City of Lexington, MO
Lafayette County
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State Law References — Authority to regulate railroads, RSMo. § 77.540; Powers of council relative to railroads, RSMo. § 77.200.
If any person shall, within the City, climb upon, hold to or in any manner attach himself to any locomotive, engine or car while the same is in motion, he shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor; provided, that this Section shall not apply to any employee of the railroad company, nor to any passenger, nor to any other person who may be acting by permission or under the rules of the company then operating the railroad.
No locomotive engineer, railroad employee or other person shall cause any locomotive engine, railroad passenger car or freight car to be driven, propelled or run, upon or along any railroad track within the City at a greater speed than the rate of twenty (20) miles per hour.
State Law References — Authority to regulate speed of railroad engines, RSMo. § 77.540.
Any person having charge of any railroad engine, who shall fail or neglect to ring the bell or sound the whistle of such engine before starting to move across or along any street, avenue, highway or public road in the City, or who shall fail or neglect to ring the bell or sound the whistle when approaching any such street, avenue, highway, or public road crossing, shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor.
State Law References — Bell, whistle at crossings, RSMo. § 389.990.
No railroad company, or its agents or employees shall permit a locomotive engine or train, or any part thereof, to occupy or obstruct any street crossing in the City for a greater length of time than fifteen (15) minutes.
All railroad companies using, constructing or occupying any railroad track, on any street, alley or thoroughfare in the City, shall keep such street, alley or thoroughfare in repair, and shall, when such street, alley or thoroughfare intersects any other street, alley or thoroughfare, construct, build and keep in constant repair good and sufficient crossings at the intersection of such streets, alleys or thoroughfares. Such crossings shall be constructed of such material and in such a manner as the City Council may by ordinance direct.
State Law References — Crossings generally, RSMo. § 389.610.
Every railroad corporation, company or person operating any railroad, or running engines or cars through the City shall cause signboards to be placed, well supported by posts or otherwise, and constantly maintained across each traveled street where the same is crossed by such railroad. Said signboards shall be elevated so as not to obstruct travel, and to be easily seen by travelers, and on each side of such signboard shall be painted, in capital letters, the words "Railroad Crossing-Look Out for Cars", or such other warning as to sufficiently attract attention. The letters so painted on such signboards shall be at least nine (9) inches in length, and of sufficient width to appropriately correspond with their length.
Every railroad company which has railroad tracks which run through the City or any portion thereof shall be required to erect, place or construct such barricades or other warning devices as shall be required by the City Council at all such crossings within the streets, alleys or other public ways within the City. Upon notice by registered mail, return receipt requested, from the City to any such railroad company directing such company to erect, place or construct such warning devices, it shall be unlawful for such railroad company to fail to do so within sixty (60) days after receipt of such notice.
No conductor, engineer, fireman, brakeman, switchman, yardmaster or other person in charge of any locomotive, tender, car or train of cars, shall, after dark, run or move, or cause or permit to be run or moved, for any purposes whatever, within the City, any such locomotive, tender, car, or train of cars, without having a brilliant and conspicuous light placed in front of the same, facing the direction in which the same may be moving, whether running or moving forward or backward.
State Law References — Headlight requirements, RSMo. § 389.900.