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City of Trenton, MO
Grundy County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Cross References — As to designation of chief of police as ex officio sergeant at arms of city council, §105.070; as to authority of chief of police as to impoundment of animals or fowl found running at large, §210.010.
[R.O. 2011 §200.320; CC 1975 §25-45; Ord. No. 2710 §18, 1-15-1975]
The Chief of Police appointed under the Merit System Police Department shall have all of the duties and responsibilities imposed upon him/her as Chief of Police or otherwise imposed upon the office of City Marshal by State law and this Code and other ordinances of the City.
[R.O. 2011 §200.330; Code 1967 §§1-50, 1-51; CC 1975 §25-46]
It shall be the duty of the Chief of Police:
To inquire diligently into and punctually report to the Municipal Judge all violations of this Code and other City ordinances and prosecute all persons guilty thereof.
To cause to be enforced within the City any laws and ordinances of the City in relation to licenses, the sale of liquors and the suppression of gambling houses and houses of ill fame.
To look after suspicious or disorderly houses in any part of the City or disturbances of the peace, or such other violations of this Code or other ordinances as are likely to occur.
To arrest and take into custody, with or without warrant, any person who shall be found in any street, alley or other place within the City doing any act in violation of any provision of this Code or other ordinance of the City and take such person before the Municipal Judge.
To cause to be abated or removed any nuisance within the City or reported to him/her by the Board of Health, the Committee on Health and Landfill or the City Administrator or Health Officer, whose orders in regard thereto he/she shall execute.
To execute all orders or process issued to him/her by the Mayor, Municipal Judge or other officer of the City having authority to issue the same, and to make returns thereon, specifying in his/her return how, when and in what manner the service was executed.
To keep a correct account of money received, from whatever source, stating by whom and on what account the same was received and paid out, and to keep a docket, in which shall be entered the titles of all cases on which the money is to be collected by him/her, charging herself/herself with the total amount thereof and crediting himself/herself with all collections made thereon and with all process returned unsatisfied or which may have been discharged in any other manner.
To preserve order in the Municipal Court, when in session, and to execute all process and orders of the same.
[R.O. 2011 §200.340; Code 1967 §1-53; CC 1975 §25-50]
The Chief of Police shall safely keep all money or property coming into his/her hands in consequence of the arrest of any person charged with a crime, misdemeanor or ordinance violation and shall report the same to the Municipal Judge, to be disposed of as directed by that officer.
[R.O. 2011 §200.350; Code 1967 §1-71; CC 1975 §25-52]
The Chief of Police will be held strictly responsible for the enforcement of this Code and other ordinances of the City and the laws of the State, the preservation of the public peace and the protection of life and property therein. To that end, and for the discipline of the Force under his/her immediate command, he/she shall see that the Police Officers are properly posted and on their respective beats or patrol and that they remain thereon and perform the services required of them respectively, during the times assigned them. He/she shall, as often as may be necessary, inspect or cause to be made an inspection of the members of the Police Force, so as to satisfy himself/herself that each member thereof property performs his/her duty as required by the provisions of this Chapter and other ordinances of the City.