Charter Township of Meridian
Ingham County
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Cross references: Any ordinance providing for salaries or other employee benefits not codified in this Code saved from repeal, § 1-12(a)(6); township park personnel, § 54-29; director of community planning and development, § 86-64.
State law references: Township officers generally, MCL 41.56 et seq.; charter township officers, MCL 42.9 et seq.; residency requirements for township officers, MCL 15.601 et seq.
[Code 1974, § 17-1]
Prior to employing any person in a position of trust or public safety, the Township shall make an inquiry to the Law Enforcement Information Network concerning the person's record of convictions for violation of any crime. In making such inquiry, the Township shall not request information relative to any charge against the person that did not result in a conviction.
[Code 1974, §§ 117-1—117-3]
Limitation of powers. No elected or appointed constable of the Township shall exercise any power or assume any duty prescribed by the laws of the state except as follows:
Township constables shall be authorized to serve all civil notices and process lawfully directed to them by the Township Board, the Township Clerk, or any other officer.
Firearms. No Township constable is authorized to carry or use firearms in connection with the performance of his official duties.
Penalties. Any elected or appointed Township constable who shall violate any provision of this section shall thereby assume sole responsibility and liability for any damages resulting from such action constituting such violation.
State law reference: Authority to restrict powers of township constables, MCL 41.82.
[Code 1974, §§ 15-3, 15-4]
In all arrests and/or prosecutions for any violation of this Code, appearance tickets and the appropriate procedures set forth in law may be used whenever appropriate.
Individuals holding the following public positions, and their successors, shall be authorized to issue and serve appearance tickets with respect to violations of this Code within the scope of their particular or general code enforcement activities:
Township Manager.
Building Inspectors.
Code Enforcement Officers.
Fire Marshal.
Township Fire Inspectors.
Township Police Officers.
Fire Lieutenants.
State law reference: Appearance tickets, MCL 764.9c et seq.