City of Grain Valley, MO
Jackson County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Code 1985, §76.2015; CC 1990 §14-30]
Any person charged with an offense for which payment of a fine may be made to the Traffic Violations Bureau shall have the option of paying such fine within the time specified in the notice of arrest at the Traffic Violations Bureau upon entering a plea of guilty and upon waiving appearance in court; or may have the option of depositing required lawful bail, and upon a plea of not guilty shall be entitled to a trial as authorized by law.
The payment of a fine to the Bureau shall be deemed an acknowledgment of conviction of the alleged offense, and the Bureau, upon accepting the prescribed fine, shall issue a receipt to the violator acknowledging payment thereof.
[Code 1985, §76.2020; CC 1990 §14-31]
The following duties are hereby imposed upon the Traffic Violations Bureau in reference to traffic offenses:
It shall accept designated fines, issue receipts and represent in court such violators as are permitted and desire to plead guilty, waive court appearance, and give power of attorney;
It shall receive and issue receipts for cash bail from the persons who must or wish to be heard in court, enter the time of their appearance on the court docket, and notify the Arresting Officer and witnesses, if any, to be present.
[Code 1985, §76.2025; CC 1990 §14-32]
The Traffic Violations Bureau shall keep records and submit to the judges hearing violations of municipal ordinances summarized monthly reports of all notices issued and arrests made for violations of the traffic laws and ordinances in the City and of all the fines collected by the Traffic Violations Bureau or the court, and of the final disposition or present status of every case of violation of the provisions of such laws and ordinances. Such records shall be so maintained as to show all types of violations and the totals of each. Such records shall be public records.
[Code 1985, §76.2030; CC 1990 §14-33]
The Traffic Violations Bureau shall follow such procedure as may be prescribed by the traffic ordinances of the City or as may be required by any laws of this State.
[Code 1985, §76.2010; CC 1990 §14-29]
The Municipal Court shall establish a Traffic Violations Bureau to assist the court with the clerical work of traffic cases. The Bureau shall be in charge of such person or persons and shall be open at such hours as the Municipal Judge may designate. The Judge of the Municipal Court who hears traffic cases shall designate the specified offenses under this law or under the traffic ordinances of the City and the State traffic laws in accordance with Supreme Court Rule No. 37.49 in respect to which payments of fines may be accepted by the Traffic Violations Bureau in satisfaction thereof, and shall specify suitable schedules and the amount of such fine for first (1st), second (2nd) and subsequent offenses, provided such fines are within the limits declared by law or ordinance, and shall further specify what number of such offenses shall require appearance before the court.