City of Smithville, MO
Clay County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[R.O. 1991 § 120.010; Ord. No. 2924-15 § 1, 6-16-2015[1]]
It is the policy of the City of Smithville, Missouri, to foster and promote public access to the proceedings, votes and records of the City to the extent that it is lawful and appropriate to provide such access. It is the obligation of elected and appointed City officials and City employees to fully comply with the provisions of Chapter 610, RSMo., commonly referred to as the "Missouri Sunshine Law." In furtherance of this policy, the City has adopted this Chapter 120 of the City Code in order to provide guidance to the public, City officials and employees regarding this policy. The provisions of this Chapter do not and are not intended to describe all the provisions of the Sunshine Law, but the absence of such provisions from this Chapter is not intended in any manner to limit the application of the Sunshine Law to public meetings, records or votes nor excuse any official or employee from complying with the Sunshine Law, and to the extent any terms of this Section are in conflict with Chapter 610, RSMo., commonly referred to as the "Missouri Sunshine Law," the Statute will control. Any reference to Chapter 610 herein shall include any amendments thereto.
Editor's Note: Section 1 of this ordinance repealed former Ch. 120, Meetings and Records, adopted 5-9-1977 by Ord. No. 669 §§ 2 — 17, as amended.
[R.O. 1991 § 120.020; Ord. No. 2924-15 § 1, 6-16-2015]
As used in this Chapter, unless the context otherwise indicates, the terms "closed meeting," "closed record or closed vote," "copying," "public business," "public governmental body," "public meeting," "public record" and "public vote" have the meanings as described in Chapter 610 of the Missouri Statutes.
[R.O. 1991 § 120.030; Ord. No. 2924-15 § 1, 6-16-2015]
When Held. The Board of Aldermen shall hold regular meetings on the first and third Tuesday of each month at 7:00 P.M. except when legal or national holidays or other important special events conflict with the regularly scheduled meeting. The Board of Aldermen shall vote to set the date(s) of any meeting(s) that must be rescheduled due to such conflicts. The Mayor has the authority to cancel or postpone meetings due to emergencies and inclement weather. The Mayor may call special meetings of the Board of Aldermen whenever in his/her opinion the public business may require it or at the express written request of any two (2) members of the Board.
Notice. Notice shall be given as required by Chapter 610, RSMo.
Place. All regular meetings of the Board of Aldermen shall be held in the City Hall of the City, unless otherwise stated on the notice.
[R.O. 1991 § 120.040; Ord. No. 2924-15 § 1, 6-16-2015]
All matters to be discussed by the Board of Aldermen at a regular meeting shall be made a part of the agenda, and no matter shall be introduced for discussion unless such matter is so listed on the agenda, except as authorized by Chapter 610.
Every member desiring to speak shall address the chair and, upon recognition by the Presiding Officer, shall confine himself or herself to the question under debate, avoiding all personalities and indecorous language.
A member, once recognized, shall not be interrupted when speaking unless it be to call him/her to order, or as herein otherwise provided. If a member, while speaking, be called to order, he/she shall cease speaking until the question of order be determined and, if in order, he/she shall be permitted to proceed.
The Aldermen moving the adoption of an ordinance or resolution shall have the privilege of closing the debate.
When a matter is under debate or discussion, each member shall be given the opportunity by the chair to state his/her views and position on the matter under debate or discussion.
All debate and discussion shall be limited to the matter under consideration. When the debate or discussion has closed, a motion by pending the questions shall be voted upon. Upon the commencement of the roll call for such vote, no further debate or statements of position on the question shall be permitted.
Any member of the Board of Aldermen or the Mayor shall have the right to have his/her verbal or written statement entered on the minutes, upon request.
Decorum. While the Board is in session, the members must preserve order and decorum, and a member shall neither, by conversation or otherwise, delay or interrupt the proceedings or the peace of the Board nor disturb any member while speaking or refuse to obey the orders of the Board or its Presiding Officer, or the rules of procedure established by this Chapter; except as otherwise herein provided. Any member who conducts himself or herself in a manner contrary to this Section may, with the consent of a majority of the remaining members of the Board, be expelled from the meeting.
Any person making personal, impertinent or slanderous remarks or who shall become boisterous while addressing the Board shall be forthwith, by the Presiding Officer, barred from further audience before the Board unless permission to continue be granted by a majority vote of the Board.
A member of the Police Department shall be sergeant at arms of the Board meetings, and carry out all orders and instructions given by the Presiding Officer for the purpose of maintaining order and decorum at the Board meeting. Upon instructions of the Presiding Officer, its shall be the duty of the sergeant at arms, or any of them present, to place any person who violates the order and decorum of the meeting under arrest, and cause him/her to be prosecuted under the provisions of this Chapter, the complaint to be signed by the Presiding Officer.
[R.O. 1991 § 120.050; Ord. No. 2924-15 § 1, 6-16-2015]
The City Clerk is hereby appointed as the custodian of records and is to be responsible for the maintenance of all records of the City of Smithville. The custodian is authorized to appoint assistant custodians to aid in the performance of the custodian's duties, as established by State law, City ordinance and City policies which govern access to and maintenance of public records, meetings or votes.
Record requests will be addressed as set forth in Chapter 610, RSMo.
[R.O. 1991 § 120.060; Ord. No. 2924-15 § 1, 6-16-2015]
Fees for copies shall be as set forth in Chapter 610, RSMo.
The custodian shall receive payment prior to the making of copies.
[R.O. 1991 § 120.070; Ord. No. 2924-15 § 1, 6-16-2015]
Pursuant to Sections 109.200 to 109.310, RSMo., commonly referred to as the "State and Local Records Law," Chapter 109, Section 255, RSMo., the Local Records Board establishes minimum retention periods for the administrative, fiscal and legal records created by local governments. It is the intent of the City of Smithville to retain records pursuant to the periods established by the Local Records Board, and the designated custodian of records is authorized to do so.