City of Trenton, MO
Grundy County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Cross References — As to committee on public works of city council generally, §105.030(B)(2); as to board of public works generally, §§115.010 et seq.; as to control of board of public works over city-owned utilities, §115.040; as to buildings generally, ch. 500; as to fire prevention generally, §§515.010 et seq.; as to light, water and sewers generally, Title VII; as to plumbing generally, ch. 525.
[Ord. No. 2018-58, 7-23-2018[1]]
All new and existing buildings, conditions and premises in the City of Trenton, and all construction, alteration, equipment, use, location and maintenance of electric conductors and equipment shall conform at least with the provisions of the "National Electric Code," 2014 Edition, including Annex H (Article 80), published and sponsored by the National Fire Protection Association; a copy of said National Electric Code being on file in the office of the City Clerk and made a part hereof and being hereby expressly adopted by reference as the standard for the City of Trenton.
Editor's Note: Former Chapter 510, Electricity, containing Sections 510.010 through 510.030, was repealed and replaced 7-23-2018 by Ord. No. 2018-58.
[Ord. No. 2018-58, 7-23-2018]
The code adopted in this Chapter hereby amends by substitution the following Sections in lieu of those Sections with corresponding numbers in the code, or, where there is no corresponding Section in the code, the following Sections shall be enacted as additions to the code:
Amendments to Article 80 (Annex H).
Article 80.2 Electric Inspector. An individual authorized to perform electrical inspections for the City.
Article 80.13(13) — insert "10."
Article 80.15(A)-(F) — delete.
Article 80.15(G) — Revise as follows:
(G) Appeal. Any aggrieved person shall have the right to appeal a decision of the Code Enforcement Official to the Board of Adjustment. Applications for appeal shall be filed in accordance with Trenton City Code Chapter 400.
Article 80.19(F)(3) — insert "10."
Article 80.25(C) insert "10."
Article 80.27(A) — (C) — delete.
Article 80.29 — Insert "City" and add the following:
Liability. Any officer or employee charged with the enforcement of this code, while acting on behalf of the City, shall not thereby render such individual liable personally, and is hereby relieved from all personal liability for any damage accruing to persons or property as a result of any act performed in the discharge of official duties. Any suit instituted against any officer or employee because of an act performed by that officer or employee in the lawful discharge of duties and under the provisions of this code shall be defended by the legal representative of the jurisdiction until the final termination of the proceedings. The officer or employee shall not be liable for costs in any action, suit or proceeding that is instituted pursuant to the provisions of this code; and any officer or employee acting within the scope of employment and in good faith and without malice, shall be free from liability for acts performed under any of its provisions or by reason of any act or mission in the performance of official duties in connection therewith. Nothing contained herein shall be deemed a waiver of the immunities and protection afforded to the City or officers and employees pursuant to State and Federal law.
Amendments to NEC.
Article 110.3 — Add "The local electrical inspector may grant special approval of materials, devices or appliances if no standard has been prepared or adopted to which they should conform. Special approval applies only to the particular sample approved and not to the line as manufactured, stored, sold, installed, or attached and may be granted only for those materials, devices or appliances which, in the opinion of the local electrical inspector, are safe for the use intended. The details of decisions made by the electrical inspector shall be recorded and entered into the files of the electrical inspection division. Any decisions made by the local electrical inspector may be reviewed for consideration by the Board of Appeals. The City does not assume any liability for damage or injury to persons or property because of the use of those materials, devices or appliances.
[Ord. No. 2018-58, 7-23-2018]
The punishment of a violation of this Chapter shall be as set forth in Trenton City Code Section 100.220. Every day any violation of the code adopted in this Chapter or any other ordinance or any such rule, regulation, notice or order shall continue shall constitute a separate offense.
Whenever any act is prohibited by the code adopted in this Chapter, by an amendment thereof, or by any rule or regulation adopted thereunder, such prohibition shall extend to and include the causing, securing, aiding or abetting of any other person to do said act. Whenever any act is prohibited by the code adopted in this Chapter, an attempt to do the act is likewise prohibited.