City of Breckenridge Hills, MO
St. Louis County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Article I Building Permits

Section 500.010 Building Permits Required.

Section 500.020 Fee Schedule.

Article II Building Code Adoption

Section 500.030 Adoption of Building Code.

Section 500.040 Additions, Insertions and Changes.

Section 500.045 Violation and Penalty.

Article III (Reserved)

Section 500.050 through Section 500.055. (Reserved)

Article IV Fire Prevention Code Adoption

Section 500.060 Adoption of Fire Prevention Code.

Section 500.070 Additions, Insertions and Changes.

Section 500.080 Establishment of Fire Limits.

Section 500.085 Violation and Penalty.

Article V (Reserved)

Section 500.090 through Section 500.095. (Reserved)

Article VI (Reserved)

Section 500.100 through Section 500.115. (Reserved)

Article VII Property Maintenance Code Adoption

Section 500.110 Adoption of Property Maintenance Code.

Section 500.120 Additions, Insertions and Changes.

Section 500.125 Exterior Storage Of Wood.

Section 500.135 Violation and Penalty.

Article VIII Residential Building Code

Section 500.137 Adoption of Residential Building Code.

Section 500.138 Violation and Penalty.

Section 500.139 Bi-Annual Multi-Family Residential Code Enforcement Inspections.

Article IX St. Louis County Code Adoptions

Section 500.140 Adoption of St. Louis County Codes.

Section 500.145 Violation and Penalty.

Article X Seismic Design

Section 500.150 Earthquake and Seismic Design Requirements.

Article XI Miscellaneous Building Provisions

Section 500.160 Maintained Driveways and Parking Areas.

Section 500.170 Security and Appearance of Commercial and Residential Property.

Section 500.175 Storage Units.

Section 500.180 Obstruction of Sidewalk — Exception.

Section 500.190 Fence Requirements.

Section 500.195 Construction and Building Permits — Driveway and Patio Requirements.

Article XII Additional Provisions

Section 500.200 Saving Clause.

Article XIII Occupancy Permits Required Prior to Leasing, Renting and/or Possession of Property

Section 500.210 Purpose and Intent.

Section 500.220 Definitions.

Section 500.230 Occupancy Permit Required Prior to Lease, Rental or Possession of Property.

Section 500.240 Enforcement.

Section 500.250 Violations and Penalty.