Allegheny County Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance, as now or hereinafter amended.
No lot in a subdivision shall be sold, no permit to erect, alter or repair any building upon land in a subdivision or development shall be issued, and no building shall be erected in a subdivision or development, until a final plan has been approved by the Township and properly recorded and, further, until the required improvements have been constructed or their construction guaranteed.
Where any road, public or private, in the Township, including the paved area, gutters, utilities and the right-of-way, is hereafter damaged in any manner whatsoever, the person or persons directly responsible for said damage, the subcontractor and/or general contractor for whom said persons or his superiors work, or with whom they have contracted, shall be severally and jointly liable for any and all damage to said Township roads and shall repair said damage within 90 days of any written notification by the Township. All repairs shall meet Township standards and shall be subject to Township inspection.