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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Ord. No. 2026 §I, 3-6-2012]
All street lights shall be designed and constructed to meet the following:
Cable. Shall be copper or aluminum continuous run, no splices — six (6) gauge — six hundred (600) volts — two (2) conductor, a "T" splice per utility's standard No. 41153100 can be used to avoid running the cable up and down the pole. Cable shall be encased in one and one-half (1½) inch conduit and buried a minimum of twenty-four (24) inches deep. At the point of connection, pad-mounted transformers, wire must be extended six (6) feet above grade and terminate at pad at point of connection. Pole-mounted wire must extend thirty (30) feet above grade and terminate at the pole.
Fixtures. Bulb shall be one hundred (100) watt, nine thousand five hundred (9,500) lumens high pressure sodium luminance. Photo-electric cell eye shall be faced due north. The style shall be equivalent to utility company Standard Drawings Type III — 15 70 14 01, 15 70 14 03, 15 70 14 05 or Type V — 15 70 14 02, 15 70 14 04, 15 70 14 06. The color shall match the color of support post.
Support post. Pole, street light, fiberglass, seventeen (17) foot in length, with three (3) inches diameter times three and one-half (3½) inches steel or aluminum tenon on top, one and one-half (1½) inches diameter wiring hole two (2) feet from bottom.
Construction. Pole shall be constructed of fiberglass filaments wound on a mandrel in both circular and longitudinal directions in combination with a corrosion-resistance polyester resin. The resin shall be pigmented to match the final coating. The final coating shall be weather-resistant polyurethane paint with UV inhibitors. Surface finish is textured. Bottom shall be "out of round" to prevent rotation of pole in ground. The installation of the fiberglass poles shall be in accordance with utility company's standards in drawing No. 15 75 05 with a three (3) foot setback from curb or edge of shoulder.
Color. Shall be black.
Strength. When installed to a three (3) foot setting depth, the pole shall be able to withstand a four hundred seventy-five (475) pound horizontal load applied twelve (12) inches from the top without damage. Limestone screening shall be used to install, shall be wetted and thoroughly tamped to provide solid compaction around pole.
Hand hole. Shall be furnished with a two and one-half (2.5) inch by five (5) inch hand hole with corrosion-resistant cover and stainless steel; fasteners located five (5) feet from the bottom. Top of conduit encasing cable must extend above ground to a height of not less than twelve (12) inches below the bottom of the hand hole on the pole.
Breakaway fuses. Individual street lights shall be equipped with Cooper-Bussmann HEB-LW-RLA (breakaway) fuse holder with MOL10 fuse or an equivalent and the fuse be relocated in a NEMA weathertight enclosure and support bracket that has been preapproved by the City. Box must be located two (2) feet to five (5) feet from power source and ten-foot clearance from transformer door. See Attached Exhibit A.[1]
[Ord. No. 2274 §I, 6-7-2016]
Editor's Note: Exhibit A is included as an attachment to this Chapter.
An inspection of the conduit will be required prior to the covering of the trench. An additional inspection of the wiring and pole after installation shall be required. It shall be the responsibility of the developer to coordinate with the utility provider to light all street lights for inspection by the City prior to making any request to turn the street lights over. A set of as-built plans must accompany any request to turn street lights over to the City.